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1/21 c125 2mangagirl18
This was a really neat fic. I love how chaotic the mc is. :)
Thanks for sharing
11/3/2023 c125 Solti
it is fun and quick read even with all the sad stuff it doesn't effects you too much as the chapters are short recommended
thanks author-san
9/22/2023 c125 woxinlin
very pleased that you updated, thank you for all you do!
9/8/2023 c125 oldman22
I like this story.
Keep up the great work!
8/11/2023 c125 Guest
This is really good.
4/30/2023 c124 undefined2023
aw that's so cute!
4/29/2023 c124 1PrincessMagic
4/27/2023 c124 2Ghost Claw 001
Cute family
4/27/2023 c123 Ghost Claw 001
Oh welp, looking for the seerr
4/27/2023 c124 SuperReader3000
This was adorable! Looking forward to more!
4/25/2023 c119 JeanJo
love it
4/19/2023 c122 132Valerie Rose Daniel
Aww it’s her birthday love it.
4/16/2023 c122 2Ghost Claw 001
So cute
4/14/2023 c121 Ghost Claw 001
So it's not for sake of her?
4/14/2023 c119 15Saissa
If Theo's birthday is in November 1980, then by Hogwarts rules, he could not have been in the same year as Hermione and Harry. He would have been in Luna's year since he was younger than Luna.

Good story so far...
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