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12/13/2018 c5 Guest
Oooh; what's this idea Jamie has? Elopement? I hope they're able to stay together in this story. I'm still miffed that Jamie backed down. Great work and I look forward to the next update!
12/13/2018 c3 seleneplaysgames
12/13/2018 c5 B Becka
Great chapter hope you update soon
12/13/2018 c5 5TippieTurtle
Fantastic chapter!
12/13/2018 c5 chowski
Can't wait for next chapter! :)
12/13/2018 c5 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
12/8/2018 c4 3GuardianOfTheLastStar
Please carry on with this!
10/19/2018 c3 Derraj
Her last name is Beaz
9/24/2018 c4 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
9/17/2018 c4 Guest
Great work!
9/13/2018 c1 14reaganjanko
please update soon!
9/12/2018 c4 Annatheavidreader
Great chapter! I'm officially accepting this as part of the show!
9/12/2018 c1 reaganjanko
your writing is so realistic it's amazing! update soon
9/12/2018 c4 Jewlsvern
Such a great chapter. It feels really authentic for them. Really interested in where you take this. One of my favorites on the missing scenes.
9/12/2018 c4 B Becka
Loved this update, I think they way you had them compiling their vows was very plausible. Hope there's more to come.
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