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for Before The Rebirth of a Realm

1/3 c21 5Blindluck92
I have three words for this chapter:
Bloody well done.
And another three:
Maggie is MVP.
And finally:
Happy New Year!

Okay, yeah, gonna add this last semi-little bit: there is an alternate version of this ending for 1.0 veterans that carried over into 2.0 ARR. The one where, as WoL is escaping on Maggie, the Alliance leaders and Scions suddenly all remember that their friend and hero was THE Warrior of Light, the original champion to stand with Louisoix at Carteneau, etc. And Cid just goes, "finally realized it, you lot?" with this smug grin on his face.

I won't lie, I'm kinda glad you didn't include that here at the end. Whether or not you decide to make mention of it later (and I'd support your choice either way on that), it just feels like bad timing to drop that bomb on top of everything else, especially in the moment when it's from Claire's POV here at the end and there were already more than enough literal bombs to go around.

Again, to reiterate: your choice, not pressuring you either way, and the chapter was awesome. And also again: Happy New Year!

(Happy Heavensturn?)
Blindluck92, out!
1/3 c20 Blindluck92
Guest posting as myself again. Well bloody done on the retelling of ARR here. I especially like these moments of added sass that you gave Claire, even in her early days, when the WoL was still kind of blank in terms of personality.

Also, thank you for that wonderful revenge on Livia. She really doesn't see the hypocrisy in what she's saying, does she? "I won't let you take everything I love away from me!" she yells, but if she stopped and reflected... she might realize that's exactly what she did to Claire... which is what led to this little showdown in the first place.

Moral of the story: don't threaten, harm, and definitely don't kill anyone important to the Warrior of Light (or Darkness). She will go full Eorzean John Wick on you for it.
11/3/2020 c15 Guest
dont bother. you already goofed it up.
7/20/2020 c9 11Wicken25
wasn't she a arcanist? summoning a nd magic when did she get a axe? I might have missed the part if you mentioned why she switched can u tell me where? also do u have a YouTube video of playing shadow ringers because I saw a pink haired human with the name Clair faye like your oc I am watching it too I like you read out the quest bubble since I am listening mostly as I work for background noise. by the way great story I have been looking for stories that start at realms reborn beginning on fanfiction and yours is the only one I found so far.
5/29/2020 c15 Heavyarms150
This is why i wish everytime i play that they gave the warrior of light voiced dialogue even if only in story missions. The raw emotion is actually felt from the thoughts and what she says. Makes the already emotional story of the warrior of light all the more heartwrenching to expierience. Well if i cant have it in game im glad to have it here. Wonderful job as always with your portrayal of the character. Actually makes me want to give poor claire a hug and tell her its all ok even if shes just a fictional character.
11/27/2019 c14 Blindluck92
Hey, I've been meaning to read and review your FFXIV Vampire AU for, wow, almost two months now. I have a partial excuse in that I didn't originally know it existed. I never even got an alert when you first posted it (FanFiction notifications be like that sometimes, eh?), but I'll try to get around to reading/reviewing it when time permits. Ironically, the Vampire AU seemed to have been posted just when I was riding the high of Code Vein, and would have fit perfectly to read in what spare time I wasn't spending playing that highly entertaining game.

But enough about other stories and games. This story, this chapter, is honestly where it all began for me. Sure, things kicked up a notch on "that really tragic day in Ishgard that WoL will never truly get over," but here with the toppling of Titan and the horror that immediately followed, was where it started. To adapt a John Wick scene:

Garlemald: "I heard our men are all dead. May I ask why?"
XIVth Legion: "Well, because Livia raided the Scions' home, sir. And she killed the Eikon-slayer's sylph... along with several other minor NPCs."
Garlemald: "...oh."

And the rest, as they say, is history. If it weren't for that one single act of vicious slaughter, I would probably have remained a lowly Echo-blessed adventurer (at least, that's my headcanon). But no, that day *did* happen. The Empire drew first blood, and in so doing, forced my hand. I wasn't trying to be some kind of noble hero, furthest thing from my mind honestly, but when the dust settled and I'd had my revenge, that's what everyone was calling it.

"We never aspired to be Warriors of Light. But word of our deeds spread, and soon people were calling us heroes."

I'll refran from taking that quote any further because holy 5.1 epilogue, Batman!

Anyway, this particular review/introspection was probably more appropriate for the actual next chapter, but I couldn't help myself. I'm excited to hear that you'll be posting for all three FFXIV stories, but take care not to overstress yourself in the process, eh? (That sounded more encouraging before I actually typed it out, but I think you get what I'm saying.)

Well, as always, great chapter, and can't wait for more of whichever you update next. Cheers!
Blindluck92, out!
7/1/2019 c13 Xehanort87
Personally I think you should just focus on ARR before the Shadowbringers. But hey, it's your desicion
6/19/2019 c13 5The A-Demonbane
You know, now that I think about it, bringing Claire into the Scions was a very good move from the part of Y'shtola and Minfilia, not because of her strength, though that is a very good point in her favor, but also because she brings something that no amount of education, and especially not Sharlayan education, can bring someone who understands the point of view of the common man.

Because this chapter really puts front and center just how disconected the Scions and the people of Eorzea are, throughout not just this chapter but the entirety of A Realm Reborn, Minfilia and Alphinaud seem far more concerned about the fact that the Ascians are moving than the horrible atrocities that are playing up in front of them...Now mind you I don't think them bad people, I certainly do not think that Minfilia or Alphinaud would tolerate such crimes if presented to them, but the problem lies elsewhere, in the same thing that made the Crystal Braves so easy to manipulate, for all that they want to make the Realm a better place, neither of them truly understand the difficulties the people have to suffer every day, those are distant problems for them, almost irrelevant really...Until they are not, until the Crystal Braves, with their own desires that were being tossed aside by a person that simply did not understand what they wanted...Was it any wonder then that they would choose someone who WAS promising the things they wanted?

Again I know this sounds harsh and make them out to be bad people, when they are really not, but ultimately there is fatal flaw in the Scions, and that is their ignorance of the people they swore to defend, Alphinaud wants to be, right now at least, the savior of this star, but has no idea about anything outside of the 1% that lives in said star, meanwhile Minphilia wanted to bring the City-States and the Beast Tribes together, and yet she did not know a single thing about said tribes, hell by the end of ARR Claire knows more about the tribes than Minfilia does. And speaking of the end of ARR, there is no better example of the consecuences of that ignorance than their stance after Nanamo's "murder", everyone that meets the WoL says the same thing "No way, no how, you are innocent, because we know you, and trust you" how many people say that to the Scions? Sure there are the leaders, but the fact that the Crystal Braves can hunt with impunity for most of Heavensward with their only worry being how the people would react if they accuse Claire, NOT the Scions, speaks magnitudes.

So far it's been very entertaining to read! Tahnk you and good luck!
5/28/2019 c12 The A-Demonbane
Oooohhh a hint of a past! That...Actually makes it a bit more tragic, I had almost thought that Claire came to Eorzea with the same amnesia that she had by Stormblood, going on with the blank slate that the WoL is normally suppose to be, but don't take me wrong I'm glad that she has a past! It's just sad that it doesn't seem likely that anything really is waiting for her back home...Wherever that is.

I too wonder if the endgame is going to be either Gaius or Bahamut but I also have another question, what is Claire's relation to the original Warriors of Light and Louisoux? It's stated in canon that, no matter whether you started in 1.0 or 2.0, Loisoux still send you to the future five years, would she resent him? After all even if she was one of the original WoLs I can't imagine anyone being okay with being left with the fate of the world without any support.

Finally Claire right now is reminding me of something I learned in A Song of Ice and Fire, or Game of Thrones as it's more commonly known, the quieter a character is, the snarkier they are, and that is a guaranteed fact and I love it! Good luck going forward!
5/10/2019 c11 Xehanort87
I know this is still too early to ask but after finish ARR (the Praetorium) and start post-ARR can you write two seperate fics for Crystal tower and Coils of Bahamut raids? The other features Cid and Nero and other Alphinaud and Alisaie
1/24/2019 c8 Nyghtgirl27
I hated Ungust so glad he got what he deserved.
10/26/2018 c3 1Zeta345
To be honest, I wanted to read all your work from Heavensward to Stormblood, but in the end I just lost my patience.
Let me say, that I love your idea of telling the beginning of the Claire's story, I wanted to learn many things about her so badly: her motivations, her inner world, for example, and I will say this: I want more chapters :)
Can I ask some questions about your work? (I have several, but I would like to be sure that it's okay first) If so, should I write them via PM or can I post them here?
All in all, keep it up :)
9/17/2018 c2 13creativesm75

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