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4/21/2019 c5 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! please update soon!
4/19/2019 c3 Guest
People might think Sandor's doing this out of "love" but anyone who knows the situation more closely may smile with Sandor
4/19/2019 c3 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! please update soon!
4/19/2019 c3 Noob6
nice :)
4/19/2019 c3 1Dabura Crossovers
Well done! This was thoroughly entertaining.
3/13/2019 c2 Tireless Overseer
It’s been a while since I actually enjoyed reading a game of thrones crossover and this time with DBZ no less. Keep em coming if you find the time for it.
10/19/2018 c2 23Warmachine375
Oh my Kami-Kai! This is so freaking hilarious! Yamcha broke in Casterly Rock AND stole all the gold from the vaults undeneath Tywin Lannister's nose, along with easily curbstomping The Mountain which I know the rest of the Z-Fighters may no longer catch up with the Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta who are now god-level including Gohan who got his Mystic Form back but they are still superhuman compared to normal humans. I mean Krillin joined the police force and he was able to successfully take down criminals without even breaking a sweat after all.

Plus Puar was disguised as Kevan Lannister and fooled Tywin and Tyrion so effectively into thinking he is the real deal and I'm sure the Faceless Men would feel jealous or revere the talking cat as a shapeshifter demigod.

I hope we get to see more of the adventures of Yamcha and Puar in Planetos and hopefully explain how did they got there in the first place which I hope Planetos is one of the many worlds in Universe 7 that the duo somehow arrived and started the biggest heist of stealing Tywin Lannister's gold, and easily took out his dreaded attack dog, and completely embarass the Old Lion in front of the entirety of Westeros when word came out acoss the Seven Kingdoms.

Yamcha is easily the most powerful human in Planetos and there is no one on Planetos who can be a real threat to him. Even the White Walkers and their wight swarms are fodder to Yamcha who can just blast them to oblivion or take them down in a blink of an eye if he wanted to. And if he unleashed his planet shaking aura, he would be feared and revered as a God of Destruction (lol, don't let Beerus and Whis come to remind him of his place if they heard of it or else Vegeta would do it since he doesn't like him that much, hehehehe) deciding to judge them for their sins with total annihilation after walking among them. Of course Yamcha won't do that and prefers going on an adventure together with Puar around the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Anyways, this is a really fun DBZ x A Song of Ice and Fire crossover and I'm looking forward for the next chapter. Faved and Followed. :)
10/7/2018 c2 Lord Mortensen
great chapter! please update soon!
10/7/2018 c1 Guest
Kkkkkkkk!, Great story
10/7/2018 c2 Noob6
alright, new chapter! i'd wonder if yamcha will steal from the other lords, or how he'll shake the game of thrones, yamcha as a bandit knows how to handle himself, other dbz characters would probably loose patience over the bloody politics and violent nature of got/asoiaf and blow up the planet (im pretty sure the inhabitants would end up worshipping vegeta as a vengeful god of destruction, oh the irony)
with that in mind, is yamcha and pu'ar the only ones here? i suppose omake chapters could include the other z-fighters or what-if story arcs like what if piccolo was the one who got transported instead of yamcha and pu'ar?
9/16/2018 c1 1Jackalope89
Finally got around to reading this, and yeah. Simple, but it works so well. Puar is the infiltrator, Yamcha the fighter.

And not many things would be able to stand up to the former Desert, now Westrossi Bandit. Not even Tywin's reputation!
9/15/2018 c1 Blinded in a bolthole
9/13/2018 c1 Noob6
you made it work, goddamn, this is good :)
9/11/2018 c1 rythik78
By golly, you made it work. :-)
9/11/2018 c1 Knightowl
I can see young him doing just that.
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