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for And Now Yet Again Still Even More Fragments

9/20 c62 ArcaneDragonLord
More of this please! Love it so much!
9/14 c75 Difdi
Heh, depending on how thoroughly a firstie contractor is erased from existence due to taking a Containment contract before they're ready, Amelia might be being completely truthful when she say she can't say how many - because nobody can, because the contractor retroactively never existed!

As for the baby Hitler thing, while he was an undeniably evil man, he was also completely incompetent at being the Supreme Leader of a war - the most likely result of offing him as a baby is that the Nazi movement takes longer to gain traction, so World War Two is replaced with the American-Japanese war, and World War Three is Germany against all of Europe. But because they'd have a more competent Supreme Leader, Nazi Germany wins the war!
8/23 c7 easchlaf91
Can you please make this into a story? I love the idea behind it and the story flo so far for only one chapter its great
8/21 c74 LostDragon49
Any chance of you writing more Chapters for the Ensign America fragments?
After reading this update I went back and read some of my favorite fragments and that trio is on top of of my list of "wishing to see more" list.

Either way, thanks for your fragments and stories.
8/16 c25 Fetteraga
everyone's seen groundhogs day.

I read chunin exam days when it was actively getting updated, I only watched it recently because my chance to watch it for free always was missed between sleeping and work. but it was on my watch list for a decade before I watched it.
8/16 c67 15Belcris
Awwww… How did I miss this before. So cute!
8/13 c75 Ideaspool
Does this mean that Fragments 8 [i.e. this fanfic] is now complete? Since you ended the previous seven Fragments collections when they hit Chapter 75. Just wondering. :)
8/14 c75 alaskan-dracolych
Flynn Taggart is DOOM Slayer's name? Huh. And definitely yes on the version of Tentacles, though an option for them to be visible or not would be best.
8/12 c75 WearyCurmudgeon
- Title
Eh, I'd go the KISS route, as I've found the overly long titles here on FFN confusing, makes it harder to find the relevant bundle, when you do a callback.

So "Fragments X", with X being the number of previous drabble collections plus one.

It's a tad easier keeping things separate over at TtH.
8/12 c75 WearyCurmudgeon
- Response
*"I don't have a remotely reasonable explanation," he admitted.*

Because, just the usual Sunnydale shenanigans seems like a perfectly reasonable explanation to me.

Maybe not to those not in the know, but it would for those who do know.
8/12 c75 Guest
good idea
8/12 c75 Rude Guest
Interesting way to tie the various CYOAs/Jumpchain together.
8/12 c75 Guest
Eugh tentacles, wtf does every catalogue story have those? Not everyone is into aquatic fisting.
8/12 c75 Guest
Vegeta. In Class E. Because apparently planetwide genocide of planets to sell them off to others counts as 'good'? I mean, granted, he went through a redemption arc, but it's still a bit weird to think about.

Somewhere, there's a version of Xander that did the same costume, but also throwing in a 'Mulan', or similar kind of deal. Backstory as a female agent pretending to be a male agent. Just a slight tweaking of what Xander heard Buffy and Willow talk about, perhaps?

I imagine that sparring with Buffy will be an interesting scene.

Him recognizing Dawn probably means AU on that point, considering earlier in the timeline than she originally showed up. And given mental defenses, not the same introduction into reality.
8/11 c75 Random Hobo
Yeah... SlutLife is not my cup of tea... In fact I think the entire concept is disgusting, and I live on the streets and have seem some serious shit and I still think this entire thing is disturbing.
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