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11/12/2003 c6 Neko-chan
o_O *is stunned* That... had to be *the* best BOTI Rin/Manji story I have *ever* read. *is still stunned* o_O;; Wow. Me likes the fluffiness! =D I absolutely love how you protrayed Manji, so seem to have captured him and stuck him in you fic. Rin was great, too. Kudos to you! Your writing is wonderful, and I hope to see MORE Manji/Rin fluffiness in the near future. *hint hint**poke poke* ^_~ But don't stain yourself getting it out. So... yeah. Write another one eventually... or I'll, er, eat this chocolate orange! *holds chocolate orange prisoner* =D Mwehehehe. (It won't last long any way. ^.^) *needs to get a life* _ Meh.
10/24/2003 c6 mangiANDrinFOREVER
i loved it. its the best BOTI fanfic on this whole site! no offense to the other writers.

i think you should write a sequal! but this time with lemon! lemony goodness between rin and mangi! ahh! i'd die for it...please?
10/9/2003 c4 4elevati0n
aw! I love your story! ^_^ It's so good! I wish there were more BOTI fics out there like yours. ^^ I love Manji & Rin together! -^.^-
9/15/2003 c6 1BailieLopez
Holy Shit! I LOVE THIS STORY! Seriously! And the fluff was a GREAT addition concidering the lack of it in the serious. Lack or absense... *sniff* Wow... *cries* What a great ending. I would love to see more of your writing. It's such a great style. :)
8/30/2003 c6 Elenore
Very um good. Did u know that ur very disguising and nasty. U know u need a real girlfriend and I'm very surprise that u still like anime which is nothing but ur in college. Aren't u suppose to be think about getting ur grades up so u can graduate from college and get a degree or a PHD. Fir real get a a GIRLFRIEND for u need it, trust me!
8/18/2003 c6 4Cat Avatar for the DCG
AH, another very nice story from you. (Side note- y'know, I feel like I should be able to run these reviews through a spell-checker, 'cause, as always, I have really spastic typing skills, and misspell the oddest things. Ignore it if I do so in this review, ne?) I liked this story. You are right about the dearth of BOTI, but this helps. And I know what you mean- sometimes you want to see development or some sort of growing up without deforming the characters. But, since it doesnt fit into the genre the author is writing- in japan they seem to be shoved into these little boxes sometimes, even if I do love the mengas- the author does not accually do that development. Since relationship development is considered the purvue of the femenine mangas- shojou and ladies mangas- it seems like they just ignore it too often in the shonen and seinen ones. Even friend/family relationship development. Gues that is why we read fics, ne?

-Ja matta

8/16/2003 c6 batt mannon
gj kthx

i primarily like boti because Manji gets chopped in half often, but you probably knew that cause, hey, it's me. i'm not so big on the fluff, as such i didnt read the whole thing. anyway, i already knew you were a good writer but this was really good so...yes. i'll probably see you soon. anyway, batt over and out.
8/14/2003 c6 1ChiisaiKo
Oh my goodness. You are totally my hero! You are right, there is absolutely *no* BOTI fics out there. Props to you for taking the initiative and writing one. I'm constantly amazed whenever I finish a piece as well. It's like, big sigh, sit back, and stare for hours admiring the sheer amount of work it took to let a story pour out of your brain. My oh my, this is *great*, it's *super* it's fantastic. In short, I loved it, and you rock, for sure.
8/6/2003 c6 me
you're a bloomin genius. please write more of the same.
7/26/2003 c6 Miko-san
Waah! Why would you leave it there? *grumbles*

Anyway, I really liked the fic, and I'm hoping that you would write some more BotI fics!

7/24/2003 c6 firenseye
I would definately LOVE to see some more BOTI stuff. Nobody ever really writes much. Loved this fic by the way. Ja!
7/9/2003 c6 3PinkyLemon
That was awesome! This is going on my favorite stories list permanently! I feel you're pain, as I, too am a "conceptial writer." Well, you're concepts are really great and I look forward to reading your other works!-PinkyLemon
7/9/2003 c5 PinkyLemon
Oh, yes. Very good. The action, adventure, and angst. Your writing is incomparable. I was captivated the whole way through. I really hope you make Rin and Manji get together. I will stay tuned.

Story challenge/idea: Do you do yaoi/shounen-ai? How about a yaoi + Blade ficcy? Want a really weird challenge? Do Manji X Shira. You know Shira was loopy and probably in love with Manji...Well, just a suggestion, disregard it if you don't like it...
7/4/2003 c6 Ferret Kunoichi
Yes!Finally!A good Rin/Manji fic! Yay!*Gives hug to Zeh Wulf* I'm a conceptual writer too. I'm also a lazy writer. Keep up the good work!
6/20/2003 c6 jessica
I loved it! *sigh* ive always thought that mangi and rin should be together...thanks for writing that fanfic!
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