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9/15/2018 c5 2AnimeLover229
I love you oc very much, I do wonder what she will do when the troll thing will happen, Also with her being smart for asking and challenging everyone to think more wouldn't Hermione will notice and try to talk to her or at least make friends. I think they will be very interesting as a friends because they have kind of have the same core just that she is more braver then Hermione.
love the chapter.
9/14/2018 c4 AnimeLover229
I wished you would have write other's pov for her asking those stuff from snape to the Voldemort (after all he is on the beck of quirrel) lol
9/13/2018 c3 1Psychodella
Omg I love it sooo much ! I thought you didn’t have enough review so here I am xD You are amazing Can’t wait to read more !
9/13/2018 c3 2AnimeLover229
Love the story just hope the chapters were longer.
9/12/2018 c1 1ForceOfTheSea
I ADORE your Harry Potter fanfictions. Siriusly! xD
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