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for YU-GI-OH! ARC-V2: Dawn of Twilight

8/12/2021 c1 12SakushiRyu
So TWO years after I said I'd review the rest chapters- and I honestly don't remember when or even if you did ask me to do this, which is even worse- I finally came back and started reading this story! *awkward chuckling from yours truly*

Sorry for the long wait. I'm currently away from home so I can't continue my own stories, and seeing I had some time, I said why not. It's about time I review this story as well! That said, I'm going to write down my thoughts about the first five chapters, in a similar way as you did to my Overdrive. Let's get started.

Chapter 1: This has to be the first time I read a Yugioh fanfic start with a poem, written by the author to boot. And is that foreshadowing I spot in its verses? Already off to an interesting start. But the fact it says "from one came ten, from ten come one" intrigues me. It's clearly refering to Zarc and Ray, but why ten? Weren't there only six counterparts, two of which should be your OCs? I guess we'll find out what that really means as we go on.

For some reason, I really like the design of Shiryu's bracelet, being wavy. Not bad for a custom bracelet for Yuzu's counterpart. The description of the city was also beautiful. You went into details, but like, the right amount, if you get what I mean. It wasn't too tedious, is what I'm saying.

The there's Ghidorah. When I first read his name, I immediately felt that I already knew that name, but I couldn't put my finger on it... but after reading your ending notes, now I know. It was the name of that kaiju! Knew I knew it, haha. Also, am I the only one who thinks it kinda fits, seeing how Blue-Eyes has evolutions with multiple heads? And speaking of the devil. He's a Blue-Eyes user? Considering how infamous that dragon is, I say it's a good choice for the king of the Ritual Dimension.

That big flashbacks was very enjoyable, well done. I liked our OCs' backstory, and I have to say, I didn't expect Yuga to win against Ghidorah. I thought he's going to draw or get a no result, but I guess this wasn't a bad choice, as it concretes Yuga's strength and his importance in Zarc's plan. Although, I would've raised his age, I think being four is too young- maybe eight?- but that doesn't really matter in the end so oh well. If anything, it shows just how strong Yuga is, being able to beat the king of Ritual at such a young age.

And speaking of Yuga. I like him, that's for sure. His strength speaks for itself, he's also a kind (well, to his allies, to his enemies, not so much, considering what he does to them in the next chapters) and a chill guy who becomes a beast in a Duel, depicting very well that part of Zarc's persona. And his first opponent in the story will be Yuri? Damn, let's hop right over to the next chapter then!

Chapter 2: Mr. Steal Your Girl, huh? That fits Yuri too well for his own good. Just don't take it out of context, if not, it takes on a complete different meaning. xD

Can't we take a minute to praise Ghidorah for being a great father like Shuzo and Yusho? Keeping the whole Dimension story a secret from his daughter wasn't a stupid move as Yuga pointed out, so nice to see him look out for Shiryu. That said, I'm glad Ritual already knows of the existence of the other Dimensions so we can skip past all the "wha, there are other Dimensions!?"-thing and get right to the Duel!

Right off the bat, it's obvious how Yuri's in trouble, especially once he starts pushing Yuga's buttons, or "triggers" as Shiryu calls them. Also, Rituals aren't weak, Yuri, and Yuga demonstrates that seconds later! This makes me think how poorly Ritual was used in Arc-V; we had like two characters who used it, and that's that. I don't mind not having a Ritual Dimension, but don't overshadow it just because of that.

Ritual can be found in all the Dimensions? An interesting choice, although I personally would have only kept it to Standard and Ritual, but considering my previous statement, with how little Ritual was used in the show, we don't know if it existed everywhere already. In any case, this will shock everyone even more when they'll see Chō Ritual for the first time.

The Duel wasn't bad, it served as a good demonstration to Yuga's strength and taught Yuri the lesson of never underestimating an opponent, especially if he's asking for it by taunting them to great lengths. At the end, Yuga was able to resist Zarc's urge? That's...interesting. I wonder now if that'll play a role in his revival, like Yuga being able to retaliate against Zarc or something like that.

Chapter 3: Aaah, so Dorian was keeping his origins a secret. I was wondering why he didn't contribute to the discovery of the other Dimensions. Although, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense: if you tell someone you're from a different world, they might think you're crazy, unless you show them proof of course. Still, I hope he'll play some sort of role as we go on, it would be a waste to stop using him.

I don't have much to say about the Ritual Dimension being filled in of the current state of the other Dimensions after Yuga's scouting. Although, VRAINS' altered story where the Knights of Hanoi are the heroes and the Ignis are the villains sounds pretty cool, and as a big fan of Hanoi, I can't help but feel glad for them. And it's funny how your predictions for VRAINS came true. xD

Next we have Yuga's "revenge", which makes sense why he would take, but maaaaybe I would've refrained from killing all those students. While I won't neglect what they did, to which a good beating was in order, they were taught what they're doing is right so they're victims of this as well, but this helps to further prove Yuga's strength and brutality akin to Zarc and fuel Leo's fear for the young boy.

Chapter 4: Nothing really shocking happens, Leo panics for pretty obvious reasons and Yuga interferes with his plans, saving Rin and Ruri, which means the two girls will FINALLY get the screen time the show never gave them! I swear, Yuga, well done there!

And while we're talking of Yuga, I like the fact his self-conscious of his dark side, something none of the other Yu-boys (except Yubi, the Link counterpart which we still have to meet) worry about. Although, I can't recall if that's really the case, but you get my point. It would be interesting to get their opinions on that at some point in the story.

The Duels were nothing special, they do serve as good proof that Leo should tighten his security around the towers though... Also, I liked the reference to Zexal with the Quick-Play Spell that activates from the hand.

I don't know why, but the idea of Zarc just floating there in a spirit form and commenting on things is really funny to me. Something else that was funny was the recreation of Rin's knee-to-gut attack, albeit with Yuga successfully blocking it. I won't lie, that scene always manages to make me laugh. xD

Serena meets a counterpart of hers for the first time here, huh. That creates an interesting situation, where Serena will try to find out more about that and could give her more reasons to hop over to Standard.

Chapter 5: Something I've been enjoying so far is how you decided to handle love and comedy. Even if I sometimes feel it's a little too much, it still manages to make me laugh, so that must mean you did a good job, right?

I'm really glad you tackled Rin's anger to the privileged class and sorted it out. Another thing I've been enjoying so far is how you handle the already existing characters, and the relationship between them as well. For example, we can all agree Yugo attacking Yuga upon sight is pretty accurate.

Then it's revealed Chō Ritual was created by Zarc, which wasn't unexpected when considering he did the same thing with Yuya's Pendulum Monsters. I find it quite ironic how the safest place for the girls right now is beside Yuga, a part of Zarc, someone who hates Ray's guts. But this way they can monitor each other and halt Leo's plans, so it's like a double-edged sword.

We have to give it to Yuga, he knows how to give a speech! Well, I guess that's a must when you're going to become the next king of a Dimension. I didn't expect him to use the championship as means to find strong Duelists for a team, but I'm not complaining. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce new OCs after all. (Crossing my fingers for Dorian to become a member of the team.)

Chapter 6: Among the chapters I've read so far, this has to be my favorite.

We start of with Leo, who's trying his best to keep his plan going, although we can all agree that it will fail in the future, haha. But his choice to dub Yuga the "Blue Demon" is self-explanatory, and a very cool code name at that.

Then we head over to the Link Dimension, and I'll immediately say that Naoki as a commentator is an amazing thing I'm glad I was able to witness. It fits him sooo much! Seriously, well done.

So the Link counterpart is the SON of Ryoken and Aoi!? While I personally don't ship them, I don't mind seeing them together, and to know two of our most iconic characters of VRAINS have a child is amazing. We also meet Link's Bracelet Girl, Kumo, who's a Cloudian user!? I always loved that deck, so I can't wait to see her in action.

I like the origin you gave to the name "Revolver", as well as Yubi's nicknames from his fans. The Dueling action was great, too!

While it felt a little one-sided with how long Yubi's turns were in contrast to Go's, it was still enjoyable. Whip Tail is quite the broken card, being able to complete an Extra Link with its effect and pair so well with Yubi's deck. Creating an Extra Link with Gumblar is especially dangerous, as its Deus Ex Machina effect cuts down your opponent's hand to zero (or by 1 or 2, depending on which effect you use, its irl or anime effect) and burn them for 3000 damage, even on turn one! Not to mention, an Extra Link can lock down certain decks, meaning your opponent can't Yugioh...

That, paired with Yubi's Warfare Dueling, creates for an extremely dangerous combo, which will come in handy in the war, as our characters pointed out.

The way Yubi ended the Duel was epic; I think we already saw someone win in a similar way in a previous series, but I can't recall who... in any case, it also serves as a cool reference to that moment. So next up, we'll see Yuga interact with the Link Dimension's citizens, can't wait to see that.

That about concludes the longest review I've ever written so far! Once again, thank you for spurring me to surpass my usual limits. xD Also... are my eyes deceiving me, or... were these chapters SHORT!? Now THAT was the most shocking thing so far, I'm not gonna lie. My eyes are relieved they didn't die while reading these six chapters. But considering majority of them didn't have Duels, that makes sense.

Considering I've already reviewed chapter 14, I've read half of the story! Although, I should re-read that chapter now that I'm actually following the plot. I'm glad I started reading this, it's been an enjoyable ride so far, and the story itself is good. Not only that, but more Duels will be coming from this point on, so I can't wait to read them. Good luck with future chapters!
1/12/2021 c10 Guest 5
Wow Zarc in this fanfic is a mix of Zamasu and Yuuki Terumi.
5/2/2020 c1 Kim
Another one this chapter.
4/13/2020 c11 7Super Shadow 2018
Well, that was sure a intense duel. But i wish you had Sora win and then have Kumo save him. It would have made him a more serious threat and Yubi could have wowed to improve after that. As for Yuya, i get you dislike him,but in Synchro arc , he gets developed pretty well . Only for his development to get cut short when he reaches XYZ dimension.
You could always develop him yourself and do a much better job. Just slow down with the OC cards, ok ? Nonethless great chapter.
Stay safe and may the force be with you
10/17/2019 c6 Slimslam
I just wanted to say you are right about me and card in the other book we were being childish and not ackting our age so one again I'm sorry I don't know if will I hope he does and thank you for ending something that shouldn't have even began
8/9/2019 c14 Slimslam
Wayne-Hendrix bile throat is fine the way he is and is not over powered it's easy to stop it and I like and I know other readers like it the way it is and please don't change it
8/6/2019 c4 9Wayne-Hendrix
I really like where this is headed. But I kinda think Bile Throat Gishki Dragon is too overpowered lol. not that there's anything wrong with that. Keep up the Good Work!
8/6/2019 c4 Wayne-Hendrix
I really like where this is headed. But I kinda think Bile Throat Gishki Dragon is too overpowered lol. not that there's anything wrong with that. Keep up the Good Work!
8/5/2019 c14 12SakushiRyu
Funny enough, I looked at it already some days ago but didn't finish it. I did so now, and I got to say, both times I got quickly hooked up (to the chapter, I might read the story in the future, but not now when my schedule is pretty full). I wasn't able to fully grasp the plot, but I did understand the Ignis are evil in this one (beyond evil seeing Miyu's... not very nice usage of terms in regards to Aqua) but the Dueling action was incredible. I had to go and re-read some parts (because of some Dueling terms/mechanics which I didn't know of/understood) but it was overall a good Duel. The way it started with Aqua setting up the stage so her victory would be assured at the end, which went unnoticed by Miyu, was also amazing.

The OC cards for both girls were also amazing, it was strange to read Aqua from all Ignis using- well, the same says it- Marine"terror" cards. But in the end, it does fit her theme (because she's WATER and of her character in this story) and her strategy to remember cards she placed back into her deck immediately reminded me of Misaki in Cardfight (in case you don't know of her/it, in season 1 and in a later one which I don't remember the number of, her deck's strategy revolved around placing cards from the top of her deck to the bottom in an order she wished, therefore, once she runs over her entire deck, she knows every card that will come from that moment forward). The idea to look at your deck and not shuffle is OP, but since it's the deck whole theme, it makes it pretty fair (if you do shuffle, how do you expect the deck to function?). The Link Magic you gave her had an interesting effect, I liked it. Moreover, her Link-Up-Magic is very similar to a concept I used in Overdrive as well, although mines are called Rate-Up and so far are only Traps (and it's not like I'm trying to accuse you or anything, the idea to use Rank-Ups on Links is a VERY common idea, and yours is different from mine and not just a total rip-off).

And honestly, I couldn't predict who was going to win until the end. The part with Zarc right there was very funny and finally Crystal Heart made someone win a Duel. Two great things for any Duel. Overall, even with no knowledge of the plot, I enjoyed the chapter.
7/2/2019 c14 Spark782
Please update this story soon the wait is killing me.
6/9/2019 c14 Slimslam
please man update soon this book is great but the waiting is driving me crazy
4/23/2019 c13 Spark782
So when mentioned that the hollow inside of the yu-boys was similar to the visord from bleach did you mean how they are humans introducing on the territory of duel monsters. If so would that mean when they are transforming though their various stages of zarc possession they are becoming more like duel monsters and will eventually break that boundary between the two species. If this is the case that is so cool.
4/19/2019 c14 Jason
Huh after this ai may decide to do guerilla warfare with the enemy.
4/17/2019 c1 Zhengdiana
Love ai in this chapter! Hey I been thinking about ai x Aoi Jr relationship. It really interesting to see an ai and human mate. Of course I’m sure Aoi Jr respect ai based on his word “san” and his harem deck make me wonder if he will get a harem.
Maybe a harem of about 9 girls? And some of them are from links?
Anyway, I was thinking about something since their parallel universe and alternative universe? Can their be alternate timeline? Hey maybe ai can get some girl from diff timeline?
4/17/2019 c14 Siegfried1200 re
One of the thing I like in this chapter are the 10 dragon and how each of them are counters to the yu-boy..
1. Bellarion is like a counterpart to Yuga being the respective leader
2. Lucifimus is like a counterpart to Yubi being a respectable strategist
3. Komaronis is like a counterpart to Yuri with both being incredibly polite
4. Patexis is like a counterpart to Yugo with both being headstrong
5. Vholgar is like a counterpart to Yuto with both being quiet but deadly
6. Syngelor is like a counterpart to Yuji with both being *** addict
7. Taraxes is like a counterpart to Yuya with both being neutral and like theatrics
wiat their 3 more but that one intersting parallel? And the seven dimension felix...
oh and this does not spoil anything anyonr who read could figure it out
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