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for Magic in Westeros

11/30/2019 c1 LiveFreeDieWell
Story is probably abandoned since its been over a year but just in case, might want to edit so its easier to read. Not have them in big block paragraphs.

Hope you update :)
8/30/2019 c2 Guest
6/29/2019 c3 lalalamb
hmm when two opposite civilizations meet, there's a tendency for war i suppose. not just literal war but also a war on which culture is better. unless they adapt somehow, influencing or mixing. this really felt like that. and it's a weird feeling
6/29/2019 c4 lalalamb
the atmosphere feels intruding. like insulting? when muggles discover magic exists, it'll be a sure disaster. either be treated with fear, jealousy, greed, or like a clown. somehow it felt strange akin to mocking another country and their culture without meaning to. both are outsiders in their perspectives, and it totally clashed horribly. the other is freer compared to the war-filled world they found themselves in. ah i just can't shake the feeling of intrusion and discomfort. it felt like no one even bother to really understand the other just a terrible clash
5/25/2019 c6 ariannajones2002
jon snow Gryffindor
5/21/2019 c6 1wildtrance
Internally Hariel has to be going, “goddamn it! I don’t want to repeat the Horcrux Hunt.”
4/30/2019 c6 1Kiochii
I’m sitting here reading this chapter to the e d before I started booing realizing THERE ISNT ANOTHER CHAPTER! I’m so freaking out trying to figure out how all this happened then you drop a bomb shell on us in the form of Hermione Grangers portrat! CHAPTER MAN WE NEED THE NEXT CHSPTER!
12/28/2018 c2 Thornado
Lmao awesome ending.

I love this so much! It's so fresh and different from any crossovers I've read so far.
11/30/2018 c6 Wika0304
please do Jaime/Hariel or Jon Snow/Hariel
11/28/2018 c6 Hyper Melody
This is very entertaining to read. I love the causal "of course women can do this,stupid" moments!
11/24/2018 c3 15Mechconstrictor
I really don't know what to think about this story. I'm kind of iffy on the idea you have but I do wish to read it and see where you plan to take it. I've started stories before that I didn't like but changed my mind once I got into it. My biggest issue with your story is your formatting. That is preventing me from reading it.

There are giant walls of text which make it difficult to read. And where you don't have walls of text, you have improper line spacing. If this was fixed, the story would be readable.
10/28/2018 c2 Guest
Could use work isn't exactly realistic
10/22/2018 c6 27917brat
this is so interesting and I would really love to read more of it please keep this up because I can't wait to see just what you are going to have happen next.
10/21/2018 c6 amaromarn
Good story so far. The early chapters do hurt sometimes with tenses. As for the " ' question I'll say this I've seen it in actual writing on occasion was taught it was wrong and expect it to be correct within my lifetime. It is defiantly moving towards the standard. Your way you described isn't incorrect but by my estimation my grandkids if and when they exist would consider that kind of writing to be quaint or archaic.
10/20/2018 c6 7Dark Serpent Cat
I was actually happy to find this story. Normally, I look at the Game of Thrones version of stuff and awhile ago I wondered what would happen if something happened that caused the whole Hogwarts castle to be transported to another dimension, though in my mind it was 5th year and something Umbridge did having unexpected reaction with Hogwarts Wards.

Anyways, I noticed you mentioned your struggle with pairings because if the age gap and the whole Jaime/Cersie stuff. I think that a Jaime/Hariel would be more acceptable if it was a slow burn as you could gradually have the two falling in love but with Jaime struggling with his feelings for Queen Bitch-sie. However, I have an a few alternatives but they have their own priblem.

1) Khal Drogo- Probably the least likely choice but depending how far before cannon this story starts it could work with something along with Hariel’s curiousity or the King asking her to stop such a wedding. Along with her apparition skills

2) Robert- Yeah an odd pairing but maybe Robert and her end up connecting with each other and something happens to Bitch-sie. Depending on pacing it could also have Robert getting fit again

3) Tyrion- I know in the books he’s described as beijg pretty bad looking but when I hear Tyrion I think of Peter Dinklage and I don’t think he is ugly. Plus he never gets love unless it’s Sansa pairing

4) Oberyn- Yeah, I doubt this would work but I’m throwing this out there.

5) Ned- More of a slow burn with Catelyn dying and Eddard living fir some reason. I know another unlikely pairing but I would love to see it

6) No one- Maybe you shouldn’t be sold on an idea of pairing Hariel with anyone and just see how the story goes. Besides, Hariel is desperately looking for a way back for both her and her students so she would try not to fall in love knowing it wouldn’t last
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