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for Dichotomy

10/15/2018 c13 Guest
This is hilarious
10/15/2018 c11 Guest
Ooooh a sneaky Dore is about
10/15/2018 c9 Guest
This is cute
10/6/2018 c19 Madam3Mayh3m
I adore this story 3
10/3/2018 c19 xenocanaan
I think the reason I like our overachieving slacker Protagonist so much is because I’m quite a bit like her. I mean, I don’t necessarily fail my my classes and I try hard for them, but the things I tend to excel at are the things that catch my interest over assignments that may not interest me. Somethimes I will research something that interests me for days before I’m satisfied, but I tend to be lazy when it comes to effort put into classes. So I understand her quite well in comparison.
10/2/2018 c19 1Marie-S-Raven
That's such a funny way of putting it!
10/2/2018 c19 2AnimeLover229
Lol love Ron's pic of her.
10/2/2018 c18 1Marie-S-Raven
I really don't get why none of the trio really learn any healing stuff. Hermione kinda sorta does Kat minute, but that's it
10/2/2018 c18 2AnimeLover229
Love it.
10/1/2018 c18 Big Fan
This is fantastic. I hope her and Hermione do more spell crafting and experimenting together. I want her to rope a bunch of random students for testing the way the Weasley's do :)
10/1/2018 c17 AnimeLover229
Love the up the great work.
9/30/2018 c17 1Marie-S-Raven
I love that she is catching Snape's the here
9/28/2018 c16 Lady Syndra
Hoooo he is impressed!

I love how he secretly appreciates how she is capable enough to use her brain for originality! Being able to innovate and think differently is so important in careers! I'm learning that now that it can really make or break your promotion the higher up you climb the corporate ladder haha
9/27/2018 c16 2AnimeLover229
yay, severus likes her.
9/27/2018 c15 1Marie-S-Raven
Alchemy IS far superior. It takes the best parts of magic, potions, runes and arithmancy, and combines them!
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