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for Familiar Face I - The Horde of Children

10/17/2020 c9 Bethesda551
oh wow. thank you for this post-script update. bloody vile it is.
4/25/2019 c7 40Sam Seven
To FlyingShibaInu:
Oh damn! My bad, I've added the wrong doc, even if I named them with FR and ENG, and I've never checked since! That's why I hate the publish tool of FF :')
Thanks for telling me, I've swapped the chapters and now, it's the right chapter 8~
4/24/2019 c7 43FlyingShibaInu
Why is chapter 8 the only one still in French?
4/12/2019 c1 40Sam Seven
To FlyingShibaInu:
Thank you very much! That means a lot to me since the DBH fandom looks dead on FanFiction, ahah...
Thank you again~
4/7/2019 c8 43FlyingShibaInu
I found your story on ao3 and have to come back to favorite this here. This is so amazing. Introducing the emotions and making us care. You did really good. I read this in a day and I think it's worth it.

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