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12/8/2020 c11 6Riverwillows73
Is there possibly more of this hidden somewhere on a computer? Would love to see more.
7/6/2020 c11 Guest
I'm having a lot of fun reading this. It is a really different idea to other Minerva/Hermione fics. Thanks for all your efforts and I wish I had something like your imagination.
1/15/2020 c11 1LadyDragonRider
Loving it more please and thank you
5/21/2019 c11 Hellen Eduarda Nascimento
Please, please continue, please update
3/25/2019 c11 2Beedle
Oh, I thought this was the last chapter! I hope you decide to continue :) it was a very good chapter, particularly the discussion between Jean and her mum...it's interesting to consider the implications of Hermione's actions all those years ago for other members of her family. No wonder her grandmother is mad!
Looking forward to more!
3/25/2019 c10 Beedle
Ooh...and more excitement! Can't wait to find out more about Hermione's heritage. I love the Squid/Squib bit, by the way :D
The reunion was really nicely done, it was nice that they were so forgiving. An interesting little side note about Minerva finding Jean attractive...and more age-appropriate! I don't want to see her go there and crush Hermione (but I don't think she ever would).
I forgot to say, in the last chapter you have a little bit of the ,,European speech formatting" again, just at the beginning, which you might want to change.
Right...on to what promises to be an exciting end!
3/25/2019 c9 Beedle
Another great chapter. I loved the beginning where Hermione's parents are suddenly confused as to why on earth they decided to move to Australia when her dad hates poisonous spiders and snakes. And that was a particularly vivid and well-written description of Hermione anxiously checking her injuries and panicking about the look of her chest with her ribs missing (rather gruesome!). I look forward to the reunion!
3/25/2019 c8 Beedle
Ouch and oh dear! That was uncharacteristically silly of Hermione to think she could Apparate halfway across the world. I am not sure how realistically she would have ever done that as she must have read of Apparition's limitations...perhaps she was too upset to think.
At the same time, I'm glad she is going to look for her parents, even if they might be less than understanding of her current situation!
3/25/2019 c7 Beedle
I've finally had time to return to this and I am glad this is the case! This was a really exciting chapter which had me hooked till the end. The DNA results which finally solve the mystery...followed by such a tense scene when they argue. I think Hermione has often shown a fiery side and can snap suddenly when angry (she attacked Ron with birds in HBP, for example) so this was pretty in character. She does need to rethink and be more careful now she is a mother, Minerva is right.
Of everything in this chapter, I most liked the part when Minerva reacts instinctively, being a seasoned war veteran, and bolts behind the sofa in cat form - a good image :)
2/4/2019 c11 MsAwesome2u
You’re doing fantastic at keeping all of the aspects of the story going without confusing your readers. Love your writing. Just finished chapter 11 and I’m on pins and needles for chapter 12!
2/3/2019 c10 MsAwesome2u
Oh how I’ve missed Hetmione’s parents! Chapter 10 gets me right in the feels. Lol. I think this chapter was very well written and held a lot of interesting aspects. I can’t wait for Chapter 11, but I’m sad that I’m getting so close to the end... I really hope you choose to continue. I’m loving your world!
2/3/2019 c7 MsAwesome2u
I have just finished chapter 7 and I’m just as hooked as I was in Chapter 1! I love that you research your scenarios that you put them in without being overly detailed. It has allowed me to visualize your scene without getting too bogged down into the minor details. Your story flows nicely and I love how each chapter has it’s own twists and turns. Great work so far! I’m off to start chapter 8!
12/6/2018 c6 Beedle
Wow, this is so intriguing! Great chapter, really interesting developments here.

The DNA testing is all very mysterious, it would seem an odd coincidence if there was a connection between the two families but we shall see I guess...

And the whole Morgana thing is very exciting! I love the Arthurian legends, so bringing that in lifts this to a whole new level. If Minerva is descended from Morgana that'd be pretty cool indeed. I look forward to see where this is going even more now.

I thought the lamb top/underdesk/goggles bit and generally the patient explanation of Muggle technology was nicely done and funny.

One small correction - it is "on all fours" not "on all four".

I don't mind if this was originally 3 chapters and is morphing into more - great to see it a fully-fledged story!
12/5/2018 c5 Beedle
This was a fun chapter to read.
I liked Arthur's reaction to being asked to do the DNA test - slightly baffled, apprehensive of the last time he meddled with Muggle remedies - but unable to stop himself feeling excited nonetheless!
Loving the way Minerva purrs to distract Hermione, that made me chuckle.
And the Howler Molly sent was hilarious!
Just a few small things I noticed -
"Weasley's ramshackle home" - should be "Weasleys' ramshackle home"
"I foul loathsome evil little cockroach..." - A not I
Also you have a couple of words randomly in bold in the chapter, for some reason :) and one of the bold words was attached to another word - "shewas"
I enjoyed the soothing lullaby, too. Have deliberately not read the author's note as I prefer not to have spoilers ;) thanks for the warning.
10/27/2018 c8 11Fastlight
Nice chapter. I wonder why Hermione is so afraid about her parents knowing the truth. I hope Minerva could help them.
I like the incursion in the Australian Ministry of Magic. I hope you will describe more the structure in the next chapter.
Huge suspense.
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