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for The Ones We Lost

4/20 c15 Guest
Please please please post the sequel! I come back and check this fic every once in awhile to see if it’s posted. It is by far one of the best I’ve read.
3/5 c15 Guest
Are you ever going to post the sequel? I would love to read what happens to Shawn afterwards and the development of his relationship with his father.
3/2 c15 Psych fan
THAT WAS SO AMAZING! I’m so glad I found this after it’s been completed because I’d be in actual pain not knowing the ending LOL but this is such a cool concept and I love your writing! I’m really excited for the sequel (is Gus going to be in it :D)
12/9/2020 c15 rrerearead
Great story! Please post a sequel!
8/25/2020 c15 25Drumboy100
Awww, so sweet!
8/25/2020 c15 1alessa56767
I love your story. And i would really love to read the sequel.
8/25/2020 c15 Guest
Please post the sequel! I’m excited to read it!
8/5/2020 c15 8Psychlinite
This was so great! I would love a sequel! We need to find out what happens with Crow and Shawn being free again (and getting to see Gus!) And Shawn and Jules! A sequel would be so good. I usually don't like AU but I am loving this universe!
8/3/2020 c15 44smuffly
I don't normally read many AU fics, but wow! I just read this all in one go, and I absolutely loved it from the start. I could tell immediately that it was going to be good and, before long, I forgot I was even reading as it came alive. Your writing style is so engaging. And every single character was spot on! The whole thing was exciting, moving, funny... the balance was perfect. I will definitely be looking out for your sequel, so please, please write it.
7/28/2020 c15 guest
I'm so glad you finished this! such a sweet ending. A sequel would be great!
7/27/2020 c15 1ThePrinceHasArrived
I'm so sad that I didn't get the notification that this was updated! This whole story was fantastic and I am happy it ended in the way it did, but also sad to see it's over. I would be stoked to read the sequel.
7/26/2020 c15 15scifipony
Ah, this story is amazing! Was just gonna read the first few chapters, but couldn't stop til I'd finished the whole thing. You did such a great job at portraying Shawn in a way that made sense for this version of his life, but still making him feel like Shawn instead of a completely different character. That's something you almost never see done well in AUs. And the Shules was handled so well too, very natural and I loved how you wrote their chemistry. Yes, to the idea of a sequel! I'd love to see how this continues, and how Shawn adapts to suddenly having freedom. Very awesome story, and so glad you came back to finish it!
7/26/2020 c15 simrinrock1
Yes! Please post the sequel.
7/25/2020 c15 Guest
Please post the sequel! This is such a great story and I want to read more! Thanks for sharing your writing :)
7/25/2020 c15 2Chevalier Lecteur
I would definitely like to read a sequel! Please write one?
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