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5/13 c52 1Call.Me.Random
this story is lovely! and yes, trying to better society IS ambitious. it’s cool to see slytherin characteristics from that viewpoint!
5/13 c52 thewhiteangel213
Thank you very much for the update :)
5/13 c52 Amaniel
Thank you for this story ! )
5/12 c52 2AnimeLover229
I love this story so much.
5/12 c52 4verycoolname
I like that she phrases it like that. It's something that Harry needs to understand about cunning and ambition. True cunning and ambition, not the slimy versions that shmucks like Malfoy rely on.
5/12 c52 2AlliTheWriter
I missed this fic so much
5/12 c51 Loralie
AaaaAAaaAah! Did you just refer to the twins as "thing 1 and thing 2"? I LOVE this fanfic!
5/12 c52 1SkyWorthy
5/12 c52 2LittleAngel2292
good chap hope youre well
4/9 c51 Three123
I seriously love this girl
she's my new idol!
please update
2/27 c51 LazyCloud562
Love the story and hope you continue it. Also, it would be interesting to see different people's pov of the puff.
2/15 c51 ca p
this is so good!
please update soon
2/5 c51 ladyamy26072003
2/5 c51 Guest
Omfg this shit is awesome!

I would love more, but the drabble is also freakin fantastic.

I still would like to know more about her family.
1/25 c51 Forestor
An incredibly hilarious story. I'm very sad it's been 7 months since the last update.
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