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for Devil of the League

9/16 c1 Guest
Today is the 3 year anniversary of this wonderful story.
9/14 c8 Guest
Oh man the idea of Dante meeting the Doom Patrol would be comedy gold. An intense therapy session with Robot Man, Negative Man, Rita and Crazy Jane would've work wonders when he was going through his phase during DMC 2.
9/11 c8 Guest
I think Fate is dropping hints towards the DMC universe and DC universe colliding am I right? I kind of hope so. It would be dope to see Dante set up shop in Gotham or someplace. Till then, I guess he's setting up shop at the JL Watchtower for the time being.
9/11 c8 Guest
I think Zatanna would be a good pick for Dante. Given Zatanna's background as a magician, she has a flair for the dramatics and being stylish like Dante. I'm already imagining them traveling together taking out demons and supernatural beings like Trevor and Sypha (love those two to death). I look forward to seeing them interact. I wonder if John Constantine will make an appearance. this story really excites me, I hope to see an update soon.
9/9 c8 Guest
don't stop the train now, you have a good story going. I think Zatanna would be a good match for Dante (I love me a trevor/sypha type couple, I binged the castlevania series). I'm looking forward to seeing Dante piss off heroes and villains.
9/9 c8 hamizanyunos2000
One thing you need to remember is that New Gods are described as abstract living ideas from a platonic archetypal world by Batman which draws upon Plato's theory of forms"
Imaginary Axis has explained how Darkseid and other New Gods like him are so powerful:
9/7 c6 Guest
Please for the love of god do not give Dante some weird ass superhero name.
9/3 c1 yuuki8260
Vein Bloodborne, I actually dm'd the author a couple of days ago and they still have plans for this story. Since they're in college it will probably be a while until we get updates, but the fact that the author is responding to dms is a good sign we may see something soon. I can't wait!
9/3 c8 1Vein Bloodborne
Fate was talking about Raven, wasn’t he? If you’re still there, please be okay. It would be a shame if a great writer like you were to leave and leave this great work unfinished.

Keep up the good work and stay safe.
9/1 c8 Guest
Dante could steal yo girl (and you’d prolly wanna watch him fuck her), lets be honest
8/27 c8 Guest
What the fuck? A good DMC crossover fic for once? I really like this story so far. I think it is okay to make Dante sexually active with like one-night stands and hook ups. I imagine that will piss off the league (especially Diana lol). A good pairing once Dante settles down should be with Zatanna. I think she’s a good person who will want Dante to be an even better person and wouldn’t let him mope around when not demon hunting. Zatanna is sexy and badass like Lady and Trish, but she can also be a person who Dante canvbe soft with, like how Nero is with Kyrie.
8/23 c8 Guest
Happy 20th Anniversary to DMC. You wanna know an awesome way to celebrate? Update this fic! Lol jk take your time
8/23 c1 Guest
This is really good, keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to all the cool shit Dante’s gonna do in this universe.
8/20 c8 TDNRYCON
My two cents on the whole hook up thing, don't do it. It honestly serves no purpose to the story and to Dante's character. IIRC I think Dante said that he was terrible with the ladies. And as well all learned from DmC:DmC, having sex doesn't equal badass.
8/20 c8 Guest
Don't do hook ups. People on fanfic hate it and will flame the hell outta you if the character doesn't have a committed relationship with everyone they sleep with. It's dumb and the reason there is so many harem stories, it's best just to pick one person and stick with them.
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