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9/18/2021 c66 Graceluvbug37
Very cute! I think the one thing I don't like about the story is that some of your paragraphs are really long. Maybe break them up some?
7/18/2021 c45 untitledbutstill
This is my favorite chapter so far. Incredible, sensible, so very true. Congratulations on the great writing and thank you!
7/17/2021 c22 untitledbutstill
I can’t believe it took me so long to find this great fic. Still not even halfway through but I already feel like I don’t want it to end! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing this with the world!
5/30/2021 c1 Guest
Absolutely love this fic. So realistic dealings with trauma, personalities, etc. Not cliches or anything. Excellent work!
5/29/2021 c87 eleutheriia
Happy you're back! This was so funny and cute ! I am really disappointed that you stopped before they got to arrive to the Weasleys'.
5/22/2021 c86 Allythegreat
Tonks really gave that old Dumbledore a piece of her mind
What was he thinking ?
12/29/2020 c85 5Thora Jane
Journeys with Gingers lol
12/27/2020 c85 eleutheriia
VERY funny! Now I definitely need to know the rumour about Sirius and Remus! (I hope you take the hint ;);) )
also, being all dialogue and no description was a cool choice to make it faster and funnier. :)
12/24/2020 c84 eleutheriia
Very interesting and original p.o.v and chapter ! I loved it! (Maybe I just would have cut a bit the beginning).. good job as always
12/22/2020 c84 Iniga
My favorite bit of this was Tonks wanting some sort of justice for Harry after Draco broke his nose on the train. Forget Sirius and Remus for a second- that's the missing scene I never knew I needed.
11/30/2020 c82 eleutheriia
So cute! And the next chapter, which I read before this and I was too lazy to comment was cool too! Bye :)
11/25/2020 c83 10cafei-au-lei
Another beautiful chapter! I think I've mentioned this in a past comment, but I really like how you have Remus enjoy small touches, and how he sees those as almost more intimate than kissing - her feet in his lap, small touches on the arm, playing with his ears, etc. I feel that's very realistic and also ties into what would likely be his large issues with intimacy, which you also managed to portray very realistically here.

I especially loved the part where Tonks goes through his pockets. How Remus acknowledges that he should have been appalled and offended and annoyed, but he's not, because she's showing genuine interest in him and all the various bits and bobs that he carries around that make him him. Little things like that are so heartbreaking because I feel like they show how little Remus thinks of himself, even when he's acknowledging that he's in love with her and loves how she makes him feel.

Also, when they're playing the game and he's worried about using too much salt because of her blood pressure. Oh, Remus. Lol those lines made me chuckle.

And the way you approach his thoughts on sex are all very realistic. About how he's afraid to have sex with her because he sees it as violent, even though it's clearly something she wants to do; and how at the same time, he feels uncomfortable with just her taking care of him, and how perhaps it would feel less violent if he could reciprocate, and then we have poor Remus just stuck in this endless cycle and poor Tonks is so, so patient.

This chapter was an excellent look at what I would imagine would be the endless, tiresome circles Remus is always talking himself through in his mind; how he oscillates between always thinking he's not good enough, that he doesn't deserve Tonks or her love, but he must believe at least a tiny little bit that he does, because he'll give in and drink tequila shots with her and lick salt off her stomach and do things that normally he would be mortified to do. I know you said this chapter was hard to write, and I feel that writing from Remus' POV can be especially difficult and draining just because of the nature of his character, but you did beautifully here.

Anyway, enough of my rambling - as always, I love your writing, it's gorgeous, and I'm always so happy to see an update from you. I hope you're well!
11/12/2020 c83 ahoj
Wow, that felt like a proper psychoanalysis! Well done, I believe that was hard to write but you've done wellas always, can't wait for the next.
10/30/2020 c82 5Thora Jane
I will continue to read as long as you write!
10/30/2020 c82 5TillyQ
Thank you so much for all of these chapters! I always look forward to whenever you post a new one. You capture the characters and everything that’s going on so beautifully! Please keep going x
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