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11/14/2020 c7 Pizzalord
I agree with the suggestionsPokemonkin0924 made for Hidetakas deck...
The SwordMasterWraith Eaglen, Aschera-Dragon, Dorado-Dragon, Armadidragon, Red Ray, Rush Draw, DarkBison, and The SorcererMusha Shikyou

But I have a few more cards to add to that list
The Crumbling Uroko Mountain, Wybone, The NetherGuru Fraulow, Bone-Tops, Phase Change, Combopelta, Death Massacre, Nijinoko, The GroundDeityBlade Ootenta, and The UltimateShineDeity Ultimate-Overray
11/14/2020 c6 Pizzalord
I wonder if Ohama has a Majin-Golem to go with his Roc-Aladdin
11/8/2020 c1 1pokemonking0924
Here are some cards I think would be useful for Hidetakas deck
The SwordMasterWraith Eaglen
Red Ray
Rush Draw
The SorcererMusha Shikyou
11/7/2020 c7 pokemonking0924
I enjoyed this story so far and hope to see an update soon
I especially liked the way you have Yukimura use his deck at times and you OCs
Can't wait to see what Hidetakas key spirit is, also I've seen him use mostly purple and white cards and a few that are treated as red, makes me think his key spirit is a red one

Keep up the good work
10/5/2020 c7 3LazinessRules
Sooooo... Why haven't you update this story in over a year?
5/15/2019 c7 johannvanguard
It's nice that Oichi and Katsuie made it to Japan and they met up with Hidetaka. Hidetaka and Oichi discussing about Dairokuten Maou's plan to control Musashi and how to stop him was good. It's great that Oichi had the Soul Burst that Yukimura needed, but he needed to defeat Hidetaka to get it. The fight between Hidetaka and Yukimura was pretty great, especially with Hidetaka's ability to use various colors. I'm glad that Yukimura won it and got the card he needed. I wasn't expecting for Oichi and Hidetaka to choose Province rulers to help out. For the next chapter, I hope that Hidetaka gets to fight more.
4/20/2019 c6 johannvanguard
It's interesting that Dairokuten wanted his allies to spread Kanetsugu's green color for his own plan. I feel bad that Yoshiko couldn't do anything to stop Kage from taking over the Echizen Province because of her loss in the tournament. The fight between Nagayoshi and Kurosawa Ohama, a Blue battler and Dairokuten's other ally, was great. Too bad that Nagayoshi loss because of Ohama's Ultimate, one of the Sengoku Six Generals, which put the Awa Province under Kangetsugu's color. The fight between Yurin and Ranmaru was also great, but it's terrible that Ranmaru won, which put the Izumo Provnice also under Kanetsugu's color. My favorite deck in the Burning Soul series would have to be Yukimura's deck. For the next chapter, I wonder how the heroes will retaliate against the enemies.
4/11/2019 c1 6HunterHQ
Thinking about this this battle spirits series does relate to the era of shoguns and Japanese warring involving strategy. Quite similar to Pokemon conquest in a way if you ask me.

I don’t play this game much nor watch the anime much but they do have rather impressive graffics though.
1/27/2019 c5 johannvanguard
I'm glad that Yukimura made it on time for his rematch and defeated Toshi. I like that the other four rulers decided to see who was the strongest against Yukimura. It's great that Kanetsugu defeated Souun and that Yurin defeated Nagayoshi. It's interesting that Nagayoshi now has to learn to overcome his flaw. For the final match, it's great that Kanetsugu defeated Yurin, and agreed with Nagayoshi that Yurin has his own weakness to overcome. Now that Kanetsugu defeated Yukimura, I wonder if Hidetaka will try to help his rival get stronger.
1/27/2019 c4 johannvanguard
It's interesting that Dairokuten wants to conquer Musashi to bring balance to it. Thank goodness that Toshi defeated Toukichirou. The fight between Kage and Yoshiko was interesting, but too bad that Yoshiko lost. I wonder if Yoshiko or Hidetaka will take back the Echizen Province.
1/27/2019 c5 Warrior Werewolf
Awesome ryu cannot wait for the next chapter
1/19/2019 c3 johannvanguard
The Izumo Province looks like a great place to be at. The match between Yukimura and Yurin was amazing. I'm glad that Yukimura was the victor and just needs to defeat Yoshiko. I wonder who the mysterious battler that Yoshiko will face is like.
1/19/2019 c2 johannvanguard
It's amainzg that Yukimura, Hidetaka, and the others got to meet the other rulers of Musashi. It's fantastic that Yukimura defeated Souun, Kanetsugu, and Nagayoshi. It's great to know that Hidetaka might fight someone soon.
1/19/2019 c1 johannvanguard
Hidetaka seems like a great guy and he gets along well with his siblings Oichi and Nobu. I think it's great that Hidetaka met up with Yukimura, Sasuke, and the others and saw their matches. The match between Hidetaka and Yukimura was great, and it's interesting that it ended with Yukimura's victory. Those other characters, Yoshiko, Yurin, and Nagayoshi, seem pretty interesting as well. I wonder if Yukimura and Hidetaka will encounter those new characters at some point.
11/14/2018 c1 Guest
I would like to see HidetakaxSouun but you know just there being battle spirits fanfics make me happy hope you continue and use more cards the show doesn’t show...
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