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9/20/2018 c1 17Crystalline Green
I'd forgotten all about this too, (and I hardly touched it in the first place, so you over credit me buddy.) I'm glad you re-discovered and reworked it to share at last.
Lovely moment of flirting and teasing between these two - which was always a hilight throughout the series - and one perfectly you with your imaginative twist on things with the 180. I know I shouldn't encourage *further* delays in Triple-T-NW, but I found the original doc X exchange (how is that still there!?) and realised that I felt the same then as I do now. I'd love to see the scene which follows, the opportunities for further teasing from both P&O are so tantalisingly ripe.
But then again I shouldn't dilute the effect my poking duties... poke-poke
Hopefully you've stirred your creative juices anyway mate. Thanks again for this.
9/10/2018 c1 fringelawyer
Thank you for this delightful Fringe Anniversary gift!
I hope all is well with you and that you might give us a new chapter of TTTNW before too long. I recently started to re-read it again. It is always a pleasure to dive into your tale, but I have approached the last two chapters cautiously, because I really want you to post Chapter 34 right after I finish Chapter 33 for the umpteenth time.
9/10/2018 c1 sevenrez
That was short but sweet! Great shout out to our favorite show! Thanks
9/9/2018 c1 2HMRoberts
Al tutti...

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