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4/4 c7 CarolsSister
How mean of Jaime. I mean, he made them engage what little brains they had. Considering it was probably a new experience for them, it might have hurt.
4/4 c5 CarolsSister
Interesting. So Ser Barristan was the first one to know the whole story, and why it was so important that history repeated itself in somewhat the same manner.
4/4 c1 CarolsSister
Took a roundabout way of finding this from your comments in "The Dragon's Roar", but got here.
7/17/2020 c11 L0NER18
Honestly I kinda wish this was Canon to The Dragons Roar. It would have given Jaime a friend.
4/16/2020 c11 6Berix

I don't know a ton about Game of Thrones/ASoIaF (whichever this may be), but you still managed to produce a page turner. For a bit of concrit, I suppose I'll point to the four year time skip, and the ending. For the timeskip, it seems like a lot of potential character development and planning could have gone in that time, instead of summarizing in two sentences, though its understandable since you already had a longfic being written.

As for the ending, it seems very sudden at this point, almost as if the chapter didn't want to end. If I were writing this I'd probably have rewritten it several times until I got something that flowed better.

All in all, not a bad story, though its a shame to see it ended so soon.
1/27/2020 c5 Igniferroque
You do a great job of representing Ser Barristan’s internal dialogue.
7/20/2019 c11 Spencer Chamberlain
This. Was. Glorious! But I agreed with Sithspawn, we should have seen the meeting between Selmy and Aemon. Still, this was a wonderful story.
6/11/2019 c1 1blueandie
I’ve been meaning to read The Dragon’s Roar for a while now, but this was a good taster. This was an excellent start – not only is Jaime’s character incredibly fascinating, but Barristan is one of my favourite side characters. Seeing Jaime from his point of view was a great start. I liked the tone of this bit – “In fact, something had been bothering Barristan about Ser Jaime for some time. He was too quiet. Too docile for an aggressive master swordsman. Too compliant”. The use of compliant was an interesting observation, which felt like something Selmy would have picked up on, and there were further hints of how perceptive Selmy was throughout this chapter – noticing the slight tightening of Jaime’s eyes at the name Kingslayer was another. I liked the little memories in amongst the observations – the story about the suit of armour was great.

[Jaime’s smile faltered for the first time at that. It was only then he saw the disarming smile for what it was: a facade.] – really liked this. The suspense in the build-up to that ending was well done, and I liked the moment between them as Jaime’s expression darkened. Great start! I will definitely be coming back to this universe.
5/29/2019 c11 bmthespian
Great story
5/15/2019 c11 25Rule23
I loved this! I think it ends in just the right place. Seeing so much from Ser Barristan was enlightening and I loved that we saw a lot of his duties as Lord Commander as well as his ability to admit that he was wrong. Thanks for sharing.
3/15/2019 c11 20livebyinsanity
An interesting alternative storyline! I really liked the way you explored Ser Barristan's perspective and slowly changing view of Jaime.
3/13/2019 c11 Guest
Awesome story, thank you for sharing
1/27/2019 c11 3Robthekiwi121
That was a nice read
11/22/2018 c11 2joniskpelare
Great story and nice to see Jaime's perspective.
11/22/2018 c11 Guest
Hi! I didn't think that was the last chapter. So sad it's over because I was so happy when I had one new chapter every thursday (I'm in France so I have the chapter not the same day you post them) and I'm going to miss them. But this is a good end ! This UA was really good.
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