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10/17 c33 etoiledor66
Ça fait un moment que tu ne mets plus à jour. J’espère que tu va bien et que tu Arras le temps de finir cet histoire un jour. Il me tard de découvrir qui a volé l’argent, qui est le père de Tyler et comment ça fini avec Lianne et Pam. Au plaisir de te lire bientôt
8/20 c34 Guest
great update to the story. can’t wait for the next chapter.
8/20 c34 emclare
Loving this series from you, looking forward to an update!
8/6 c34 LookingAnswers
I love this story. I pretend this is the true future of Veronica Mars

Waiting for a new chapter
8/1 c34 LoVeRockets1993
Aw, they might have another baby! A third girl or a boy?
I’m pretty sure Logan is not Tyler’s dad but when will Veronica find out the results of the paternity test?
Loved last chapter and V nailing Sean to the wall. She was right, he deserved it. And I very much loved this chapter! The story seems to be gearing up to a payoff. Is it human trafficking? What happened to the cash and the drugs? Can’t wait for V to find out and what she will do when she does!
(Im)patiently waiting for the next chapter!
7/27 c34 11Ginger-Snapp
Ugh, so good. Your capture of the characters is always amazing. I especially love the way you phrased “romantic shorthand” - a great summary of the feeling it evokes. It perfectly suits the character.

Can’t wait for more, but I know you’re busy! I’m just glad to still be seeing chapters!
7/22 c34 Guest
So happy for an update! Can’t wait for more!
7/22 c34 NVMF
So happy for an update! Great chapter! I really like how you explore the different facets of Veronica's life as a PI: research and boring surveillance, navigating tricky interviews, planning the next move. And then her home life that keeps her sane. I do wonder why Veronica seems so convinced that Tyler is Logan's, unless I missed a chapter somewhere with that bombshell.
7/20 c34 Guest
So happy you updated! Please keep updating!
7/20 c34 Mia
So so so happy you updated! It was great!

Did I miss the confirmation that Tyler is Logan's son? Or is Veronica still just assuming?
7/19 c34 etoiledor66
Super! Très heureuse de voir une mise à jour.
7/19 c34 Bella
Pleasant surprise to find in update. Might have to read the series again to refresh my memory
7/19 c34 Guest
Good update.
7/19 c34 20casket4mytears
You're back! Oh, I'm so happy to see this story updated. I may have actually squeed.

Human trafficking - ugh. It's crossed my mind at a few points but I'm with Logan here... I'm feeling a little stabby angry at the thought. Lord help these men if it's confirmed and Logan gets them in a room. Oops. Might just have to test out those fine fighting skills during the apprehension. What a shame.

I'm so glad to see Veronica recognizing that they're solid, but she also really needs to talk to Logan about her feelings and discomfort. She needs to get ahead of that DNA thievery.

On one hand, I'm not surprised Siobhan's on camera... or rather, her car. Because this is you and I take nothing for granted so... I'll just wait and see who's behind the wheel.
7/19 c34 Mandy32381
I'm absolutely thrilled you've come back to continue this story! It literally has made my day! And oh what an excellent chapter it was : )
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