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9/15 c63 Inuclaw
love this! can't wait to read more
9/14 c63 2Kasy2112
I confess that I had forgotten to check for a while lol

I really like this fic and it was quite relaxing to read. Thanks for writing and I look forward to the next chapter!
9/10 c63 RosieDunne
Thanks for the chapter
9/9 c63 the.apple.seed
Oh boy. What interesting scheming.
9/9 c63 9GhostHex
Picky magic.
9/9 c58 Spidersauce
But . . . Peter has nothing to do with Barty and the world cup. Is that what she forgot? Did she think Peter caused it?
9/9 c41 Spidersauce
Idk why but I pictured Maisie Williams saying the line with the books and learning.
I now picture this Hufflepuff as Maisie.
9/9 c38 Spidersauce
So . . . bad memory in only one subject for comedic effect? Lame.
9/9 c36 Spidersauce
My guess is the Soul either recorporates over time, or 10% is needed for forcing a possession against the host's will.
9/9 c35 Spidersauce
One, Nagini isn't a horcrux yet I thought. And two, no warning of the curse on the ring? Rip Ddore.
9/9 c33 Spidersauce
. . . this character scares me. A teenage girl from 50 years ago calling you frumpy? Just what would that even require?
9/9 c27 Spidersauce
Poppy is the best :D
9/9 c22 Spidersauce
Well there goes the plot.
9/9 c63 Guest
Love this!
9/9 c12 Spidersauce
You should write an entire story of her fucking with Hermione haha. It'd be great.
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