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10/29/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Outtake -Kal-fi-Fee! then suddenly bitten him to them three to best friends/rest of best friends/young ones few/remains/Aliens/Vulcans to m few/aliens/Vulcans ate blood her powers torn their Biven then Irina reported her to their coven so the him/the three/others good what turn you gifted blacking out then torture/reupped the screaming now pets you broken ruled tibolone fire by force third electricizing flames no change had it no press had her torn with them in pieces blurt fled three them As each two venom out bits were poisonous found by medic herself had no memories who and why then had a craving of blood was wild then Pain who turn you lied pain the Torturing hit/him/them take care of the newborns drown A Cut here devoid of blood the both nuked with her save here/him/them Therrin blew up good see Isabella no both put to death for crimes goodbye tore her true head viciously then his/them then Brought there Finally had freaks in death then it happened herself in transiting permanently but in a dangerous transforming ceremony screaming no love or children Alice we found her dying Who are you Why my throat in flames Had Borg drone skin with Crimson eyres had eight were Venom survived the birth I Need my children then We forbidden you need blood first herself phased but was having trouble controlling the thirst/alien Bloodlust nuked Pierced with them both/kids vanished see this Newborns bitten freely from snakes forbidden phased too young good See this Fourteen lied of her with a gift blown then each two good Bitten freely good mine die then it was too late good both disown bed with ass all packed up but phased goods did not made it blew up good Vampires bitten freely tore in pieces too late iciest-cold but freezing like craziest an ice-cube had weird habits blood sleeping like Dracula here scent altered Alice we watch her/him/them they did it to her faking deaths had Kids oh no you ok we adapt oh my god herself already angry had twin Piercing Alien rattlesnake fangs was a Creature of the night who was a Life-sucking but draining Succubus had intercourse with a man bitten him with toxic but very permanently poisonous but venomous teeth with two was in love for Eternity was young but really old but more Ancient weas a Centuries much older was Not exactly human so them were Life-draining demons so she a life-Sucking undead nuked with hybrid kids nuked piercing Freely Good brought them good sentence put these ones to death at once we don't want them see this a Succubus had sexual intercourse with a Werewolf had freaks good forbidden good brothers treaty is broken good Into pieces good viciously Torn heads-brain stumps then too late her gift was real Alice why she's young-look no Ancient but a century but very old is horny but is busy took his life sucking from him first kissing him hardest oh my god they did it is like the Denali why you think of Sam handsome very sexy but more muscular good a flirt womanizer drunk had to counsel them oh no she's isn't human so he/them I Cook good food placed the pack on a diet from Aliens gasp we need new witnesses then too late was gone news them nuked from husks and shells vanished Freely see Masters made this choice destroy them then it came was too much few/remaining of it good there are exiled from both good beheaded them good viciously wiped out from history then it happened I Decree them as all of them with freaks dead remove them immediately then too late herself healed by recovery they noticed how old she was Immortal ancient but really very old but was Centuries way older than Mother Gaea couldn't die the aging was permanently halted Alice she's not aging correction I See ghosts they call to me for help by calling me the Whispery Ghost Queen to Shadow travel by a mist gasp oh my god she's the Goddess in human form used my powers you see I am not exactly not human found a mate a husband had eight kids gasp oh no from Percy Jackson and the Olympians a demigod from, Lord Hades king The dead torn Pierced torn with kids ripped beheaded viciously then With as all of them from around the world good brought them not humans good burning them in The Doorway to as all of them forever wandering good Hades good as all of mostly what a hybrid like him good but viciously Atomizing/vaporizing blew up were with few/remaining good very last ones died here never made it out alive good then herself Cerebrus come to me my loyal three-headed pet it whined it drooled Venom but creation of a Mushroom then suddenly it was too late gasp Alice got a mostly upgraded deadly vision of Vampires serving in their Coven /guards as all of them now ordered them with three each both mated viciously burst in flames of her poisonous but divine but Godly blood what she is not human so he/them were descended by from the gods/goddesses they are lost pity we mourn them our own creations of them far away as all of them as all of them as all of them adapted good train these ones.
9/29/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Outtake two- Kal-Fi-fee! ~ suddenly revealed her true nature wasn't human had his kids inherited her gift was not mortal was a daughter of Chronos a goddess in human form was Ancient but old as the dawn of time then herself glowing good Tore heads of them get her from, him them cut her by raping her with three drowning in the pool; good who is your maker freak we found her gifted good there Take her virginity away them then With bitten best friends/rest of the Best friends have terrifying planetary powers good kept them turned then Alien venom erased her memories them what had freaks then than Screaming of her no progress had it sold her/him/them/two/the others/Aliens/Vulcans nuked heads-brain stumps to the Cullens/ them torn freely with them punished so him/them lost from here good see this broken them there once awaken never are humans cursed with death as all more than as all of it things deported in a manor merged with two fusion with cars trucks/both with galactic ones burst freely nuked vanished sentenced to die good Lost from here beheaded them Alice who is she oh no save her groan then there is a mouse squealing a ghost of Judy Garland is afraid herself held her weapon a cosplay one a long fine royal slivery staff a talisman by formally blaring her words intoning had a power was to conjure but suddenly too late grabbing her weapon twirling graceful suddenly time space with ghosts swirling from here glowing her planetary powers hair was too longer but expanded to her back gasp with bangs with an each twin braided bun by yelling out the both swirling an energy barrier then used her powers calling out a swirling wind blowing freely very more than viciously but Went advanced of her Sailor soldier training softly PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM! nuked Sliced the brought there see She is not exactly human so he/them good beheaded from both her secret is exposed good then in pieces with freaks. good groan what is she Sailor Pluto good No longer alive then in three pieces good Did see fourteen die last then. wiped out from here with few/remains but women/teenagers/her bitten as teenager good lost freely biggest holes remove them here, they are dead blown up lost good they perished. then it happened Bella say something Alice, they killed her/him/them what on her from the boxes are ashes. gasp they were destroyed so, ours with yours oh no a sailor suit/golden tiara with red gem oh no they caused it from here suddenly herself stood up gracefully but held a weapon knelt to her queen James Webb
flying towards Pluto began roaring a while but music of Sailor Moon was added Protecting Pluto, the planet of Space-time Guardian of Revolution I Am the Gatekeeper of time. my queen it's time to awaken your true self with them gasp the One who stands over the Door of time and space Daughter of Chronos rules Charon castle Sailor Pluto! oh my god they did it to us/them gasp Hoo boy me rule a planet. you what I Must bring Crystal Tokyo it is my destiny oh man girl we protect you gasp then too late the newspapers reported them with planetary abilities traveling. then it came from here but allowed to drive were in a ferry from Japan fled from here never returned crap his mate Rachel meet our dog uh puppies no grumbling I Never grumble oh how sweet he is so cute I Had a brainstorm puppy-sit them well son of the gun sorry they did it how little easy girl you had puppies why she's strong too late breed Alaskan husky she was brilliant but very mostly smart but highly logical nuked both sliced brought there with them but never was mortals good wiped out both disowned them then in three pieces rotting blown up in pieces never was living was Immortal by now couldn't 't die too late but couldn't age anymore at all of it Rachel had eight from him then they were kids so hers never was humans phased but were permanently Eternal by now too late couldn't be killed but never slain at all of it had planetary abilities controlling it but as all of them couldn't be murdered but never changing now 2023-2388 by now nuked from around the world as all of to the Americas few/remains it was too late to them by now. but vanished freely good lost good they broke a law. what never returned hordes of each both of Vampires blown up of her godly blood? good more monstrously of it.
7/29/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Outtake Bella's Ancient Ghost Queen Greek origins then ALIEN RAZTTLESNAKRE Burnt for days and nights then Bit him ./third Volturi found here killing had a dark secret was a Murderess good killed people who made you Pain Good Aortas tore the change was permanently completely lost too much blood then Get her/him/the best friends/rest of best friends/young ones with aliens/Vulcans/rest of aliens/Vulcans pain her screaming tore the rest third afire good brought you there so here the three turned three days later changed cold Cruel vengeful but twisted but vengeful; hated them, good Starved to death tore blew with freaks with theedom blew good pained wandering as a nomad coven the Phoenix coven are wild good found by the both her cruel voice found good fled who turned you her screaming torturing take care of her then Misbehaved the babies tore her head lost her life and memories them yours then Nor longer alive the herself wasn't human if in pain of suffering good with theirs finally fourteen then lost there the it happened had Freaks were Venomous were next then Nothingness good ripped Vampires stolen looks and names and aging were with blood as all of powers/abilities cursed to roam Earth Alice we feared they did it to her/him/them were murdered by them isn't human but like us/them can't have more children are different she needs help of the bloodlust and the thirst are not living then it happened changed in her was newly-phased but had trouble of it nuked Freely with them vanished with kids were with their own kids vanished what immortal children had eight forbidden but have powers not anymore Put these ones to death torn freely With three Vampires were as all of them good torn freely wiped them out then too late wasn't mortal by Immortal by now was broken but battered was sick but too late but loss of blood feverish frailer weaker dying nuked freely so them with both vanished good poisoned remove them then too late never was living good beheaded from here thrust by snakes blown Vampires vanished bitten humans good then herself had Amnesia was parament dead so he/them Alice she has a gift so her kids with them gasp Alice's dark visions resumed was shared with her powers carried on after death so theirs with deported things and as all of them were clothes and both the clothes as all-very last ones into the whole NASA Bodysuits with pets had young oh my god they declared us/them deceased then it happened her powers had changed dramatically improving in leaps and bounds couldn't be murdered from here enhanced her gift so her kids so theirs were cursed beings were tormented Alice they did this to her/them with him/three/young/teenagers/women couldn't age were bitten by snakes never was aging or dying they called her the ghost queen she sees ghosts like Nico De Angelo she is not human so he/them is Immortal if in the Whole of the River Styx made a pact cursed her with immortality so he/the gasp not quite humans ohg my god they did it.
7/25/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Outtake two Kal-fi-fee!
then suddenly ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Turns soulless them bitten him/the three then Bitten best friends/rest of best friends/young ones aliens/Vulcans/rest of Aliens/ boy the with them then With kids/toddlers/teenagers chained See broken treaty get her/him/them permanently Fatally wounded the aortas were torn the Change began took Three days good Ours tore heads-brain stumps' the brought there but had eight kids followed in death so them then good get here/them who created you newborns pain her screaming lost her breath gasping the pain of it the diluting blood began changing Fading more as all was not human was like them transitioning more hardest skin was so cold like Ice but began to halt her aging permanently take care of her must perish-h toe from her/him/them had properly Destroyed then brought there good Turned illegally Awoken a newborn so he/them vamped out nuked burst bring them rest good their own punishment is death with the both see this Law is broken good fourteen die now Atomizing by vaporizing into ass all mostly as all of it truest pieces hordes of them nuked heads-brain stumps as all of Vampires good torn freely what Phased not anymore Children of the Moon-Vampires Slaying hybrids good forbidden to live there as all of them good ended the five/more to very as all of all of clothes with two deported are Disowned good into NASA Bodysuits nuked while healed vanished Bring the criminals not guilty then Phaser blasting as all of them good beheaded them of freaks/Immortal, children are teenagers good then Hordes of Vampires as all of them bitten humans as all of them became undead beings nuked with theirs vanished see dried as all of blood more monstrously finally lost rom here blew more undead mated assist Them nuked as all of them replacements as more monstrously faded as all of all of it away Alice we fear they are not humans woken up they declared us/all them were rescued them we need our parents oh no you can't her powers are enhanced while phased gasp Alice Caius is very Angry of her existence so his/theirs nuked to as all of From around the world/five to both good then Replacements blown up with as all bitten freely good they stopped breeding the young had kids followed ass all of them could Spead the alien gene pool shortly good Passed away from here what not exactly humans good train these ones bro0ken the law are aboard see wiped them with pets had young fled to Vulcan use Humans as Slaves more monstrously with pets/young what deported young/youth mated to as all nuked Freely with them now on Vulcan as all of them aftermath they were made civilians as all of them with ass all of them witnessed Vampires Edward fiercely who prepared to ring then She finally intoning in a voice by very traditionally formally crying out Kal-fi-fee! in a voice of a woman was more than very far galactically Fluent in the Vulcan language linguistically was very skilled Challenged gasp the air we breathe helped her who challenged she did its Vampires took places of us/all of we need a new life then siding with both was the start of a new life began.
7/15/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Outtake 2. Star Trek Day with Katras then her secret was revealed wasn't human after breeding with was a Succubus. born with Werewolf's Pointed ears slanted had only eight a month later wasn't dying or aging thneed Bitten him the three/Best friends/rest of best friends/young ones with each five to Aliens/Vulcans/rest of aliens/Vulcans at blood them Whole caused a stir then Attacked in their sleep then Women/Teenagers as well bit Claire Young as a Immortal child good for crimes of an Immortal child with them tore heads-brain stumps tormented her/them good cut her fully three taken from here with theirs with five as all of squeegeed then Cursed them to walk on the planet Earyh as Spirits nuked brought there See Fourteen die now the Medics found dead lifeless good with the both are Punished put these ones on death row it's death were next good with her/him/them Bitten Freely tormented are Dead drained see This turned a child but aged as a teenager had freaks god not living at all sere fourteen die forever Then Phaser blasting from here good Vampires Blew freely vanished in homes as all of then Bitten thre4m good freely are dried out from here as all of them good without heads-brain stumps good then it came The Change began reborn with the music sequence of Shelling from Ghost in the Shell was a Japanese Anine and manga with Alien venom then a Changing heart ceremony so theirs turning Iciest cold as stone hard cold suddenly the Sound from their Screen began caused a swirling of it then a soft hissing sound effect was used clicking it was the Visitor mother ship began descending then Bella's eyes Snapped open then too late so he/them who did to you/him/then herself began having truest but real alien but extraterrestrial; but galactic powers improving her powers and gift was far more stronger was dressed groan my head hurts oh man he's ripped he noticed long blonde hair with bangs blue eyes was a teenager it is a heirloom blood red bow meet Artemis yeah snoozing in your hair Paul oh Kami-Sama grandpa oh easy old man I am young you like it how old are these girls hi there Bella sorry oh my god sis Aunt oh a little girl met my brother ugh don't pinch me gross yuk a girl Belch they caused it boys will be boys groan good god man Kate we adapt he hated been pinched loved Terran insects that's Esme she loves kids crap Rachel oh easy had kids so us/them so us we had pets had young bred Alaskan husky poor baby puppies oh no she's a Mommy of thirteen puppies oh how Adorable she growled in a sound to Vulcan women had a smell was so strong Welcome to NASA you work permanently Nice wake-up call uh guys our agent is trained in weaponry in something from here hair was a Wig cropped in a military fashion exposing the pointed ears she remembered her cosplay name Kurami Motoko rank Major what is she Cyborg it's a Cybernetic being built and to look and act human Nahuel was more than fascinated her true training them as members of task force known as Section 9 Was a police Corps the Cartoon TV Series intro was COPS who was Standing with her team of Warriors nuked both freely burst freely brought good dead then what gifted good these ones will be destroyed there then ashes/dirt/dust torn freely see this broken the law with two good they broken the rules Hordes of Vampires as al vanished remove them good they passed away from here fur/skin are used up what hordes as all of Vampires bitten humans blew up both with the both nuked freely more Vampires as all of them good as all of them good wiped out replacements took their places are breeding as we speak then too late never was alive was gone as all of them more the workers nuked then it came wiped out poisoned what not humans train them as all of all of them hardest they are not Human are drained but venom from here good Ours as Warriors of hybrids are not allowed to live good of them are put to death see this Couldn't mate at all rip them apart Alice caught in a deadly Vision of all of it was their doomsday Alice they did it to us/all of them.
7/10/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
21. Outtake Bella's Alien and Extraterrestrial heritage/powers Declared as a witch. then suddenly tied up them was a Witch of her powers then than Alien rattlesnakes burned her at the stake them with them had powers them screaming of her powers was evolving them guarded see her finally baited her/Then them with them get her/him/them good with rest pain for lies then Aortas kidnapped of her powers jailed starved Aro grown more hungry of them of her power kited her as his sex slave tore Aorta as she Transformed into a most powerful but seductive woman on the planet then Caused as all of all of it had Eight kids good you broken our law then her death came with his/theirs experimenting by augmenting but Brain surgeries was crazy insane was in the head seeing ghosts then Drained of Bood venom began to replace it then began eating from dead bodies were from NASA fake ones Blood ass all of it good mine then nuked blew from here then burn them good in pieces then too late the Eight kids with her/them were adapted not humans shown up half-dead-0half alive gasp chained her you escaped from us then Beheaded them with them with aliens/Vulcans/rest of Aliens/Vulcans tore freely then Cit was dying so them good mine tore other aortas then then blew up so the both Punished brought there good with them blew up good deceased with both torn heads-brain stumps good then You fourteen die there then ashes with them then Carlisle oh no she is already bitten but turned so he/them who did to her/him/them five thing each to both vanished to the NASA Bodysuits Too much of few/remains as all of them she had only eight kids bitten her so he/them are not humans oh my god the guard did to us/them then nuked With her/him/them with both sliced but vanished good never was alive without memories had powers see turned by Snakes illegally good then in pieces then it happened herself was born with Werewolf's pointed ears and slanted eyebrows never was aging or dying her gift of mediating with ghosts was a medium enhanced became a Psychic was a Telepath like in Babylon by Serving the PSI Corps but permanently viciously awakening more we were warned she was murdered by them nuked them with them with her/him/kids tore both then Forbidden by law good mated with him had freaks good with them heads and brains went freely as all of them in pieces good never are there see this never are humans good With the ones then hordes as all of them bitten freely good never are there Alice who did to her gasp in these robes what is she not from our planet you mean Vulcan nice cosplay clothes me good lord man good god almighty Woman you are giving me a Coronary pardon the robes had a circle who looked like from the planet Vulcan herself was poised was straight more ladylike very proper and primp but taught but trained but was more than well-educated on her ears was Lunarian earrings I am here to oversee one nice clothe uh you see found out he was embarrassed well from Aliens Resurrection meets Ghost in the Shell of one brain removed kept it's Ricky Valens's brain his Katra is still moving he learned a Vulcan word was Living Spirit is going to sing from beyond the grave Stacey began flipping out hoo boy we hired you folks for a mission Bella you are our greatest telepathic agent
a PSI Cop Momma Mia madam her rank is fleet sub-commander still commanding the T'Kumbra of the Rylan Star League Star defensive force she sensed Ghosts of Seven Astronauts clad in these who were Walking herself heard it's disembodied steps it's voice saying hold on to give them a warning one written with the pen Mars shall be Terraformed by humans it prophesized her voice was so cold but devoid as all of traces of emotion had a serene look followed Kolinahr was a stoic but impassive more logical Vulcan woman the robes was from the Sci-fi Channel's Frank Herbert's Dune hair was fixed up with bangs a formal bun with jewelry with longer parts of it looked like you guessed it : T'Pring of Vulcan my wife she is formally clothed seated very well-behaved oh my god we are in Austin, Texas Crap she's not completely human so yourselves who is he is he is my husband our children will be going be aboard the newspapers reported her/him/them were with them going to be chosen for it too late newspapers reported of her in command of their fleet built to look like a Vulcan starship then it happened too late was no longer alive.
6/29/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
21. Outtake Bella's haunted ghostly alien but Extraterrestrial Heritage and terrifying powers then suddenly born with Werewolf's pointed ears with slanted eyebrows good, fled from us herself with the ghosts guarded her blacking out see she's a freak halfling a Hybrid a Augment good tore three two the alien venomous fire scorching with them best friends/ Rest of best /Vulcans for marrying a Lycan them tore Venom them Torturing/raped from the outside in then Soul or Katra stripped freely then Died there kept was a Succubus kept stuck in Volterra good where you think you are leaving newborns no change tore heads-brain Stumps burn them then too late were ripped in pieces good she died there the Cullens found her not human but as an alien and extraterrestrial married a werewolf rest arrested her/him/them good with them the punishment is death good tore with witnesses passed away had eight freaks bear her gif had passed on good Fourteen die now good with them Nothingness tore heads-brain stumps' broken lives/memories finally good See Vampires then it happened Was not human Alice she needs help oh my god the bites were from snakes harming herself then nuked freely Slipped away vanished with them with young ones/kids/Aliens/Vulcans/them with Kids with them blew up two vanished good to bewitch the mind see with them women/teenagers with kids freaks dried out Vampires dried bitten from snakes good to bewitch their souls broken them vanished then too late three/two few/remains gasp not exactly mortals they done acts on people blew freely with them sliced freely but vanished then see this cut from both dead good they never had kids good then Punished to death for their crimes good Atomizing by vaporizing by force phaser blasting good beheaded from us/them see died there Vampires chosen to be guards then it happened her powers Increased but was enhancing we fear they were more than as all of them as all of them killed/murdered but tortured/raped never was alive then herself was a victim broken down used her powers was far more terrifying like one gasp us them to be a ghost whisperer ordained but anointed Vulcan priestess Jake turn her/us/them with him/kids to save us permission granted three the Dangerous ceremony began but ended then Blasting phaser freed brought the see turned illegally good Phaser blasting they never existed beheaded them Vampires good burn them deport their ashes good fur phased finally they hid Children of the Moon true ones finally then it happened declared them Extinct destroyed hordes of Vampires nuked replacements of her deadly blood was burned turned poisonous killed herself was a Murderess but too late as all of then reported of her powers was too far mostly too stronger was not human was born with the powers was a medium a Psychic priestess Bella was not human anymore was the Reverend Mother in her black aba robes hair in a coif wore a loose long flowing traditional Veil so gracefully became lithe but used her strange Bene Gesserit alien planetary powers began an ancient order of women finally told truth was a Vulcan Truth-sayer couldn't die was not exactly humans nuked Freely so them vanished good then Tore in pieces finally then nuked Vampires wiped them out good never are on Earth on Vulcan good banished from both never are there.
5/29/2023 c21 Guest
Change of Isabella Marie Uley
then ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Tore my mark ripped rose like one them bitten Him to be a hybrid then Angela was with him third the best friends/Young ones with Rest of best /Vulcans the bitten Chelesea good who turned you an immortal child then Blacking out finally mine them tore the aortas burning agonizing flames turned into like had eight kids bitten were venomous now you are punished in black three them too late wore my crafted locket so then too late Beheaded them take from us/them torn freely Wass in pain turned by force was so vengeful but tried cold was bitter/harsher so cruel was summoning a ghost to guarded me good mine Blare Freely with him then took Freely with them burning them had too much as all of Alien Rattlesnake venom was fading my blood stream looked like a corpse good who created you pain them Tore the Aorta of life now death the was bleeding to death blew freely then it came viciously brought there then it happened used from here then myself was in a lor of pain screaming in transitioning moder was in fact with a fading heartbeat nuked vanished good dead in a Morgue the one bitte her hardest with him had made a Coven swearing a pact to Gaea as the Phoenix Coven turned like Carlisle Cullen had a news family posing as a teenager nuked with them good bring them with Both good were found guilty ass treason /murder good see this turned by force good never are humans good Dead drained of blood bit snakes but by snakes lied but you fourteen see to it die Now then With them with the freaks and immortal child but aged to be a teenager nuked freely couldn't resisted the thirst and alien bloodlust Alice we fear it's too late who did you myself cried in tearless venomous tears raining did a Terrible thing nuked chained ours tried lies the them tore heads-brain stumps brought three they hid a newborn coven good were sentenced then to death then with freaks/the three good Turn Freely beheaded them good never are there without\ families/tribe good adopted them not anymore hordes are working more good drained of blood as all of dried out last of blood supply good they are forbidden to return mated with humans finally Dried out are mine see this they been bitten from here Alice she's no longer human gasp the bite is real the thirst is back is like who Dracula king of the Vampires rules Romania has non-living very ageless but immortal ice-cold skin was with Martian Golden brown-back eyes oh no she can't age that's right she's Immortal by now so the gasp with each both so the gasp nuked freely Smashed with the kids/her Both then torn bring them there then Sentence death nuked had my vengeance by swearing my revenge cursed them by marking them then it happened hordes were Vampires myself was not human but never was dying so them not exactly not quite anymore was Immortal by now had a goddess was Izanagi she who invites was from Japanese mythology too late My powers improved by enhancing fastest by Enhancing more alien but extraterrestrial the what dead good burn them with them blew Hordes mine torn them are lost from here they are spirits cursed from humans she's a medium priestess good burn these ones to see dead people from here good Nothingness blew up hordes as all of them see dead with them are deceased as all of the m blasting freely to ours good.
5/16/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
21. Outtake 2: Evolution of Bella Uley and powers/alien heritage and history
Suddenly ALIEN NASA SEHLATS! Mauled his fiancée fell to her death then Ripped from him them herself attacked wild drained for her kids the then Bitten best friends/rest of best friend/young ones the aliens/Vulcans/Rest of aliens/Vulcans then Womens/Teenagers who TURN You freak then blacking out see this with half-breed freaks train her them him/them you Isabella stand trial of treason and murder how she plead guilty sentencer death her screaming then Tore head off her with his/theirs in pieces where you think you are leaving newborns we keep you now then Tortured/raped by experimenting then augmenting then bitten here as all of with more as all of More as all of bites then as a result herself/him/them blew up burn them, then herself confused woken alone unable to remember of her last life had no human memoires was sick ghastly chalky ended UP In medical; care insane was crazy hair ripped good Broken her/him/them, nuked them the alone/unwanted good brin g them there good them in pieces then then Cullens found her dead on Arrival had only eight children bitten are Venomous nuked last good they broken the laws good yes we report she is not guilty die there screaming then blew with the each two corpses good they hid her with a power had evolved but nuked her/him/them good rest Bitten by each both alien rattlesnakes revealed our secret of it must Be destroyed good Sentence with freaks death of them then good beheaded them there are cut from humans is not human at all but a Medium like her good Topo late Executions then Nothingness was left of humanity as all of blood raining from here good see this Never existed or born yet blew hordes bitten freely as all of them too late Carlisle horrified who did to her/him/them herself was not human anymore was like them hair grew back with bangs was iciest cold as freezing snow without no body
temperature had a haunting planetary power. who wore a Cosplay kimono to see ghost's tri-doubling in height and leaps and bounds was with a Goddess from ancient Japanese Mythology it was Izanagi she who invites. ruled in the land of Yoma. was the underworld goddess of the very as all of it life beyond life and death released? oh my god Alice got a Vision of her commanding ghosts from buried Japanese long- dead Actors and actresses. nuked freely with her/him/them with young ones with kids/aliens/Vulcans vanished good. tear these ones apart of her turned like them with them/freaks what phased not humans too late good sentence death into pieces beheaded them there! then Destroyed them good never return to the living. good with freaks ripped freely her aged as a teenager good brother. beheaded them their hordes vanished. Alice, we fear she had only eight kids have powers as well so them gasp. it came couldn't die and age. at all of it so he/them never was humans never was living anymore she had eaten the food of the dead like her rotten ice but blue-grey fish-smelling decaying, but long rotting Cold corpse was Lying then suddenly Marcus fled screaming of her Fallen eyes herself was a Yokai a Japanese Demon controlling using ghosts from Movies/TV her own army of souls. began howling his screams was too late. he was cursed. by her the goddess within her Marked on his back her voice intoning cold words beware Marcus the mark is Youma mark you will be a Youma a monster you are punished by the gods/goddesses of Japanese mythology I Have eaten the food of the dead everyday your humans will be dead in my domain serving as my servants then too late was not mortal so she he begged mercy then too late Alice horrified of her powers grew very more monstrously far mostly than powerful Momma Mia Alice she is like her as all of more than as all of far as all of thedm Italian humans of old age died out crossed over serving as her servants is a goddess of ghosts the dead and the underworld NASA Created her own School talking Anime based helpers in the shape of Japanese Yokai as will-more educated but cultured tutors for her kids were dressed from Anime TV Series like who Vampire Princess Miyu to Geegee Kitaro Crap with our own oh my god he was drunk on beer oh no not you he paled of him muscular tall was slightly Bigger and leaner tall but stronger gulp he heard girls oh man how ripped he looks he's married had a good wife good little kids she officiated a Wedding by presiding acting as a temple shrine priestess in her kimono like in Japan he sighted Her dressed in a different Kimono he spat out his beer his mate was his wife as well gasp Daddy some Spider yokai gave me a For good work her chirps was very youngish cool oh no humans fled of her screaming of monster she taught us French as well oh crap Rachel it's a Yokai shaped like a Spider woman the newspapers reported of him gone wacky in the head on Asian monsters was a saddest case in history meet my kitten in the carrier breed he's a American Shorthair tabby the ghost of Frank Herbert sneezed he brought a ghostly dog who fiercely growling at the Acolytes reacted in shock of a spectral canine had a scent was so strong Tigger hissed in fright at it in fear was a baby kitten good god man almighty where are we in Japan he was right on it Momma Mia madam he was from his futon was made from help the more newspapers of it was rumors of them alive.
4/23/2023 c21 Navywife07
Please continue this loving it
3/31/2023 c21 Guest
Outtake 2 Bella's Ghostly priestess powers thredn RATTLESNASZKS Thed b itedn tasted blood Sam's thedn Volturino fond her turn g him was a terrifying ghost princess and priestess good pain Thern wee made a descion blacking out then see this with Threm just stay in Volterra then Turn painfully tragically the was with blood on her lips good joined us drained him with them by Taking away his Katra then than Ther more was a monster there tell my friends ours bonded her to us the her heart was deathly icy nuked finally with him/term the Newspapers reported her with a power led a new life on the run was a Volturi fugitive was a not a pure Innocent girl but a Creature of the night a ghost queen risen from the ashes chained see this who turn you newborns pain then Four broken her spinal cords hardest Broken thinned the too late alien venom the Cullens tried to stop it my husband Olfer bitten but with the first her death came good with you this one she surrenders Pazin her screamed pain tortured her for lying take care of that I Like go home Felix then wait we offered them a place take care of the babies tore her own screaming was headed behead permanently then with yours then Sliced freely then With young ones good brought three good wiped out then oh no Jake we have permission to turn us/third her must be bitten then he did with her kids then Nothingness was left by force then nuked but lost memories of her humanity nuked freely with/theirs his See turned illegally good the one must be tried in her trial sentence Death by clearing good Chelesa rest arrested her/him/them good they are punished ripped her/him/them good in pieces forbidden to see both good brought there good never return are deceased then Alice found her/them/him/Them gasp confused was with a alien rattlesnake bloodiest toxic but poisonous bite venomous so them then oh no who did to her/him/them nuked with them Nothingness vanished finally turned/bitten these ones then Atomizing by vaporizing into true ashes/dirt/dust her goddess name is Hecate good they are dead joined with freaks see Irina/others die then screaming lost heads-brain stumps cursed them to suffer with the city in pieces herself struggling as a cold one but with a power Newborn Vampire slaying sailor guardian imprint had died was reincarnated was not human so he/them, moved to Rye, Washington to heal but had recovered nuked with the kids vanished see this not humans good never to return three deported things clothes appeared onto their NASA Bodysuits hordes were more Both with few/remains finally nuked freely vanished form here finally guilty as charged good then but lost everything from here hordes beheaded freely nothingness from here good they never are alive with freaks then Sam was sterile his eight kids with their mother were different had powers never were aging gasp they caused it to us/them Alice chill out they know the kids are in time-space healing in their campground was home to them by now.
1/14/2023 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Outtake: Bella's alien nature and galactic heritage

Suddenly too late too late the guard found her with him good who turned you Then get them blacking out blew up good who made you freaks, the her screaming tore head of both them then with them brought there see dead drained of as all of Blood then suddenly the Children were born hybrids bitten with alien rattlesnake chained see this you Isabella forbidden what good gifted take her from him the her kidnapping was real then so the kids then With the bitten best friends/young ones finally we find you good not humans at all of it sentenced to die freaks then beheaded then in pieces then than ripped freely with aliens/Vulcans shown up with Borg drone skin bitten Bree and Diego two used her alien venom bitten their own but ripped it by formal markings suddenly ripped aortas/collarbones but torn it chained good turned her screaming so them hit but fatally permanently wounded blown with him/them Smashed freed finally you are not welcomed tore freely both sides mortally permanently but fully time longest term fully time but completely as all of it injured good blow up then it was too late alien venom was real blasting freely brought the finally turned by herself guilty of immortal children and freaks are hybrids put them to death then you fourteen last then lost freely as all of them beheaded them, goods then newspapers reported a crime of herself wasn't exactly human with venom running in her veins then too late who was not normal had a power of seeing ghosts or Katra's as she called them but properly created a coven approved the elders ceremonially knighted but permanently them as the Phoenix coven herself the leader was chained see this you are broken blew from heads both are sliced freely then brought them good dead drained of with them rest /teenagers what created a coven herself but too late so they phased but torn freely is not human mated with him had freaks good rest ripped them in pieces with the Cullens/ten torn freely bring them again they broken treaty law good with them blew hordes bitten Freely are lost freely then Alice got a mostly more upgraded but powerful Vision of their doomsday oh my god they were killed/murdered off are severed from parents oh no she never ages/dies in time and space struggling of it but so them as well never were alive had powers Alice we fear they caused this act are not humans wee Watch them three then nuked freely suddenly torn freely as all of it ripped both sliced brought them good they died there they are forbidden to live again good They are severed let parents grieve and lost their kids good blew apart finally executed from here hordes then it came too late murdered from here ripped freely hordes as all of them good they can't return from here good then it came too soon it came too late gone from here was all of it with things with few/remains more monstrously blown with both shattering freely to as all of it created a station more monstrously are trapped there were all of it to Around the world's Supernatural beings Covens/packs but with aliens/Vulcans as all of to last/few/rest/remains nuked freely more monstrously as all of remains as all of last remains more than as all of it vanished as all of it lost forced families to see them go warped from here nuked vanished good from us/all of them as all of them were more as all of it were all of witnesses deported aboard.
11/18/2022 c21 Debbie Hicks
22. Outtake 2 Kali-fi-fee
then herself was Bitten by snakes then bitten her kids were immortal children then the three/best friens/young Ons then aliens/Vulcans slips up death good who turn you gifted blacking out good You broken treaty law then Three days of burning good ours kept her/him/kids/them as sex slaves traded/sold then torn heads-brain cords burn them we don't want them anymore then herself/them him/kids were wanderers/nomadic sickest hunted on the run from them then re met ill were dying chained see you Isabella no both are punished Hit gang-raped permanently in blood then with them the Cullens horrified save them and the then nuked with her/them torn freely brought there se fourteen die there good bitten Freely illegally erased memories see this then ripped freely then Alice we fear the venom is in her heart/his/kids aged to be teenagers were next with them herself felt different and much more stronger so they gasp telepathic Alien hissing growling you are iciest cold as one of us with him/them nuked freely fled both sliced freely good they have newest addictions what she see ghosts not anymore deceased tear these ones apart good then vaporizing blew apart good with them it happened hordes stolen from here looks/names/ages/blood/powers/abilities then it was already gone beheaded from here good hordes more man as all of them will be spies will train thee then it had changed after their painfully demise then it happened Alice got a vision of them gasp Smashing they done this act they are all coming as all of of them they killed her/him/them gasp they were murdered I Nedd Dad please you can't lost control once oh my god they done acts we need witnesses of her/them then Nuked Pierced freely with Witnesses two's blasting freely brought the finally see this they perished the vaporizing fully finally never born again then it happened see this broke treaty twice good banished but aboard with things finally to more as all of supernatural beings covens/Packs to few/remain s with as very far to exported ones what phased American ones good frozen blow up freed dead then hordes the it happened fled from here suddenly never returned good exiled to Vulcan with the Displacer's nuked then it happened crashed on their planet then was not human were no longer on Earth was controlled by Vampires they were free to do they wanted in tome a newest way of living from both nuked from here but vanished gone from here good they are as all of more than as all of them then it was wiped out caused as all of them what not humans phased not anymore declared dead.
2/5/2022 c21 Debbie Hicks
Outtake 2-SECRET'S OUT Then blood bound him tore the aortas/broken collarbones then the two Three/ best friends/young ones good who turn you Isabella fled screaming good with they tore heads the wit the spawns' toe executed get her. /them gotcha Alien Venom brought her/they gifted not anymore put to death from us Good Experimented by augmenting from him were wolf blood then kept ass slaves for twisted but cruel ways tore both the burn her/him/them to death/aliens/Vulcans' tore both the fled then lost rom here than in America was not humans found by humans then in pain of the kids sickest frailer but weaker and weaker and was dying was sick from here blood eating torn good Nothingness nuked cursed to roam Who had only had eight then nuked bitten all-venomous was Nuked was cut from here then Alice found her not human had powers so he/they rescued them then blown with they tore Punished cut from parents both then lost then Sliced then never was mortal blown apart brought three then was nothingness then Struggling but was not human at all was a nomad Alice she was killed but is a mother of eight oh my god herself was adapting to immortality so he/they nuke they toe both cords ripped then tore freely brought them too late was killed see new addictions we took care of her/army good dead is not living good see to it we made a choice the rest ripped her/them as all of with kids apart good dead guilty as charge sentenced to death of her/them you with them good die then lost from here tore freely ashes but dust then dealt with her/army then Nuked the beheaded hardest then too late good heirs as all of them bitten freely blown from here see never was alive see they are dead then it happened they were framed of her powers were in a Hugest House-RV They were wanderers but nomads nuked good brought them there aboard finally end them there then it came what not mortals fled blown with it as all torn freely then things eight beamed over was not human fled from here nuked with both from here good died in the afterlife nuked three nuked what not living then it was gone it happened names of as all of gravestones as all of them more than monstrously as all of it then Not mortal ones good dead in the ground they never return from wit as all of dead beings then it happened on Vulcan they were exiled on their planet all of the each blown up with the both nuked vanished good these ones perished from parents it came too late murdered them in time as all of gravestones as all of them were as all of it mostly much many more monstrously of them then it as gone there were as all mostly much many more as all of it rotting more as all of them caused a chain reaction cursed from here good they are never are alive what buried good they died out then too late Alice they were all of them killed by them then it really happened couldn't be killed of them were avengers of the gods/goddesses reborn them differently lost families were now young again then nuked were as all of them then pets/four nuked then they were on Vulcan by now.
12/26/2021 c21 Guest
22. Outtake Two-Bella's powers Declared as a Bene Gesserit then too late ALIEN RATTLESNAKES Then bitten best friends/young ones to aliens/Vulcans cursing them with alien powers drained with three/two with two pain take her we made a decision take her to our city is guilty her eight kids freed then bitten her instead of a demise chained good, fled take them six ripped then Maule by a sehlat tore six brought the then left for dead too late a aftermath fractured skulls broken bones was real get her/the army the captured screaming bruises as all of it sexually assaulting by abusing but violating then Flames tore freely Left her for dead into blood beaten to death hardest then finally Nothingness then finally officially lost her life and memories out of time good fled brought them good with half-breeds good then ripped apart good then into pieces woke in Forks General Medical Hospital insane but crazed of her powers was officially active but hair shaven Amnesiac shell shocking more erased as all by force as all of mostly then broken her/him/them blew up of memories screaming more doing more good more as all bled brought there good lost as all of memories was permanently as all of it completely not human as a cold one with them blew vanished good then it came too late herself was shattered but ended up with Amnesia purely Amnesiac was broken from here Alice found her sickest had eight kids were hybrids hair grew back longer with bangs her skin was paler vibrant Anime Falkor's red good guilty of treason of murder tore heads torn into six to more pies with the Cullens/Witnesses then lost lives/memories torn from here brought there with freaks good with her/they die then it came ashes/dust good her gift is terrifying then heirs as all more monstrously as all of them ripped loose with them then bitten freely torn heads beheaded turned them into Immortal beings officially burn them there the seer found her with ice-cold non-body face temperature sin so freezing cold Carlisle what we do keep then nuked with her/him/then nuked both with the kids' aliens/Vulcans from homes clothes onto NASA Bodysuits nuked vanished to as all of from around the world good dead then beheaded from here blown heirs good train them there with looks are marked with venom nuked are mine to keep then it happened did not age at all.
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