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12/13/2018 c8 6santiago.poncini20
Shock: I dont like her. I am neutral towards her, there is just something about her i dont quiet get.

Spark: YES. I really like his spirit and how he feels, and how protective he feels of his sister. True bond, dude. Sacrifice all the way down. Just one thing...

What about her mother and their brother? xd

Mine: Zeus, Sauger, Willow, Alys.
Like: Spark
Neutral: Leonra, Mars, Xavier, Shock
Dislike: Lumi, Velura
Hate: Diana
12/12/2018 c7 2call me calamity
Wow, so I’ve been MIA for the last like twelve years. Finally catching up on everything and it looks great! Your writing is amazing as usual. Regarding District 4, I think Velura and Diana could be friends—or strong allies, I guess I should say—considering their similar situations with the age and reapings. The website looks awesome, too! It’s cool that you’ve got everything and everyone up there. I can’t wait to read more of this, and hopefully from this point on I’ll be able to stay active enough to keep up!
11/27/2018 c8 No longer used acc abandoned
I understand your problem. I’m writing a SYOT as well, and it’s hard to keep Reaping them in a creative way. I’m looking forward to the next chapters though.
11/3/2018 c7 19RainEStar3
I need to stay up to date on reviewing.

Anyways, website looks cool. Predicate placements look interesting. Some are expected, others, less so. But anyway, onto the chapter!

Velura, reaped and a career. Sharing a character trait between tributes is fine since it was a coincidence, but I'm having a harder time with my suspension of disbelief for her reaping. It seems to happen without any real reason. And she's #1 on predicted victors too? Hm... I'll have to keep my eye out for her. She may be more than I first thought.

Sauger clearly has issues. Hopefully he knows that the games are for beating people in the arena and not childhood rivals lol. This isn't a Pokemon League, this is the Hunger Games. While I wouldn't say he's the most striking career, I got a good feel for him this chapter.

Now for my popularity chart:
Adore: Zeus (1)
Like: Mars (2), Lumi (3), Sauger (4)
Neutral: Leonra (1), Diana (2), Xavier (3)
Dislike: Velura (4)
Love to Hate:
10/19/2018 c1 No longer used acc abandoned
I got onto the blog and it’s really cool! Well done on making it so good. It’s better than anything I could do.
10/19/2018 c7 No longer used acc abandoned
Yay! Another chapter. I can’t access the blog for some reason so could you send me a link please.
I don’t really like tributes reaped from career districts. Some many people are eager to volunteer, so why would someone be reaped? I like Velura’s name and she does seem more smarter and reserved then a typical career tribute.
Sauger does seem like a typical career. There’s nothing wrong with that though. I like his angriness and how violent he is though.

Mine: Lumi (D3F)
Like: Leonra (D1F), Mars (D2M), Velura (D4F) and Sauger (D4M)
Neutral: Zeus (D1M) and Xavier (D3M)
Dislike: Diana (D2F)
10/18/2018 c7 haydesx
Great to see the story updated again, I was very excited to see this chapter as get to see how you write Velura and I think you did a great job and I'm looking forward to seeing her in future chapters!

To me Sauger seems like an average career tribute but I am intrigued to see what his relationship with Velura will be like. I also feel that he will either be a shock death in the beginning or he will make it quite far and cause some mayhem.

Mine: Velura -D4F,
Like: Leonra - D1F, Mars - D2M, Lumi - D3F
Neutral: Diana - D2F, Xavier - D3M, Sauger - D4M
Dislike: Zeus - D1M

Looking forward to seeing the District 5 reapings and its also cool to see a website for the story as it helps give us a clearer understanding of the characters.
Can't wait to read the next chapter and keep up the great work!
10/18/2018 c7 6santiago.poncini20
Velura: Ugh, district 4, female and reaped. A combo i have seen a lot, and i dont like that.

Sauger: Go away you loser :D You got his quote wrong though. It was "withOUT", but anyways its okay. Yay fourth!

Now for the blog:

First, i would like to say you have been too kind with Zeus having 7th, i would expected 24th as predicted placement

D5: Not a great start, but okay. I am like really in love with Sparks picture, and his name sounds. But Shocks one is one i have seen before, and it reminds of the other tribute, so its confusing. Low placements for both, even for the volunteer brother. Hmmmm

D6: Is that a reference to Catcher in the Rye? Love it, reminds me of Max Caulfield but male. Abida seems cool, but i have seen that image used for Annie Cresta so for my head is confusing.

D7: But what if losing means death Boris? Wouldnt you worry about death then? xd. Hi Willow
Bye Willow

D8: another sibling pair? wow, 2x1. I like how Loden sounds, and i have used that FC, so i like it. Paisly is meh

D9: I just realized that people to always to the extremes. Either they try to sound poetical in their quotes or sound too straightforward. Solder is the poetical one, and Brienne the unsubtle. I like neither.

D10: YAY LITTLES! I like the authors work so i might like them as well. Their pics were well selected too, and i havent seen them before.

D11: The demonds might be behind you, or is just that the sun Saigon? idk, i didnt understand Springs quote.

D12: Finally, a strong outer district that i like. Almost thought he was never Peder Ore, and that would be bad. For him, not for me. Oh, and also Alys, but she doesnt matter anyways. Wait, why does she look like if she is from Westeros?

The blog was beautifully done!
10/18/2018 c7 1666samvr
I think I did make my dislike of Reaped Careers clear back with District 2, so it's not really an exception with Velura. Her personality is a bit more agreeable to me. Her being the predicted Victor on the blog makes me think she probably won't end up winning, but I am surprised about that predicted placement; I thought that the other Careers would be expected to outlast her.

For Sauger...I feel kinda nyeh. He just strikes me as that typical Career boy. Props for the name, though. It's quite unique.

I did check out the blog and I'm very interested in some of the non-tribute characters that were mentioned. I plan to save my first impressions for the Reaping chapters, since I don't have a lot to go off of for the tributes right now.

Like: Zeus (1)
Neutral: Leonra (1), Mars (2), Xavier (3), Lumi (3), Velura (4), Sauger (4)
Dislike: Diana (2)
Love to Hate:
10/14/2018 c6 3MonkeyPower435
I was going to submit a tribute to this story, but then I completely forgot to. Whoops a daisies. Anyway, it's really good, and I'm sad that I wasn't able to submit. My favorite so far is probably Lumi, she's really sweet.
9/30/2018 c6 19RainEStar3
Young tributes! I normally feel obligated to submit some younger people because most people go for 16 and up, but this time I decided to wait and see if some young tributes showed up. And lo and behold, two from the same region! (Not saying older tributes are bad or anything, since they are more likely to be reaped)

You know, I feel weirdly about Xavier. I feel like I've seen a lot from him, and yet, I don't know him very well. That said. I feel really bad for him. The odds were in his favor, but it wasn't enough.

Lumi is another mystery character. She's dyslexic and has back problems, and might have mental/emotional issues on top of that. But at the same time she has a really... content... personality. She just wants to live, and now she gonna die. I like her, even if I don't fully understand her.

Adore: Zeus (1)
Like: Mars (2), Lumi (3)
Neutral: Leonra (1), Diana (2), Xavier (3)
Love to Hate:
9/30/2018 c5 RainEStar3
I realized that once I started betaing I stopped reviewing. I've got my own thought on these tributes, and just like everyone else, I want to keep track of these guys.

I feel like her mother did something. Rather set her up to be reaped or make sure no one would volunteer for her. Her reaping was a bit suspicious. Personality-wise, she's nice enough. A good amount of ruthlessness with some personal attachments.

He's got issues. I feel like we're touching on the surface of character who's only going to get deeper as the story goes. While I can't say if I like him or not, I definitely want to keep my eye on him.

Love: Zeus (1)
Like: Mars (2)
Neutral: Leonra (1), Diana (2)
Love to Hate:
9/29/2018 c6 1666samvr
Xavier seems to be really pessimistic. I'm not sure if it's Reaping day, or if he's like that in general. Clearly something is up with his family history, which could be a fun arc. But he's a solid neutral for now.

Lumi seems be pessimistic about her chances as well. Is it just because both of them are younger? Her dyslexia is interesting, but I don't have too much of an opinion of her either. so, neutral.

It's nice to see some younger kids. People usually don't submit tributes aged 12-14 that much,. because they assume they have no chance. Personally, I like to have a variety of tributes with at least one of each age, just because it would be boring if everyone was 16 or older. But that's just me.

Like: Zeus (1)
Neutral: Leonra (1), Mars (2), Xavier (3), Lumi (3)
Dislike: Diana (2)
Love to Hate:
9/28/2018 c6 No longer used acc abandoned
This was a great chapter as usual. I’m really enjoying the story so far.
Lumi’s my own character, and I think you portrayed her very well. Thanks again for accepting her.
Xavier seems ok. He looks like he’ll be intelligent, which is good for a tribute from 3. I also think how him trying to impress his parents might be one of his plot points as well.

Mine: Lumi (3)
Like: Leonra (1) Mars (2)
Neutral: Zeus (1) Xavier (3)
Dislike: Diana (2)
9/28/2018 c6 haydesx
Xavier: To me Xavier just seems like your average District 3 tribute, although he does appear to have a smart mind so hopefully he can pull off some stuff in the arena.

Lumi: She's a pretty intriguing character I'm looking forward to reading more about how her Dyslexia will affect her and also her back pains. I also hope that Lumi will be able to do something that puts the cruel kids in their place.

Like: Leonra - D1F, Mars - D2F, Lumi - D3F
Neutral: Diana - D2F, Xavier - D3M
Dislike: Zeus - D1M

Looks like my girl Velura is up next, can't wait to see how you write her and also to see her partner! Keep up the great work - haydes
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