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for The Legendary Chronicles: Adventures Through Time

12/20/2020 c25 1bookandfilm2823
Hello! I’ve finally manged to get round to writing a review for this fantastic crossover series, sorry it's taken so long. Your choice of movie integrations was interesting and you managed to make them all relate to one another in some way, and every single character was in-character.

I’d never heard of American McGee’s Alice until I started reading the first instalment, and I looked it up to understand Alice’s backstory and I really felt so sad for her. But throughout this first adventure she became happier than she had been for many years and she found love with Jack. I can see she was briefly attracted to Bunny given her affiliation with rabbits in Wonderland, but she felt a stronger connection with Jack due to sharing similar relations with their sisters. But hey, Bunny also eventually found love Emily Jane.

Like you, I also love Mericcup, but I’m curious that since Merida is now an elf, does that mean she will live longer than Hiccup? Could this be what causes their son to become Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up?

And of course I have to talk about Elsa and Pitch. They are also another favourite pairing of mine, because I truly think Elsa could redeem Pitch because of the similar loneliness. I know Alice and Jack are meant to be the two main protagonists, but reading the first two instalments I got the impression it was actually Elsa and Pitch, given they seemed to have the most character development and the most character interactions, particularly with Ralph and Vanellope. It was so amusing to watch Pitch and Ralph’s rivalry over Elsa, and Vanellope winding Pitch up about it. Now I could be wrong, but I have the theory that Victor is at least the son, if not grandson, of Elsa and Pitch/Kozmotis. Victor is the spitting image of his father, who really does look a lot like Pitch, and given James and Beth are offspring off past main characters it would make sense for Victor to be as well. Not to mention, the Queen of Hearts was infatuated with Pitch, and now her daughter Beth her seems to be the same for Victor.

Speaking of Beth, I am convinced that she will grow up to be the Beldam from Coraline, hence why Coraline will be a main character in your planned last instalment, and I also have a feeling that Coraline herself will turn out to be a descendent of someone from the original group.

Your OC Wick I adore. I actually wish Wick was a real character in the ROTG series. He’s funny, cute, child-like and loyal to those he cares about.

I hope you continue with this series someday because I look forward to seeing what happens next in the stories in this third instalment and how they are all tied together. But it's up to you, it's your story.
1/6/2019 c25 blotking
i like it but can't you do wreck-it ralph fnaf 6? AND DON'T YOU FUCKING INGROE ME YOU ASSHOLE!
9/17/2018 c8 1Bunnicula10
Excellent work! Do you have any tips for writing in a bunch of characters from different works all at once? I’m working on something similar…

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