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for Lip Locker Curse

3/30 c1 2roon0
So cute. :D
3/29 c1 4XxFanFicObsessedxX
That spell would have helped Harry and the whole school out in the movies and books. There is only so much bickering someone can take before they go insane lol.
3/29 c1 7darkwish3
i don't even like Ron but this is so cute!
1/29 c1 1Disney's Slytherin Princess
This is cute!
12/3/2020 c1 Laila2605
Very funny
4/4/2020 c1 3mcepl
What in the world is Flitwick doing in his classes that he doesn't teach this most useful of all charms? Brilliantly executed!
3/17/2020 c1 15The Ghostly Minion
THAT is just crack.
11/6/2019 c1 sayianhund
This is both cute and disturbing. Forcing a sexual advance on someone is very wrong and harry did it both his friends in PUBLIC. While not generally seriously harmful kissing someone without there permission is still wrong. What if he was wrong and they didn't like each other would have ruined there friendship.
9/20/2019 c1 HoneyBear84
Love it lol
5/16/2019 c1 Millie072
LOL They both got what they deserved, but a lasting relationship? Can't see it. They truly have nothing in common but Harry. If they married; 6 months before murder or divorce. Good story.
4/18/2019 c1 Guest
I'm glad J.K. Rowling regrets the pairing of Ron and Hermione.
2/27/2019 c1 3alix33
Harry's newly acquired little spell book sounds like the coolest thing ever.
9/24/2018 c1 7Llew444
This brought a wide smile to my face, honestly was brilliant!
I would love a continuation of this with just Harry using prank spells from that book around Hogwarts, would be a hilarious read.
9/14/2018 c1 Guest
I adored this story!
9/14/2018 c1 dude356
This was a fun one-shot and an idea that I've never seen put to use before. Well done.

That being said, I'm not a fan of the Ron/Hermione pairing in canon. Ron makes Hermione cry too often, abuses the fact that they're "friends" to get her to do things he doesn't want to do himself (namely, his homework) and gets jealous far too easily for a long-term romantic relationship to work between them. He takes her for granted and I'm firmly convinced that the only reason they're "friends" at all is because Harry is friends with both of them and neither of them want to lose Harry's friendship, so they put up with each other as well as they can. Harry is the only thing they have in common besides being in the same house in school.

I agree with the idea that Hermione needs to be with someone to help balance out her tendency to be obsessed with learning and dismissive of things that can't be found in a book that would otherwise be a detriment to her social life, but she can find that balance with someone who doesn't use her, isn't jealous of her intelligence and who isn't so closely tied to Harry that the end of any potential romantic relationship would force Harry to take sides should the end of that relationship be an explosive one, which it almost certainly would if she were to get together with Ron.

I think Rowling made a mistake by putting those two together for the sake of making the three of them part of the same family. I'm not saying that Hermione needed to end up with Harry, although that is my favorite AU pairing to read about, but I just don't see how she and Ron could have lasted long enough as a couple to get married, let alone stay together long enough to have multiple Hogwarts-age kids.

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