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4/29 c62 Amun565
Just re-reading this and I would honestly love to see some more of it.
4/9 c1 Look what Jesus did
On the last snippet I’d think the mc would be a bit more disgusted by Dumbledores meddling and I doubt the Potters who had just been told that the man they trusted knowingly told them to leave their son in a place where he would be miserable for his own selfish reasons (grooming someone to save the world with minimal effort on his part) especially as that resulted in the local Harrys death.
4/2 c62 3The Woolly Llama
This was really fun and I enjoyed the bond forming between Sirius, Bellatrix and Harry, very warm and homey.
3/18 c12 7ShaiGar
Heh, Amy, it's best to put shirts straight out of the wash onto hangers, and then on the clothes line. They come out perfectly.
3/12 c63 Guest
I guess Hermione and Harry had A LOT more fun with the time turner in this one :-)
3/12 c62 Guest
Makes for a surprisingly nice Harry/Bellatrix story.
She's less crazy, and he's probably a fair bit more. Would like to see where this goes.

Though I hope he will get to that waist high hole before being dragged out... or find a way to get Bellatrix out from Azkaban before Voldemort does it. :-)
3/12 c62 typo
stoppingthe - stopping the

You should get an editor on top of the typist, since there's always at least one or two typos that slip through the cracks.
3/12 c62 typo
But backup - But back up
3/10 c63 Mastersgtjames
3/10 c62 Mastersgtjames
definitely interesting and willing to read more.
3/10 c36 Mastersgtjames
This is amazing and I want more of it.
3/10 c31 Mastersgtjames
Interesting and would like to see more...
3/10 c22 Mastersgtjames
Fuck spike. Little shit.
3/10 c15 Mastersgtjames
This is great.. Another story you should expand on.
3/10 c7 Mastersgtjames
Really wanna read a story based on this. Sounds great.
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