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for YU-GI-OH! ARC-V2: Dawn of Twilight

9/22/2018 c8 2SoulMatter
I... am speechless. I have never seen a fic so big in just a few chapters... I don't have any problems with you changing focus from Yuya to two OC counterparts, since I honestly didn't like his character (Gonna say it now, Yuto is the best Yu-boy. HANDS DOWN.). Your OC characters are really awesome, and as soon as I get the chance I'll watch those videos you mentioned on the ANs. *sigh* Honestly, I now admire you, for managing to write those huge chapters, and also for publishing your fic. I have many ideas of my own, that I am simply scared to publish. I hope I manage to get the courage to publish them. Anyways, your Ritual and Link dragons are awesome AND badass. Go and have your OCs wreck everything in their paths. And for writing such a piece of art that is this fic, you, my friend, are a badass.

9/19/2018 c1 3Xander1996
This story...DAMN...
9/18/2018 c2 Kai
I like this lot the good guy kick bad guy.
9/15/2018 c7 calvin9871
This is great I look forward for more of this. I can't belive that this was just pulished seven hours ago and with seven chapters!
9/15/2018 c1 Kevin 986
Great story make more as this.
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