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for YU-GI-OH! ARC-V2: Dawn of Twilight

12/10/2018 c12 2SoulMatter
Okay, I'm having a headache from the sheer size of this fic and the OPness of the OC monsters. Plus, 7.8/10 Too Much All-Caps.

Overall score: 10/10 Would Totally Reccomend.

It is only ten because of the things I said above.

Keep It Up!

12/10/2018 c12 ZarcEternal
YES! All you people out there he did it again! Haoh Ryu Z-ARC blessed us with another eye-drying chapter! But in all seriousness: I love the duel between Shun and Ruri, its also nice that Yuya abandoned his stupid Entermates. Hope to read more in the near future.
12/9/2018 c2 DARK REQUIEM XYZ
When I see a fanfic with potencial I expect them to met my expectations in the middle-end chapters... You did it in the second one. I LOVE IT! Everything I saw pleased me, I liked the character, I liked the dragon, I like that Yuri lost his plot armor of being invencible, the ideia of real soundtrack was genious and you are considering dumping Leo of the main villan spot (considering how Leo sucks as a villan because of his stupid actions [destroing the dimensions you are trying to unite is a STUPID IDEIA which will cause havoc and deaths, sending your Zarc counterpart to the other dimensions will cause his revival WAY more likely to happen, killing inocent people the revive a kind-hearted person like Ray would make the said person a little DEPRESSED by knowing that she is responsable for the deaths of inocent people and since Leo started a war because of it that makes everything worse and a SHITON of other stuff] this is a great ideia), the only way this fic could get better is if the parasites didn't show up or were good used.

Good luck this is amazing.
11/21/2018 c11 2Germancardfightfan
One thing this chapter kinda brought up, maybe I missed it before, but who are Kumo's parents. Again, mabe you mentioned it, but I couldn't find it and I didn't recognize her last name. Are they canon characters?
11/21/2018 c11 7TheBlazingButterfly777
One question none of them will become one until the last arc right? Especially not yuto during the Miami championship?
11/21/2018 c11 ZarcEternal
Okay I am confused after the Sora Yubi duel, Extra Zone duels but Sora can just spam summon Fusion (okay without Link the others were screwed by this rule) but monsters reviving in the Extra Zone after hitting the GY is a game error. Still nice chapter , knew you couldnt keep the chapter short but atleast it wasnt eyes drying
10/27/2018 c2 torbenefb
why Gishiki over Nekroz?
10/23/2018 c1 3Xander1996
This story...DAMN. Even with the yugioh parte it was just epic, but with Bleach and Fourth Wall Breaks? I just don't nave words for this.
10/22/2018 c10 2Unknowedz
1. Yuto’s reaction to pot of greed makes it seem like it’s a very threatening card like how Yusaku in Canon reacts to Bowman’s link magic: Judgement Arrows.
2. This chapter really took me a few hours to read it (2.5 hours). Actually, I don’t hate it. I’m just surprised at the amount even after the warning of this being a heavy chapter.
3. A very deep backstory of Zarc. Amazing.
4. I was expecting Zarc to defeat mankind flawlessly but in this fanfic, he didn’t and he only barely managed to defeat mankind.
5. Episode 126 Canon does not make any real sense as to why the military did not manage to defeat Zarc. Did they never plan on distraction to just aim for Zarc? No snipers to snipe Zarc down while the dragons are busy? This fanfic fixed that problem.
6. No duel monsters that are loyal to humans besides Zarc? I was kinda expecting some or a weak rebellion between duel monsters who thinks like Ray.
10/22/2018 c10 ZarcEternal
Nothing against big chapters, but man I needed a whole hour reading through all this! And I am a quick reader , but I didnt want to miss any detail. So yeah after reading my eyes dry I must say its a really good story with enough background and originality. Arc-V has many fanfictions that are really good,but this is a Transcending Fanfic in its own regards. So I hope to read the next (hopefully smaller ) chapter anytime soon
10/21/2018 c10 calvin9871
This is intense
10/21/2018 c10 Guest
So there 7 Dimensions.
Pendulum Yuya/Yuzu
Fusion Yuri/Serena
Synchro Yugo/Rin
Xyz Yuto/Ruri
Ritual Yuga/Shiryu
Link Yubi/Kumo
Paragon Yuki/Alexandra
Original Zarc/Ray
Well I hope none of them absorbed each other’s and all of them are mc
10/21/2018 c9 7TheBlazingButterfly777
Who the strongest counterparts in order?
10/18/2018 c9 Tron
Where is chapter 10.
10/6/2018 c9 Sora king
How long will come chapter 10.
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