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4/9 c68 MatrixPrime
god I hope this becomes it's own story with at least 20 chapters, this is without a doubt my favourite story you've written
3/31 c69 Darth Prime
I love all your work and the btvs x teen titans with xander is one of my favorite but could you possibly make an xander x teen titans go parody that is a good natured mockery of teen titans go? one of my fav ep of the whole series was the organ trail ep and just thinking of how 'TTgo' made a joke of the original awesome series makes me wonder what kind of helerious comedy could happen if one of your crossovers met the 'TYgo'.
3/5 c53 2Anansii
Just going through puberty can screw up your martial arts techniques for awhile as it moves your center of balance, especially it you're female.
3/5 c67 Mastersgtjames
Would be fun if one of these "Legal Crimes" stories has the MC wind up in Marvel by going through that homeless dudes Portal/Gate.
2/21 c18 6tarrangar
Personally I don't think most people who have loved ones back on Earth would mind being brought back, after all you have eternity in the afterlife, and only a very limited amount of time in the living world, this goes double for people with children, Kushina and Minato would all but certainly be glad to be brought back, because they love their son, and would like to see him grow up.
2/4 c7 Raiju001
Ch.7 Ron Stoppage - Ron Weasley. I suddenly want to see the entire story of this universe...
2/4 c6 Raiju001
Ah delicious, chaotic, high-school lunchroom talk! This ch6 is so much run with how they just run through all the different societal issues! Love it!
1/5 c62 3hellz swordsman
I'd like to see more of this story
12/23/2021 c45 4Ashleythetiger
Senshi vs Hasbro sparked a thought, Halloween, Snyder does group costumes, needs signing, so Xanger gets:Tuxedo Mask, Buffy sees a Princess dress for Sailor Moon. Willow:Mars, bit stumped on Mercury, Venus an Jupiter (half would pick Dawn cause tall ish) actually Jupiter:Cordelia, Venus:Harmony etc

To add MLP well with increased needs for power, Chaos Magic leaks, animates toys to life size, MLP detect chaos magic, aka Buffy an co an goes on the attack, yeah i see what you mean, so say a boom moment happens where do they go? Also thats alot of cast personality to write for.. oh well
12/16/2021 c65 Harold Lloyd
Warriors! Come out to plaaaeeay!

One of the best ad-libbed movie lines ever.

And I4w beat me to it. Drat.
12/13/2021 c68 wolf-in-hell
Another great chapter. This is a great story, you dont see many where the guy with super powers dosnt want to use them to be a hero or villain. Especially well written ones.
12/7/2021 c2 Guest
Hmm, I kind of wonder what specifically caused the 'dead but not dusted' vampire. Or, I suppose really, the delayed dusting.

Temporary banishment of the blood demon, that gets handled fully via sunlight? Just seems like one of the key steps there IS to fully dust the vampire. And not just for convenience sake to get rid of what would otherwise be an unexplained corpse. Although there is the additional thought as to if clothing would also get dusted as easily that way.

It does seem like a rather useful thing to manage either way; clear out vampires and still get what they're carrying that would otherwise be dust, in a much safer manner.
11/22/2021 c69 Raiju001
Whoo-hoo! This looks like a fun romp and I am glad meg is finally getting some karmic payout! Thanks for the story!
11/21/2021 c69 Guest
I find it interesting that you, proudly, announced that you typed the short chapter up all by yourself, like a big boy, with only some help beta'ing; and many of your fans instantly responded with shitting on your achievement. With comments to the effect of the world ending, the sky falling, or asking if their big strong little man wanted a cookie. While the only ones to not comment on you typing your own work, just left it at that and only mentioned the chapter itself. With only one commenter bothering to even try, poorly, at congratulating you on doing so. After they went on a mini-rant pretty much insulting you, and your effort at typing your work for yourself. Though I do wonder where they got that "first time in ten years" from. Surely it hasn't been that long since you've typed any of your ideas for yourself.

But anyways, I do hope that you can find the time to keep up a regular schedule of typing up your ideas, and that it will be in something approaching a sane time frame between updates. (I am aware, thanks to some of your older work, that you took a few months in between posting available content all at once. Hence, hoping for a more regular, and saner update schedule. )
11/18/2021 c69 DiveLord
Hahahaha! I love seeing side characters from Cherico’s expanded Company universe make cameos.
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