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7/21 c1 ChisMcLean
well that would work thanks for the inspiration my Ugandan bro
3/9/2020 c3 derektomlinson
a furious grinding her teeth pissed off sleething raven hissing shouting yelling at robin leave now my idiot and i need to talk now and by talk he listens while i shout and yell at him pushes robin out of beastboy s room seal and soundproof the room so CARE TO EXPLAIN WHY FOR THE SECOND TIME I FIND MY BOYFRIEND ABOUT TO SHOOT HIMSELF IN THE HEAD I THOUGHT THAT YOU THREW THE GUN INTO THE OCEAN SLAP STOP FUCKING TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF OK DAMMIT BEASTBOY I LOVE YOU
7/22/2019 c1 derek
raven hissing saying telling yelling to garfield wth is wrong with you wtf are you crazy insane dumb stupid or just a idiot why would you cut yourself or play let s shoot our brains out dammit garfield i love you stop trying to kill yourself now
9/10/2018 c1 MalachiaDemon
Wow this is a really y depressing and dark version of beast boy that I haven't seen before. Good story idea though and if you are going to continue the story could you make the chapters a bit longer at around two thousands words or so.

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