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for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Season 1

1/20/2023 c3 treveonwhite00
I Should See A Darker Moment With Shriek And Spider-Man Where After Taking Down Shocker He Gets Spyed On By Shriek And Captures Him And Making Him Her New Husband And Seduces Him And Has A Dark Secret Plans For Spider-Man
4/21/2021 c1 Blaze Zion
This book was amazing! Really love the author. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
1/26/2021 c20 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
12/2/2020 c1 Devin Devin
Is this q script or a story ?
10/1/2020 c1 avengersendgame426
Hey I know it’s been three months since I last reviewed this story, but after I played the Spider-Man PS4 game it gave me a few ideas you could use for season 2.

First one I have is introducing Martin Li aka Mr. Negative at the F.E.A.S.T shelter along with the Demons in New York’s underworld some time after in Fisk’s absence and the death of Norman Osborn. I don’t know who you would have play him, but I hope you think of someone.

Second, having Silver Sable and Sable International being hired by Mayor Koch to deal with the Demons since you mentioned Sable’s home country of Symkaria in this story. I know S.H.I.E.L.D. might get involved too, but I think this could stir up some trouble for them.

Third, introduce Miles Morales because the spider with the number “42” was the number of the same spider that bit him in the comics and Spider-Verse. I don’t know if you’d still have to include the bombing that killed his dad, but I hope you think of putting in something else.

Last idea I have for you is the introduction of the Sinister Six. We’ve already had Vulture, Electro, Scorpion, Rhino and Doc Ock in season 1 and having Mr. Negative in season 2 could add its sixth member. I could see the Raft and Ryker’s prison break happening since there’s 4 of the villains in the Raft and one of them in Ryker’s. Just include this line for Doctor Octopus: “First and final warning. Stay out of our way” when the Six villains defeat him at the Raft.

These are just ideas I gave for season 2. Just consider them. Can’t wait to see what you have next with Spider-Man and Transformers in the future.
8/2/2020 c20 Chamba1220
What does norman mean to peter that you still not know all daddy secrets. What other secret that peter dad had.

Does Peter dad have secret daughter name Teresa parker, Peter sister long lost sister.
7/13/2020 c20 Chamba1220
Friendly neighborhood spider man season 2. Peter vs Eddie. The symbiote bond with Peter hated enemie Eddie brock. Eddie must reveal Peter secret identity to the world. I hope that happens, like spectacular spiderman series.
7/12/2020 c20 Tbone
look like miles morale is coming soon hey will you do a spider island chapter for us please it at read comic online
7/12/2020 c19 Luis z
Hey SonsOfBeaches99, since Peter dad was in shield agents. Hopefully you will add Teresa parker, Peter secret long lost sister. It would amazing for her appear in season 2. Hopefully you finish other stories and then you start friendly neighborhood spider man season 2.
7/12/2020 c20 Spidey fan
It the best story ever. You should create this Fanfiction into comic.
7/12/2020 c20 Guests
That was awesome chapter. Now that norman osborn is dead, Finally. I sad for gwen father die. But people in new York thank spiderman for save them.

Soon new evils will rise. But spiderman will be ready, along with his friends are there by his side.

I love they will form a band, Gwen stacy, Glory grant, Michelle Jones, Betty Bryant. I wonder if Gwen will have spider power, and fight alongside with peter parker/spiderman. I hope that would happen.

Hopefully there new villain will appear. Venom, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Mr negative, Mysterio, Carnage, Kreven the Hunter, Black cat, plower and Morbius. And Doc ock and his sinister six will appear.

And I hope to see heros will team up with spiderman.
1. Captain America
2. Shuri aka black panther
3. Wanda maximoff aka scarlet witch.
4. Wolverine
5. Natasha aka Black widow.

Last. New characters would appear and later become heroes like spiderman.

1. Amadeus cho Aka iron spider
2. Cindy moon aka silk
3. Flash Thompson aka agent venom
4. Jessica drew aka spiderwomen
5. Kaine parker aka scarlet spider
6. Andi Benton aka mania
7. Anya corazon aka spidergirl
8. Ava aka white tiger
9. Harley keener
10. Teresa parker aka Arachne

These are the characters we hope to appear in Friendly neighborhood spider man season 2. Sure Eddie brock has symbiote in it. But soon he bond with the anti venom symbiote. Then venom will bond with Flash Thompson become agent venom of shield academy. I really want Flash Thompson become agent venom. And cindy was in season 1. Hopefully she got bit the same spider that bit peter. She wasn't appear that much.

Hopefully in season 2 she appear, and she and Peter will have attraction to each other. Hopefully a love triangle between Peter, Gwen and cindy.
7/12/2020 c20 3Fan-Writer1001
Alright, season 2 here we come! Great work on the chapter and terrific job on the foreshadowing.
7/12/2020 c20 avengersendgame426
Wow. You did a pretty good job finishing this season. Now the New York’s been cured from the Goblin virus, Spider-Man fought the Green Goblin with Norman being stabbed by his own glider (homage to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man), Harry now blames Spider-Man for the death of his father and will be out for vengeance, George Stacy’s now dead with his daughter Gwen now in mourning and Eddie’s now been bonded with Venom. Overall, a perfect finale. I liked the teases you gave us for what’s to come in season 2 with Black Cat, Venom, the new Avengers and Wolverine. Can’t wait for it. Also can’t wait for your Transformers Animated Season 6 story. Already read season 4 and 5 and I liked that you continued the show with the stories.
P.S. Will Quintessa from The Last Knight be featured in season 6 because I think that was her talking to Lockdown at the end of season 5.
7/11/2020 c19 Guests
When you going to update friendly neighborhood spider man season 1 episode 20. I so pump to read the story. Spiderman vs king goblin
7/9/2020 c19 Spidey fan
Thar was awesome chapter. The goblin nation is amazing storylines.

And the people who survive the goblin nation infected.
1. Peter parker
2. May parker
3. Gwen stacy
4. Flash Thompson
5. Ned Lee
6. Glory grant
7. Randy Robertson
8. Felicia hardy
9. Eddie brock
10. George stacy
11. Yuri watanabe
12. Harry osborn
13. Michelle Jones/Mj
14. Max modell
15. Jessica drew.

There survivors must save the world from the army of goblins and the goblin king norman osborn. Peter parker and his friends/Allys must fight against the goblins. It will be the final battle spiderman vs the goblin king.
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