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1/18/2022 c42 Pmoneygreen
I’m back, and it’s a shame I missed the ending of this wonderful story, I hope I can deliver something to pitch in these wonderful stories. Continue your amazing stories man.
12/25/2021 c1 wrightm23839-24
Hey. Are you ever going to revisit your old stories. If you are then please say so.I really love the MHA one called My Hero Story. If not the please label it as discontinued.I truly thoroughly enjoy this work of art and how you take the idea of a hero with an unconventional quirk and his struggles.I also love his personality and his character dynamic with his own rivals. If you decide to permanently stop writing in it then that is okay. But I don’t wish to get my hopes up for an abandoned story. Just please label it discontinued or please state it is not otherwise.
12/4/2021 c42 6ScalchopWarrior
Honestly, I didn't expect to be so remembered xP

To begin, I am sorry I'm (checks watch) 6 months late to the end of the story. Life got...hectic, and all the things I was trying to stay up to date on, I ended up falling behind. That, unfortunately, included any fics. So I've been spending the better part of the last two months or so wading through my backlog, excited to see all the brand new content, finally arriving here, today.

What a journey, huh?

Hat in Time on its own is already a tug on the heartstrings for me by the time I finished it; a charming, yet emotional adventure that ends happily, yet still on an open note. So, while I had no expectations the end of this story would be any different, I'm all the more pleasantly surprised that it felt even more emotionally resonant in many ways, most of which I'd chalk up to the stellar character writing. The game already had beloved characters with wonderful personalities, so there was definitely a strong base to build off of. However, what made the character writing truly shine, was the one area of lacking personality in the the original:

Hat Kid

To clear the air; I love Hat Kid, she is adorable and full of life, much more so than most video game protagonists. In fact, I'd likely place her rather high in characterization compared to most, especially for a platformer, not a cutscene-heavy RPG. It's only the incredibly fleshed-out and memorable side cast that makes Hat Kid always feel...slightly less defined. It works in the game and I have no issues with it there. But now, thanks to the medium of words, we have a different kind of story to tell.

Hat gets to be so much more than she ever could be in the inherently limited sphere of a video game. Funny, charming, adorable, yet also still carrying coherent thought beyond "gotta get the Time Piece, lmao chaos" that she mostly comes off of in-game. You've taken the greatest aspects of Hat Kid, combined them with her rare moments of nuance (disapproving of Mustache in the Mafia Hideout, hesitating before leaving in the end), and emerged out a fully formed character who is so much more than she appears at first glance.

And, most importantly, she's not alone.

Characters like Bow, Knit, CC, Boss, Mustache, and the entire rest of the cast that are around her let Hat truly shine through her contrast against others. Mostly by seeing how different she is from those around her can Hat's true nature really become apparent in how she ultimately helps change people for the better. Letting the banter between characters flow is one the easiest ways of characterization, and not in a lazy way either. This is all to say that, through the story's course, Hat went from one of the least interesting aspects of the story to become of the key factors in making it work.

Mustache too is a point of great change; from a character who was once mostly single-faceted on her crusade against the "bad guys" that which, while an interesting change from the norm, didn't really amount to much more than making her more sympathetic in the end. Again, not bad, but through the story, Mustache felt more...complete, her weaknesses and flaws explored more deeply that truly made me want her to succeed just as much as Hat.

Now, you've likely noted a key aspect of the story has been missing from this review so far.

Or, two to be more exact.

Voice is a character that...I didn't know what to make of at first. They seemed to be a villain, support Mustache for some reason I didn't know, they had some really cool (and kinda busted) abilities that made for a sick fight, and they had some big secret. Yet, the further we got into the story, the more clear the intent became; we know the story of Hat and Mustache, and that was never meant to be our clear focus here. The true antagonist, the main enemy of the story has always been Voice and it was till the very end.

But to talk about that, first, we have to discuss parallel universes.

Did I expect to get the Hat in Time Multiverse going into this story?


Would I have this story any other way?

Absolutely fucking not.

To say I was surprised when we began to delve into alternate universes and characters would be an understatement. It honestly makes a lot of sense given the heavy themes of time in the universe (hell, it's IN the name) and after the initial shock wore off, I only found myself increasingly fascinated by its existence.

Using other fics as alternate universes is a move I never saw coming, and one that really motivated me to want to read other HiT stories (since this was my first). It really made the story feel grander than it would have been otherwise. As I said; we know Hat and Mustache's story, so to stick to it would only be rehashing much of the familiar. Instead, we got our eyes opened to a vast and unknown multiverse that can really keep telling stories through the community; a truly endless tale.

The reveal of Voice as the combined dying/vanishing screams of erased individuals was...surprisingly dark, though not in any played up for edginess way. It was treated as it should be; a tragedy of lives gone, people gone without even memories left of most. It really gave their existence a spin, and thus made the plotline's darker tone completely understandable.

And that plotline would be nothing without its second half. All these disparate ideas and developments are largely tied (HA) together by the one and only Tie Brat.

Tie Brat as an idea was something I quite honestly laughed at a bit when I first read the story description. Of course, Hat Kid's companion would have a tie, of course, they'd be cynical and bitter to contrast the bright and cheerful Hat Kid. I quite easily fit Tie into a box early on, comfortable in assuming I knew the kind of character he'd be.

Boy was I wrong.

The word I'd most comfortably use for Tie's development throughout the course of this story would be...sublime. To grow from the bitter, withdrawn person at the start and emerge this snarky, happier, self by the end, and for it to feel so completely natural? There's not much other word I'd really use to describe it.

I honestly don't believe words can capture how well it happened, so I think I won't even try. I can write paragraphs of prose trying to explain the minute changes and developments told by the story, but nothing fulfills it like reading them firsthand does. So, if someone is reading this review instead of reading the story; first of all, wtf. Second of all, do it, now.

TLDR (more like doesn't exist, didn't read): Tie is awesome, greatly developed, and a fantastic foil to both Hat and everyone else around them, as well as tying into the multiverse and providing a strong message about both living and finding one's place in the world.

And...I think that's about all I have to say. Even if this leg is the end, I eagerly anticipate seeing what Tie might do in the future through either a sequel by you, or the infinite expanse of tales from the fandom. There's really no telling what'll happen next, but we'll all see together.

Ah, one last thing:

Critique of Story: Why did I take so long to complete this? Worst part of the experience, to be sure.

That's all though! See you on new frontiers!

10/30/2021 c1 IllusionSign
Hi, could you please update Deltalight?
7/3/2021 c25 Ekin Diep
6/5/2021 c42 francesca.king
6/4/2021 c42 4Mr. Mega1423
It's always bittersweet when something that truly captivates your heart comes to an end.
We all know what it's like, we all felt it when we finished this game for ourselves.
You feel happy, that you were able to experience such a masterpiece, but it also leaves you feeling empty, knowing it's finally over. Done. Finished.
This story is quite possibly one of the best fanfictions... no, one of the best STORIES I have ever read in my life. The characters, the world, the story, everything... it was such a rollercoaster it gives OMORI and Undertale a run for their money.
And, God, those crossovers were so much fun. I loved every bit of them. Thanks for that.
A standing ovation for you, OP. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future.
6/4/2021 c42 Hyp3
Thanks for this story, the last chapter made me cry. I'd been here since chapter 8. So glad I could finish this. Thank you for the adventure.
5/10/2021 c41 dimentio12345
This is one of my favourite ahit fanfics. I just can't wait till the last chapter! The characters were great, and the story invoked some emotions...
5/4/2021 c41 Guest
I have an idea for a yugioh arc v fanfic how about a story that takes place 5 years after the dimensions merged and main character a 12 or 14 you pick the age and the merging of the dimension caused evil beings to come
Can you please make his deck based on the hunters from the duel masters card game
3/15/2021 c41 francesca.king
theres going to be a sequal when this is over right?
3/13/2021 c41 sonicflash78
awesome Chapter loved Tie from start to finish hope Voice appears one last time again to comfort Moustashe if you think about she a tragic villain only wanting to make the world a better place so no one would suffer like she did but got caught up in a power high that made her the bully/bad guy also loved how you fleshed out Hat and the rest of Tie allies also is Voice an Alternative to Tie that always been bugging me due to the being Helper Counterparts to their respective leaders anyway hope to hear more stories from u Opfan
3/13/2021 c41 Guest
12/17/2020 c39 Rally K
Was there a hat that could fire a laser? The closest thing to it that I remember was the brewing hat, and that fired bombs, not lasers.
12/10/2020 c18 E
Oh, so that explains how letters can travel in between dimensions. just ignore my other review/letter
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