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for Forgotten But Not Lost

2/27 c3 Mr.Destructo
well technically 100 silver coins can equal a gold their size/weight don't have to be the same
2/27 c1 Mr.Destructo
haha a writer who writes a story to trick other writers into writing more chapters so he can read them
2/24 c34 Silly Thoughts
Reason against swords in priesthood’s mainly comes down to Bishop Odo of Bayeux wielding a club-like mace at the Battle of Hastings in the Bayeux Tapestry, the idea being that he did so to avoid either shedding blood or bearing the arms of war.

And many fantasy’s just take this one depiction of a religious man at war in the past and blow the concept up into a part of the class of priest.

But this tapestry was reason enough that most priests in stories are massive hypocrites and will wield maces, hammers and bludgeoning tools as parts of there “oaths”.

While paladins ,based off the templars and crusaders, of the same religions will happily cut people down with there holy blades.

It’s the weird sudo logic built up from a idea of why a guy in a piece of art was using a mace when others around him did not and taken to mean all who would take up a similar role should mimic him.

It’s a weird part of fantasy built from old ideas the same as vampires hating garlic, not crossing running water or needing permission to enter...ideas about things that make little sense about stuff just sometimes shoves itself into people’s mimds and gets stuck there.

Well thanks for writing it’s been fun reading one of your old works, thanks for writing it’s always a pleasure.
2/23 c2 Silly Thoughts
Your not a real wizard till you can cast fireball. Doesn’t matter if you ever use it, it’s fireball that makes the Wizard. That’s why Harry Potter that didn’t finish his school years is just a magic user and not a wizard, he never learned fireball...that’s how it works isn’t it. Like sleep and mage armour mean your a beginner caster.

Explosion is the only path to true magic, she understands her path to the root quickly it seems.
2/14 c34 Guest
Dope story hope you come back to it soon
2/9 c34 Delger-guardian7
Hope this review finds you in good health, once again this marvelous story of your's captivated me and for once convinced me to leave you a message. Hope you can get the inspiration to continue this and your other's stories. Don't pay attention to the trolls, if a the reviews leaves a constructive cristicism well maybe it helps, or maybe not, other way just ignore them. Already you are doing more than most who don't even try, that's why you have my respects, hope your next medications runs get better results, and please for the love of all that's holly continiue your stories bro they're great, no seriously, great.

By the way sorry for the ortografics horros, this being my second language and all (besides the long time without practicing it) how I Wish I had more free time to star writing and practice.

The best of wishes to you, keep going read you later.
2/8 c32 Seraphy64
Another sucker punch, and this time he actually caughed up blood from the damage. And he forgives her basically straight away when she obviously wasn't genuinely sorry. She just wanted her manservant to continue to serve her.
2/8 c9 Seraphy64
The way Rin treats Shirou makes me wish he'd just bitch slap her. The sucker punch to the gut while he was recovering from his blood loss was bad enough. Trying to force him to be some shitty paladin. Preventing him from going out hunting for goblins when he slaughtered around 200 solo. Always trying to tell him what to do. Bitch needs to be put in her place.
1/27 c34 Eddain
Please dont abandon this fic
1/21 c1 Guest
hope this story continues!
1/21 c34 3Aramaki
This is actually an excellent story. I wasn't sure what to expect from Grimgar, but Shirou and Rin seem to be an excellent fit. It's too bad this story is over for now, but I'll follow it just in case.
1/20 c34 SmugyBoy
Its a real shame this story is essentially dead, it had SO MUCH potential, was also going pretty well.

For other's out there, I still recommend a read, specially if you like Grimgar, since its like one of the only good Grimgar stories out there, though you should be cautious reading his other works, since they usually end up the same way.

I do have to say, it would be nice if the readers could get feedback on this, meaning the author plans for this story (Discontinued, Rewrite, Hiatus?).
1/18 c33 HungrySnack
I love this story. Too bad it's dead.
1/12 c9 Guest
Always hated fin in any of her iteration as a character... so I guess you did make her in character rather well as I hate her just as much...

Seriously were I in Shirou shoes she would have receive an accidental arrow or two (dozen) between her eyes...
12/18/2019 c5 18Alexander Von Einzbern
Wait.. Is Sara like the paladin from konosuba? So we have megumine the explosive witch and now her.. Lol
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