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9/27/2018 c15 1Marie-S-Raven
Alchemy IS far superior. It takes the best parts of magic, potions, runes and arithmancy, and combines them!
9/26/2018 c15 2AnimeLover229
I love your work I just hope to see a pov from the athers about her, pleeeeeeasss .
9/26/2018 c14 1Marie-S-Raven
Oh Ron, you're such a useless dunce. I don't understand your supposed appeal
9/25/2018 c14 2AnimeLover229
I love when she talks with Hermione and harry and ron.
9/23/2018 c13 AnimeLover229
What about her meeting harry? Lol
9/23/2018 c12 28Kittyfox77
Paracelsus is my favourite too.
9/23/2018 c12 Lady Syndra
You know what...I think it's amazing you keep to 100 words a chapter
9/23/2018 c12 1Marie-S-Raven
Oh Hermione. I can't even find you totally wrong with this one...
9/23/2018 c12 2AnimeLover229
Haha I love your oc.
9/22/2018 c12 pastelstripes
I love this fic so much
9/21/2018 c11 ZaraDimm
9/21/2018 c11 Angelicsailor
9/21/2018 c11 1Marie-S-Raven
Alchemy actually having magic= Life Hacks
9/21/2018 c11 2AnimeLover229
They are so cute. -
9/20/2018 c10 AnimeLover229
Yay they mate each other. :) love your work.
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