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8/25 c4 alec-potter
8/25 c4 VeronicaD13
Lol! Wonder if Harry will have a flashback upon meeting Jamie and say, hey I know you- you gave me to people on the road! Lol! And we can kill Joffrey and send Myrcella to Dorne and let Tommen actually grow up to be a farmer or part of the Nights Watch. And just off Cersei. Tears of Lys and call it a day...

Oh well, a girl can dream!

Can't wait for more!
8/22 c4 1Astrid of Dragons
Oh no, poor Harry! His mother wanting him dead is going to break his heart. I hope Robert and Ned are able to protect him. And I hope Jaime will come to care for him at least.
8/21 c4 wishitweretrue24
Lol Cersei is gonna be spitting when Harry beats her assassination attempts. It’s really a shame that Harry never learned legilimency.
8/21 c4 mattw2017
Found this story and read it loved it so far.
8/17 c4 Guest
Poor cersei your Son is a wizard and he can read your mind. He wil know.
8/16 c4 AvalonRivers
Ouch, I thought that someone else took him seeing as Cersei is so known for loving her children. Poor Harry, what he really wanted was a loving mother...
8/14 c4 17Silverscale
Aaaaah Westeros. Such kind and honest people live within these lands. Too bad they were all killed by the vile and twisted. Let's see how dear Cersei and Harry's first meeting goes... I got a feeling it won't be good.
8/14 c4 2miguelgiuliano.co
very good story looking forward to the next chapter.
I hope Harry learns of his birth through visions.
Another that should happen is for Tyrion to send a letter to his father asking him to meet with them and thus meet Harry. Another feasible thing is that Ned should take this opportunity to bring the soldiers from the land of the rivers.
I hope that to calm the 7 kingdoms, Harry will have a harem with a bride for the other kingdoms remaining in his blood (I mean not suitors from the western lands or the lands of the storm).
I think an addition to Harry would be that he had the Gryffindor sword.
8/14 c4 alexaguamenti
Such a good chapter! I am so happy you updated.
8/13 c4 1Golshad
Finally update! Thanks I really enjoyed it
8/13 c4 Percy Jackson7
This could get interesting. His own mother hates him wow.
8/12 c4 17EternalKnight219
It may be that I misread something, but you have Harry accepting things a bit too quickly. How do people know that he is who they claim him to be? How does Harry know he is who they claim him to be? Why is he so accepting of it right off the bat? How did he end up on Earth? How did he come back to Westeros? I may be wrong, but it seems like you wish to move right into the coming conflict without filling the holes here.

Of course, I may have missed something in the text. If so, please disregard.
8/12 c4 1Antares Graceford
Really hope to see more updates. It's really good.
8/12 c2 asingh123
Yeah... Way to go ...
Portraying a 3rd yr Harry in a 17 yr old...
That is when he followed Fudge...I think

I cannot see even a naive child following strangers... Much less a magical war veteran

Yes, there might be more to this ... But reading the story so far... It's convenience built upon convenience

Let me explain
Sure follow them(gift horse n all that), but never ever put yourself in a weak unknowing spot... Especially when you have ... Magic handy

Hence convenience built upon convenience...

You are in too much hurry to put Harry smack dab in Canon...if somebody who always been in life or death situation acts like this after war... You know this is gonna become forced sooner than later
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