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12/13/2020 c12 Guest
Fum story, keep going
7/5/2020 c12 TysonG
Just found this story and really enjoying it so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/21/2020 c12 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
So glad you're back on this. It's hilarious.
5/18/2020 c12 Lord Mortensen
Cool! please update soon!
3/31/2020 c11 Tinfoot
Really hope you come back to this
11/23/2019 c11 Praetorian96
plz update!
8/24/2019 c6 25JensenDaniels32
HAH! Noice!
8/24/2019 c4 JensenDaniels32
...Why have them lay low at all? Yamcha is capable of wiping out everyone in this world all at once by himself.
8/24/2019 c3 JensenDaniels32
Oh man, this was a fun chapter to read!
8/24/2019 c2 JensenDaniels32
Kick their ashes, Yamcha.
8/7/2019 c11 2joniskpelare
Awesome story and meeting!
6/29/2019 c11 Johannes293
Enter the Targs, can't say I expected this. With Viserys not selling his mother's
crown he might become less embittered and thus not quite as unhinged.
Butterflies upon butterflies. I wonder what's next. Please write another Myles PoV
with his reactions though. The chapters with the victim's reactions are my favorites
hands down. Absolute hilarity and befuddlement.
6/27/2019 c1 25JensenDaniels32
6/26/2019 c10 Johannes293
Poor Myles, absolutely no clue just who he was dealing with.
Even though Yamcha failed to acquire Blackfyre please tell me
he absconded with the golden skulls.
The absolute insult would make him even more infamous and the impotent
fury of the golden fools would make it all worth it.
What's next for him? The Vault of the Iron Bank maybe? Or Illyrio's Dragon eggs?
Since canon is pretty much derailed now it's pretty much a free for all.
6/26/2019 c10 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
A bit dissapointing, but I suppose you can't win em all.
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