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2/5/2019 c27 2AnimeLover229
lol I love her!
2/5/2019 c27 qazxdswerfvgt
Well then..talk about taking precautions..she is not actually planning to take it on is she?that would be the most idiotic thing she could do..truly..hahaha "hipothetically"? Yeah , right..thanks for the update!
2/5/2019 c26 Daughter of Trickery
I'm clutching my stomach cz of laughter! This is soooooo fricking goooooooood! I love Snapes reaction to her essays. I love sprout so much as well. And like wow I just love her. I really want like a friendship or something to develop between Tom and her... also pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee update!
2/3/2019 c26 Guest
Ugh I love her
2/2/2019 c26 Gyuchin
Short but good!
Hope to read more soon!
Good luck!
1/31/2019 c26 qazxdswerfvgt
Sprout didn't even try to defend her fellow profesor!that is how bad he was!haha thanks for the update!
1/31/2019 c26 Missanonne
This is actually so funny I love it. Short and sweet I can't wait for more :)
Hope you are well x
1/30/2019 c26 pastelstripes
I love this chapter hahahaha I’m glad to see you’re still updating! Thank you for posting I love this story; it always brightens my day ( ˊᵕˋ )
1/30/2019 c26 Angelicsailor
1/30/2019 c26 SpeckledOne
Well this whole story is amusing as hell! Keep em coming!
1/30/2019 c26 1eyann85
Haha, love this !
1/30/2019 c26 2AnimeLover229
Lol I just love her!
1/30/2019 c26 Guest
1/29/2019 c25 1spiralheads
wish the chapters were longer because I just really enjoy reading this
1/28/2019 c25 Giordanocave
love you
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