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1/13/2019 c4 Guest
That was... that was intense.
I'm glad you are exploring this crueler side of Sirius, because I always kind of felt in the books that he was basically Bellatrix's version of someone on the good side. Mostly sane, but also just sort of off, with little to no empathy.
Like Sirius has HIS people and that's it. Anyone else who isn't can go die for all he cares. And while that's admirable, it also makes him kind of harsh, and cruel. Like he was 16, and literally tried to kill Snape using Remus.
Good story. Will this be an AU? Or it is just gonna tell how Regulus changed into Death Eater Turn Traitor?
10/11/2018 c4 Guest
I have never liked Sirius, bur your version is one of the meannest I have ever read. He is just... too disgusting for words. Cannot blame Rregulus for joining the Death Eaters if that is what he saw from the other side.
10/6/2018 c4 Guest
what the fuck sirius. someone needs to punch him in the face.
9/30/2018 c3 6lilyiseverywhere
Really great chapter
9/30/2018 c3 Lea1985
I Hope Sirius will change on thanks futur...
9/23/2018 c2 Guest

i feel so bad for regulus. i want to give the poor kid a hug.

i'm excited to read remus' pov!
9/23/2018 c2 Lea1985
Good chapter ! Sirius is really..an idiot
9/23/2018 c1 Lea1985
Good start ! I like Regulus Black...

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