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9/20/2019 c48 20calcu22
I feel sorry for theo
9/20/2019 c48 2Light on the Horizon
Great story!
9/20/2019 c48 3Valen Goncalvez
Very good chapter, i hope you update another soon!
9/20/2019 c48 5Yatocat19
Hah she thought Sirius was an hallucination, but I agree with Theo she needs some sleep
9/20/2019 c48 Haaiii
Plllllsss mooooorrrreeee!

9/20/2019 c47 3PanduhBabyy
Thats often my excuse too
9/19/2019 c47 Caibb
Oof. Judicious and extrnsive use of the time-turner may lead to side effects such as sleep deprivation and Lots Of Alchemy
9/18/2019 c47 RosieDunne
Thanks for the chapter!
9/18/2019 c47 Ini minnie maini moe
Hahahaha cant wait for when vodie apears haha
9/18/2019 c47 1Marie-S-Raven
Haha, riiiiight
9/18/2019 c47 javi30
Very good Keep writing
9/18/2019 c47 InfinityMask
Lol! Sleep deprivation.

Tho this chapter seems the shorter huh
9/17/2019 c47 20calcu22
that is an ominous way to end the chapter
9/17/2019 c47 2alltheuntold
Understandable... quite understandable
9/15/2019 c46 nyx-p1e
Still a wonderful read - I love the way this story develops! So interesting and such a different style to what I'm used to. Great job!
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