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9/15/2018 c1 132signelchan
There is a lot that happens here in this opening chapter of this story, but I’m going to break it apart as much as I can as I write this review. We start with Ophelia and Soleil, precious girls, playing themselves a round of Overwatch. Totally in-character for them both, they play as pretty ladies and stick together, one of them as healer and the other as DPS. Who these two mysterious characters might be, who knows (well, I know, so there’s that), but what’s important is that you use this interaction to show that despite things being slightly amiss they’re still fine. But once Ophelia steps away for the night because of Family Commitments, Soleil breaks down into her typical “cute girl is my best friend and I wanna be more than friends” state that seems relatively common whenever writing her with Ophelia.

Flash forward to the next time they’re together, and it’s more of the same-old, same-old with the two of them. Soleil makes a valiant effort to get her feelings out into the open but she fails and has to push it aside for another day. Or for in the morning, because she’s a sleep cuddler and she’s somehow able to make it out of that mistake without ruining her friendship. But instead of being girlfriends, the girls somehow decide that they’re going to try and get into sports together—because Overwatch is apparently not good enough for them to be bonding in. Yeah, okay, tell that to my face you little snots, I happen to think Overwatch is a great friendship-building experience.

Ahem, moving on, for some reason the girls decide to drag Ophelia’s father into the conversation, and he suggests ice skating because it’s definitely a paired sport. It doesn’t work, although “Lesbians! On Ice!” is definitely a prime joke you made here, good job. So anyway, because trusting Owain to be helpful at any given time is never a good idea, the girls then make the Even Worse decision to go to Soleil’s parents instead to help solve their problem. On one hand, at least they didn’t need to have Inigo helping them for more than, like, a sentence before someone else got involved. On the other hand, good gravy why did it need to be /Kjelle of all people/ getting involved over him?

She suggests tennis, which duh obviously that’s what’s going to happen it’s in the title of the fic. Literally everyone doesn’t think this idea will work but you don’t get a suggestion from Kjelle and ignore it, she’ll break your kneecaps and make you beg for mercy if you turn what she says down. (Which, as an aside, I’m sure “begging for mercy” is something that’s been said between the girls a time or twenty.) But because people want their kneecaps intact, thank you very much, somehow this tennis idea gets entertained and the family and Ophelia end up watching a tennis match, getting very invested in it and in the players currently playing. As we are dealing with the Lesbians! On Ice! we're obviously gonna be playing tennis from here on out, y’all.

That’s…basically where the chapter ends, and you can clearly tell what my favorite part of it all might be. I know what follows this (and am excited to get to snark it like I’ve snarked this opening), and I know that you’ve got a fic on your hands that is meant for big and excellent places. I can’t wait for some of those other fandom references, I’ll get a kick out of them when I get to experience them again.



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