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5/2/2014 c1 pepe
I love this. I freaking love this. Thank you for writing it!
1/7/2013 c6 Nin-hime
I love it ;) As you sad, you really catches their character and it really fit in to the manga. I think you have written a really great story :D I look forward to your next one!
7/17/2011 c6 7freakinscarykid
Gah, I loved the way you portrayed Manji and Rin, and the story had a real good plot, and the fluidity of it was excellent.
11/18/2008 c6 LaiChan
love it! keep it coming and I'll keep on readind and reviewing :D
7/22/2008 c6 Kenshin13
I just found your story and I only wish it could be much longer. The tension you created between Manji and Rin in this short fic was amazing, I loved every word of it. My cheek muscles hurt from having a stupid grin on them from this last chapter though, too cute and fluffy! There isn't a lot of BoTI fanfiction and in that not nearly enough decent Rin/Manji fics so I bow to your skill in this story. I only hope that others find this and love it, perhaps inspiring you to give us another. Thanks for the great story!
3/11/2008 c6 13Espurrcat
I know it's been years since this was complete, but I just wanted to let you know, years later, there are people like me out there still reading and enjoying it :) (and I've added this to my favorites)
1/25/2008 c6 Anonymous

You're a really talented writer!
12/28/2007 c6 antyem13
Not bad, I don't know if I personally believe the characters would have behaved that way but then again I also don't know when it was supposed to have taken place in the series, that could definitely help me to believe it, if it was far enough into the story. Over all I liked it, Manji was sweet for once in his round about and strange way, and Rin panicked a bit like she has been known to do. I give it a 7 out of 10.

The one and only strangeness.
12/1/2007 c6 7Lifestyle
Wow. Just wow. I have no idea what the heck "blade of the immortal" is, but now you've got me hooked on it. I clicked on this story because I knew you as an author...I couldn't resist after all!

Anf let me tell you- you have a skill for writing. The fluency...the intensity...I've fallen in love with the characters and the story through your words.

Now I've got to go find out what this "blade of the immortal" is all about.

But...I won't get my hopes up. After reading this, I'll probably just be disapointed :)

And I'm curious...(I have no idea if you'll even read this review though haha)... is another chapter of "without words" coming out soon? If not, no worries, but...that would be really awesome if it was. Really awesome. Really, really awesome. You would be awesome...and like my new best friend.

I'll be on the lookout! hoosha!
12/13/2006 c1 3Hiro-tyre
2/5/2006 c6 11Aliora
Masterful! Beautiful! LOVE!

What a fantastic fic. You've captured their essences perfectly - your Rin is a study in tempered fragility and your Manji is suitably gruffly affection. Everything read like it was plucked straight from canon and I have to congratulate you on such a wonderful story. This was recommended to me by a friend and now I have to go and read everything else you've ever written because I'm so impressed by your style and command of a story situation. Thank you again for a great reading experience, and I hope to see more BotI work in your profile. :D
9/30/2005 c6 pauper
damn. reading this story made me feel warm and tingly inside. haven't felt like that for ages, cheers for that! you just keep writing, 'kay? doesn't really matter if you finish your stories or not, not right away anyway. ;) just keep writing, that's all that matters..
7/1/2005 c6 9thundersenshi
Ah, this is wonderful! I love your writing style, at how subtle the romantic angle is (well, not so much on Rin's part though, hahaha) and your very detailed fight scenes. Bravo! I thoroughly enjoyed your story...this is the first BOM fic I've ever read, it certainly makes me want to check out more in hopes of finding another gem like this one. ^_^
6/10/2005 c6 Zilla
A pleasant twist of darkness of romance,and with a little touch of humour I adored this fic. I read it all in one night and oh yeah, your commentaries cracked me up as well.

So hard finding and good Manji and Rin fic,I'm so very happy!

Well I don't know how long this fic's been out but hey! book 14 came out and there's a little fluff! Funny samura rin fluff but fluff nonetheless! Yey!
4/12/2005 c6 29Infinitis
Gah! The best BotImmortal fic eva! ^^ heehee aka i enjoyed this fic alot!
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