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for Charmed and the Cursed Child

2/3/2020 c13 SmallTownWitchGuy
love the chapter write some more
1/26/2020 c12 SmallTownWitchGuy
very good curious to know what is it the Supreme want with Ben i hope you would continue the story love where it going i hope to see more chapters from you real soon
1/25/2020 c11 chimera629
Wonder when the 3 family have more kids or meet up.
Suprised Phoebe didnt summon the book of shadows.
Is the vortex not being used to make them or their wards stronger?
1/25/2020 c10 chimera629
How did he even know they where there. I wonder if the others will have advice for the wards or what they used to ward them selves and how powerful being they will make them
1/25/2020 c9 chimera629
Wow didn't expect her to go that far
1/25/2020 c7 chimera629
So new power if three though honestly Piper kids did seem stronger than them
1/25/2020 c8 chimera629
Always found it a little weird that Wyatt was stronger than Chris even thought leo was and elder when they had him and Piper was probably stronger too.
Is this original Cole or almighty Cole?
Always thought it was a little weird the elder use fire and lighting when ever other being who use those powers are on the darkside
1/25/2020 c6 chimera629
Okay since they're talking about the balance who is the counter to balanced the charmed ones?
Surprised no didn't say humanity automatically equals good considering all the evil humans do.
Cole shouldn have pointed out they had his help in beating the source and infact he's the one that landed the last blow
1/25/2020 c5 chimera629
So are they re evil kids being born to balance these out
1/25/2020 c4 chimera629
So where just going to act like the evil comes from Cole,and like they re agent evil humans and witch's?
So is what happened to Cole a family thing and are his powers under his control now
1/25/2020 c3 chimera629
So if Cole powers are what messed him up and not the sisters rejection in cannon why aren't bill and her sister or that half demon baby Wyatt liked or all dark magic users crazy? For that fact where the balance if having demonic or dark power s makes you evil or crazy yet you can chose if you have light powers
1/25/2020 c1 chimera629
It's amazing how hypocritical the sisters are
1/25/2020 c2 chimera629
Man Paige is rude so are they just going to completely ignore all the timed he saved they're lives or all the times they turned evil or saw themselves evil in the future?
For that fact are they going tobact like even while possessed by the source he didn't save Paige or kill himself while the source possessed him
5/27/2019 c10 Smalltownwiccanguy
very good chapter cant wait to see what happen next looking forward to reading the new chapter from you real soon
2/17/2019 c9 Smalltownwiccanguy
so am loving it keep on writing more chapters i cant believe leo and the sisters did that to the baby and i hope to see more chapters from you real soon
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