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for Forgotten But Not Lost

3/31 c12 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Loved the fight scene, fun chapter.
3/31 c11 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Great chapter.
3/31 c10 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Loved the character interactions this chapter.
3/31 c9 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Loved the chapter. As someone who has horrible spelling, to the point others have called my messages unreadable, something I've found helpful is to use text-to-speech to listen to what I've wrote. Sorry if this comes off as rude for suggesting, just trying to help.
3/31 c8 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Another great chapter.
3/31 c7 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Great fight scene.
3/31 c6 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Great tension and world building.
3/31 c5 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Loved the characterization, another great chapter.
3/31 c4 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Of course Kuro has a tragic back story, he's a fictional character created by a Japanese writer.
3/31 c3 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
I'm not familiar with the setting, so the depth of detail on introducing the world is greatly appreciated.
3/31 c2 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
The fight, the humor, the banding together, everything about this chapter was wonderful.
3/18 c34 Black Mad Hatter
I would really like to continue reading this story. Please update.
3/6 c1 anbu31uchiha
Nice story
3/3 c34 deadal
too bad it is abandoned, there was the start of interesting plot over the human / monster war and the mindwash of the summoned human, i hope you come back to this fic or at least post one last time explaining what you were plaining to do and the answer to the various mystery!

Whatever, thank to have shared this!
2/27 c12 Mr.Destructo
but didn't Shirou save rins life and had sex with saber and rin at the same time?
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