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for Class 78's Face-Off Hope Romp

7/15/2020 c1 TheSoundScreecher
Oh my god, I have only gotten through the first chapter, but I'm already hooked!
I did not know I needed a Miitopia x Danganronpa Crossover until now
Well done! :DD
7/15/2020 c8 Erlifania
I thought this story will be forgotten forever
This story is one of my favourite
Keep up good work and stay safe
2/18/2020 c1 2ElecFlameFox
honestly I forgot that this wasn't finished.
It's your decision on the fate of this fic
11/22/2019 c7 Erlifania
Please update this story. I want to read next chapter so bad.
4/28/2019 c7 Erlifania
Please update this story. It was a really interesting and great story. TT
1/10/2019 c7 Guest
Like the story, dude. So. You're still writing it? I get it was supposed to be a crack fic, but it's kinda awesome to see all the Danganronpa Characters still alive. (So far.) The only reason I hate that series is it's plot. I mean, setting up juveniles in a meaningless killing game just to spread despair is just so messed up. (Or in V3's case, just to entertain the Danganronpa fans.)
(I'm looking at you, Monokuma.)
12/8/2018 c1 3FanficLovingPerson
Holy shit you made a Miitopia fic!?

Now I wish you made one with Kirby. It's just BEGGING to be an average Kirby adventure all over again lmao. You can even have Kaede if you wanted to but I understand that this is supposed to be a crackfic-
11/19/2018 c7 2ElecFlameFox
When you said some tropes like you use in TV Tropes, I know exactly what you mean. Ultimate Trope Namer
10/9/2018 c6 ElecFlameFox
Knew that Kyoko would be a mage!
9/27/2018 c5 10Ally Nicole Rose
You know when you find something you didn't know you wanted until you get it? Well, that's this story. Please updated soon!
9/24/2018 c5 GaoGod
...I mean the moment you wanted the goddess of the sun and an ancient predator shipped is the moment I jumped on this fic.
It's a crackfic that takes the piss at itself, sure, but it does it in a way that doesnt make me feel stupid for reading it, so it's not that bad, really.
9/23/2018 c5 Guest
This is a unique choice of crossover and I’m enjoying the satirical sense of semi-dry humor. Perhaps you would be so inclined to include Class 78 in other crossovers as well? I’d enjoy seeing them in the Undertale idea. Fits right up thier pink splotch stained alley!
9/21/2018 c5 4JCW18
This is so unique, I love it!
9/21/2018 c1 SilverDragonPersona
I really like this fic! it's actually something I've been trying to find for quite awhile, so I really really hope you continue this!
9/17/2018 c4 Guest
Alright I just tried to fit in all of class 78 and I came up with this, not really too sure on some of them but I want this up so I can see how good my initial thoughts were.

Warrior: Sakura
Mage: Yasuhiro
Cleric: Makoto
Thief: Leon
Pop Star: Sayaka
Chef: Aoi (cause donuts)
Cat: Mondo, Kiyotaka
Imp: Junko
Scientist: Kyouko
Tanks: Mukuro
Princess: Celestia
Flower: Chihiro
Elf: Hifumi
Vampire: Byakuya, Touko
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