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4/27/2021 c3 ShawnSpenceStarr
I love this. And love that it was El that found him. “Her son” You put that in there and it wasn’t awkward or rushed like it is in some fics. Nice work!
10/22/2018 c3 caseylf123
Great ending to a great little story!
10/22/2018 c2 Ms Mar
You more than did her justice your words painted a picture I could vividly see in my mind’s eye
10/22/2018 c3 Mar Jan 53
I feel your pain at an8o’clock class me I made it to my final semester before I had no choice needed the credits so I had to suck it up not a morning person plus had to travel over a half hour to get to school living in adiferent brough of NewYork I feel Peter’s pain a quiet Neal is unnatural agent Rice continues to underestimate Neal thinking he doesn’t hear Peter’s response is so Peter and Neal’s dynamic his not wanting to wake El and his bashfulness at his petting Neal is perfect and Neal’s question is so loopy Neal logic
9/19/2018 c2 dawnofthered
really love your story so far. will look forward to more!
9/18/2018 c2 Mar Jan 53
same me different name de plume I share youradmiration for El looking forward to additional chapters
9/18/2018 c2 Ms Mar
I always wondered how much age difference there was between El and Neal ten years sounds about right since Peter is older than Elizabeth and Peter is aprox15 years older than Neal
9/16/2018 c2 Anderkin
Is it wrong to have liked this soooo much ? Poor Neal ...he suffers so nicely. El was amazingly written and I can't wait for Peter to show up.
9/15/2018 c2 Gzimmer3
Great chapter. I love Elizabeth also. Especially her dynamic with Neal.
9/15/2018 c2 1adoptarescue
Great story so far. My favorite stories are hurt comfort. i hope you update soon. Adding this story to favorites !
9/15/2018 c2 Guest
Great chapter. I love the dynamic with Elizabeth and Neal.
9/14/2018 c2 caseylf123
I love the whole mother/son dynamic. Great job!
9/13/2018 c1 caseylf123
Great start. Looking forward to more
9/12/2018 c1 CrestviewDrive
Oh pleas continue! Just the Neal whump needed!
9/10/2018 c1 5smartgirl13579
That was the cruelest cliffhanger I’ve ever been left on... and that, my friend, is saying something! I love this and eagerly await your next update!
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