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12/23/2022 c11 Guest
Jesus. Finally an ending that isn't some pretentious depressing angsty "realist" bullshit. As if people weren't going through enough atm already. Thank you for giving this a happy ending.
8/12/2022 c11 ultragunner

Also yeah, 8man will need to do a massive shit cleaning affer this. I'm almost disappo8nted in not having to see snippets of an epilogue where 8man reveals that he was bitter about "not getting what he wanted out of L & C", but then has to apologize to all those listening to his speech because he finally did get his dose of Love, now all they need is to get some Coffee together. Although I guess this means I get to make whatever epilogue I want from this, which includes Rumi's happy ending as well.
8/4/2022 c11 8ProfessorZooms
Its a wonderful story, but I do have one nitpick. Japan and the USA is across the Pacific. Not the Atlantic. Other than that, it was pretty enjoyable.
7/24/2022 c11 6straightlycurved
I've been reading this story as it's been updated for as long as I've consumed animanga content. This is truly the zenith of what a derivative work can be.
7/24/2022 c1 Godzilla is the goat
the reviews are longer than the story itself ️️️
7/24/2022 c11 CMY187
(Part 2 of my review of Chapter 11)

“He’s me, for god’s sake!”
…Hachiman. This is only going to make the crazy stalkers become more obsessed and rabid. I pity Yukino now. She’s going to have to fend them off with mace, tazer and even a cricket bat.
“that stupid home interview”
I’ll bet Saki is feeling very smug right now.
“there’s only one person I wanted to read Love and Coffee”
Hachiman is ultimately a romantic at heart.
“Ponkan 8 had looked scandalised”
“never felt so horrified, and yet strangely proud”
Don’t ever lose that one, Hachiman. Yukino may be your lover, but Katsomoto is your REAL partner.
“Oh, screw this. Enjoy the exhibition”
So how many attending fans paused for a moment, then said, ‘Best. Day. Ever’?
“glaring daggers at Hachiman”
Someone needs to arrange a legal boxing match with protective headgear for Ponkan 8 and Hachiman.
“Then consider this an abuse of my fame”
(shrugs) Why not? You got power, use it.
“A place that was my possession, and mine alone. Just for me”

‘Perhaps I was happiest at Tilsit…I found myself victorious, dictating laws, having emperors and kings pay me court.’
- Napoleon, in exile on St. Helena.

“I always fall back into the same…Even when I’ve put in so much effort”
Yukino is a person who is in pain.
“What was it that woman said?”
This made me smile. If not for Rumi…
“rambling and indulgent. It carried on for over half an hour”
There was no way that he was going to top Hachiman’s speech.
“raised his arms, smirking”
I love this so much.
“if I really needed you…You’d be there”
Interesting. Makes me curious to learn more about their relationship.
“I could find a new editor. A better one”
Also, please let the editor be Iroha.
“watched, entranced”
Can’t blame him.
“A thought occurred to him”
Oh, poor Katsomoto. The man’s work is never done.
“They had reconnected over the gift”
Wait, what?
“At last, Hachiman noticed”
This is so hilarious.
“Are you dating Hayami Saori”
“It’s nothing. Just some idiots following me”
We need more stories in which Hachiman is a celebrity.
“requested impolitely that others move”
I’m smiling so much now.
“the infamous dream sequence, one of the most explicit, discussed and controversial scenes of Love and Coffee”
Yep. That one scene is probably talked about more than all the other scenes of L&C combined. Hachiman stubbornly refuses to reveal anything about the background and upbringing of his protagonist Etsuji.
“How many times had he described this woman before him?”
And now he will be in a relationship with her, and learn everything else about her, good and bad.
“Being real was the most beautiful thing she could be”
I’m very curious, GOF, of how you would write a relationship between Hachiman and Iroha.
“One picture, and I’ll leave you alone!”
This person clearly doesn’t care about Hachiman. They just want the photo for bragging rights.
I personally just cannot understand selfies. You take a photo of something so you can remember it. Unless there is a practical purpose for it, why take up half the photo with your own face?
“Are you really so high and mighty”
You, sir, are an idiot.
“Thank you…For Love and Cofee”
…and now I’m smiling again. Even in this story, the Service Club lives on.
“both not entirely sure they weren’t dreaming”
I thought of a previous story you wrote in which Hachiman and Yukino are going through the last days of their relationship as lovers. In my opinion, a relationship with Yukino might (emphasis on ‘might’) be more difficult for Hachiman than one with Yui, Saki or Iroha.
“Oh. It’s Katsomoto-kun”
I say again; the real hero of this story.
“cursed his editor’s very existence”
You love him, Hachiman. You’re not fooling anyone.
“gave him a dirty look, and then stepped aside”
I can tell that you were proud to write this chapter, as you should be.

“this is a fan-fiction about writing fan-fiction”
It’s no coincidence that you are the best Oregairu fan-writer, GOF.
“Is it the best thing I’ve written? Probably not”
A Doll’s Eyes. Yes, that is my very biased opinion. It’s my favorite Oregairu fanfic after all. I’m miffed that there aren’t more people who were inspired to write their own serial-killer-hunter-Hachiman stories. My Psychological Crime Thriller SNAFU is awesome by the way.
“He even wrote his own spin-off”
Something I said that became a signature for someone else on Spacebattles: Omakes are evidence that a story has truly captured the hearts and minds of its readers.
I’m hoping for an unofficial sequel to Unmade. (looks at GOF) …I am highly tempted to try to nudge you with my elbow. Don’t blame me for this. It’s your fault for being an awesome writer.
“You’ve been a big help”
Thanks to RAfan2421!
“While the Snow Fell”
Yui is adorable as Yukino’s handmaiden.
"Time for a new chapter"
Thank you so much for this story, GOF.
7/24/2022 c11 1CMY187
This is such a Yukino thing to write. She really is a protagonist in her own right. It’s no wonder that Hachiman grew to love her. (looks at Yui, Iroha and Saki) Don’t know why, but I keep imagining Yui as a journalist who keeps putting herself into dangerous situations for the sake of a story, much to the stress and anxiety of her bosses and/or colleagues. Now I’m imagining Yui’s boss pleading with her not to go talking to a notorious alleged Yakuza chairman.
“Five years since my last entry”
She may had found something that served as a good substitute for her diary.
“Why did they steal it?”
I wonder how Yukino would deal with a stalker. Now I’m imagining Private Investigator-Hachiman meeting Yukino for the first time while investigating the Yukinoshita family.
“an appalling amount of mundane repetition”
A journal or diary would probably help in keeping track of one’s actions, decisions and progress. Yukino seems to believe that she would not have accomplished much in five years.
“People’s lives are only so exciting, and mine is no exception”
(looks at Iroha writing about The Shark of Chiba in A Doll’s Eyes) She really struck gold there, didn’t she?
“a tired actor who has performed Macbeth one too many times”
I wonder which role would be best suited for Yukino in Les Miserables.
“proof, however, arbitrary, that they were weak”
There is nothing cowardly about seeking help, Yukino.
I wonder if adult-Yukino would have decided to see a therapist. I personally doubt it.
“how much I have changed since then, and improved myself”
I love that Hachiman’s L & C light novel series has apparently helped so many people…yet nobody hates the series more than its own author.
And perhaps that is why L&C is so well-written; Hachiman is his own worst critic.
“That pathetic, miserable excuse for a human being”
Self-loathing. (looks at Hachiman, Yui and Hayato) Hm. (looks at Saki and Iroha) Those two don’t have a problem with Hachiman being the way he is.
And now I want to read a story in which Yukino and Iroha are a buddy cop duo.

Iroha: ‘I need you to represent me. I did not commit this crime for which I am being charged.’
Yukino: ‘No. But you are guilty of other crimes.’

“those who don’t know the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them”
Hm. Napoleon studied Charles XII’s invasion, and Hitler studied Napoleon’s.
Personally, I feel that history is going to repeat anyway. People just find new ways to lie to others and to themselves. It’s not slavery, it’s serfdom. It’s not stealing, it’s nationalizing.
“my own mistakes”
Half the people in the world refuse to acknowledge nor learn from their own mistakes. Yukino is not among that 50 percent.
“wishing that the dream would return”
Yukino finds herself in a Disney movie.
“the tangible feeling of reality”
If you want something, Yukino, go for it. Let nothing stand in your way. Don’ resolve to do it later. Start today.
“something about the end of an affair”
“the urban sprawl all around her”
I wonder how much more well-known/famous Chiba has become thanks to the L&C series. GOF, there is so much that can be done with this setting alone; Hachiman being a wildly, even ridiculously successful light novel author. Heck, in this story he is probably considered to be one of the best living authors in the world.
“her hotel in Tokyo”
I wonder where Yukino’s life has taken her in this story. By the way, GOF, I really, really that – assuming you have not seen it already – you’d watch Better Call Saul.
What if Iroha had decided – of all professions – to become a lawyer? And what if Yui decided to follow in Yukino’s footsteps and to become a lawyer as well?

Saki: (to Iroha) ‘I’m pretty sure that woman you defended was guilty.’
Iroha: ‘I don’t know what you are talking about. She was cleared of all charges.’
Saki: ‘Funny how the evidence for the case disappeared before it could be used in court.’
Iroha: ‘What evidence? This is the first I’m hearing of such a thing.’
Saki: ‘Of course.’

(looks up) There was no way that Iroha was not going to become my favorite character of Oregairu.
Anyone who accuses Iroha of being a criminal would be lambasted for it. Iroha is a former Student Council President, an upstanding high school and university student, and a respected and well-liked attorney!
“a set of unwanted associations”
I wonder how many cafes have tried to promote the L&C series to draw more customers. A maid café owner in Japan tells one of her employees to put on a wig and dress like Kagami, then goes to break up an argument between two other employees about who is Best Girl of L&C.
Seriously, GOF, you could just write the L&C series itself and I’d read that. I say again; too much potential.
“made an internal promise to herself”
Why is it so important to her that she must add a new diary entry prior to meeting Hachiman?
“seeking out the person who had inspired her”
I can only imagine the numerous speculations and rumors that will arise due to Hachiman being seen in public with Yukino. One such rumor may be that he was actually married the whole time and kept it a secret due to clearly being a very private person.
“Japan had always maintained an element of the fairytale to her”
Huh. Interesting.
Also, now I’m imagining Hachiman being bored out of his mind in Bruges.
“having left at the age of three, America was all she knew”
Ok, this is an awesome detail. Yukino having grown up in the States? There are so many stories that can be written with that premise alone.
“undoubtedly looked at through rose-tinted glasses”
A Yukino who’s grown up in the USA. I love this story.
“the prospect of life in Japan was contrived to be an idealised opposite”
Somehow, I suspect that were he to move to America, Hachiman would have a very dramatic and interesting life. Now I’m trying to imagine him graduating from Sobu High and somehow finding himself in an American university.
“this thief of her diary”
“similarly idealised? Similarly fake?”
And then she finds that he is a MASSIVE JERK. And loves him for it.
In Oregairu, Yukino’s first impression of Hachiman was negative, and she was genuinely angered and outraged upon learning of his beliefs and convictions. Over time, however, the rivalry she has with him grows into love. There is a reason for that.
“She had barely moved from her spot on the couch the whole day”
(looks at Saki and Hachiman in A Doll’s Eyes) …Saki never had a chance. Even without them being former classmates, Hachiman is easily the most interesting person in her life at that point (if I’m not wrong). It’s no wonder that she keeps visiting and interacting with him. In my opinion, in A Doll’s Eyes, there is no way that she is not going to, I dunno, tail him to a crime scene and/or another spot of investigation, insert herself into the investigation, and just start helping and assisting him without his consent. She’d show up at his apartment door one day, hand over a few sheets of paper and say that she’s gone over some financial reports of a company that Hachiman is investigating…and that she also followed a suspicious employee to a suspicious place, and gives Hachiman the location.
“over and over again, in vain”
Hachiman is simultaneously one of the most famous and reclusive authors in the world. How many people doubt that he even exists?
“get in touch with their sister”
I love that Komachi is responsible for this. Of course she’d want to do something to help Hachiman.
“His sister had believed her story”
Komachi is just like Hachiman. I wonder what sort of novel series she would have written.
“The name reverberated in her mind”
Inspector Kudou learns that a suspect had recently turned himself in and confessed to his crimes, then says to Hachiman, ‘What did you do?’
“full of cynicism, of gruff disillusionment”
I am smiling so much thinking of the fans whom Hachiman snarled and cussed at in this chapter. They would probably respond to inquires by saying that it turns out that Hachiman is EXACTLY like his own main character Nagatomo Etsuji.
…huh. Have there ever been cases where the author themselves provided the voice of their protagonist/main character in an anime?
“speak they had. For hours on end”
This made me smile.
“This f-king Love and Coffee anime”
Oh my God, that anime is going to be a rousing success. If anything, Hachiman’s speech (which by the way makes me think of Rick Sanchez’s speech at Bird Person’s wedding) may have only increased the hype for it.
Now I’m wondering how much improv would be in the anime. I love that the KonoSuba anime is able to have funny moments that were not in the light novels thanks to improv.
“The guy who does the Love and Coffee art”
I immediately feel sympathetic for whoever that guy is. He either loves his job very much or he absolutely loathes and hates it. No in-between.
“Plus I had to rant at Komachi”
She put him on ‘mute’ and hummed a tune while doing her chores, didn’t she? Komachi clearly has no remorse nor regret for what she did.
“but still, that needed to be done”
You’re just a jerk, Hachiman.
“Logistically that seems adequate”
Yukino is adorable. Dammit, I want her and Saki to be a buddy cop duo. Actually, I want Saki to be one-half of a buddy cop duo with everybody. I still say she and Hayato would make one hell of a formidable pair of cops. And NO, for the last time to all colleagues, associates and family members, she and Hayato are NOT dating, and in fact she has no romantic interest in him at all!
(looks up) Huh. Honestly, I think a platonic friendship with Saki would do Hayato a lot of good. He’d probably appreciate being around someone who wouldn’t fawn on him all the time nor be constantly trying to impress or one-up him.
Oregairu just has too much potential, doesn’t it? I’m still hoping to find a story where Hayato is a policeman. Imagine him interrogating a suspect. (I firmly believe that were he to be isekai’d to the world of Danmachi, Hayato would love and enjoy being an adventurer)
“I’ve heard it’s gonna be packed”
Oh yes. An exhibition for artwork for the anime for L&C? A lot of people are definitely going to be there.
“this person’s cold hard grip on her heart”
Hachiman is so dangerous. I’ll bet that in A Doll’s Eyes, Saki often tries and fails to stop thinking about him.
“this stupid Ponkan 8 exhibition”
The artist is not paid nearly enough for their work, are they? Honestly, working for Shogakukan probably became hellish after L&C became a worldwide success. How many new employees have they had to hire…?
The REAL hero of this story. Seriously, dude is the world’s best editor. Shogakukan better be paying him a fortune for his work.
“designated Hachiman-sitter”
I can imagine Katsomoto giving advice to other celebrity-managers.
“I haven’t looked this neat and tidied up in months”
Thanks, Saki.
“a not too shabby suit”
Hachiman should dress like Kiryu Kazuma, the manliest of men. Who also keeps losing at Pocket Racer.
“How embarrassingly vain is that?”
Appearances matter, Hachiman.
“about the speech I have to give”
I wonder what Etsuji’s monologues are like.
“my complete lack of a speech to deliver”

‘Uh, hi everybody. I’m Rick. You know, when I first met Birdperson, he was (trail off) (crumple up notes) (Ad-lib)’
- Rick & Morty.

“I did not come close to writing the speech I was supposed to prepare”
Jesus Christ, Hachiman is so difficult to work with.
“came in clutch, anticipated my incompetence, and wrote me an outline”
Katsomoto is the best.
“with which I will get on stage and then promptly ignore”
I love that Katsomoto was not very surprised that Hachiman ignored the script he was given.
“I suppose I’ll pay some sorta credit to Pankan 8”
This is Hachiman talking. If he’s saying this about Ponkan 8, their work must be amazing.
“like he’s a proper, legitimate artist or something”
Y’know, at some point, someone at Shogakukan is going to punch Hachiman in the face and he would one hundred percent deserve it.
“I suppose I could mention what my favorite of his illustrations is”
Yes, I suppose you could, Hachiman.
This version of Hachiman is hilarious, but I doubt that I would want to meet him in real life.
“our intrepidly s-t protagonist”
“tells her that she isn’t alone. And they embrace”
So how many people squealed or screamed when they first read that scene?
“his impressive collection of crap”
Hachiman is the best part of this story.
“Do my eyes deceive me?”
Hachiman is this story’s Gregory House and Katsomoto is the James Wilson.
“bought without bothering to ask”
Bribing Hachiman with caffeine. Kinda sounds like drug dealing, honestly.
“Is the real you inhabiting a teenage girl”
What light novel series have you been reading, Katsomoto?
“from rural Gifu Prefecture”
That’s awfully specific.
“Your Name isn’t the only body swap anime”
I’ve got to get on with reading Your Throne. So far I’m only at Chapter 3.
“and insulted approximately four people. Par for the course”
This story is making me smile so much.
“never went on dates”
Episode Title: Iroha Blackmails Hachiman Into A Date (Always Sunny theme plays)
“rolled his eyes”
I wonder how Katsomoto has managed to last this long without physically assaulting Hachiman.
“We both know you’re not writing your speech”
He knows Hachiman too well by this point.
“What reputation?”
I love that he can give as good as he gets. I wonder if in his own way, Katsomoto is just as much of a jerk as Hachiman.
“An ending you’d both prefer”
I wonder what it would be like if instead of a light novel series, Hachiman becomes the author of a visual novel.
“Just try to be honest”
Okay, everything that happens next is entirely Katsomoto’s fault.
“I’m sure she’ll love that”
This line made me think of Broken Glass.
“Fine. I’ll give you honest”
Man, Hachiman is such a jerk here. Becoming a famous and rich celebrity has only made him even worse than he was before.
“The hype…had been in effect in months”
I’m smiling so much that my face hurts.
“the queue of fans”
I suspect that many of them weren’t even all that surprised at Hachiman’s ‘speech’.
“lively discussions of the light novels”
GOF, I hope that your works would become more popular on the Spacebattles website. Also, I’m currently reading and following Oregairu fanfics on the Questionable Questing website.
“upcoming KyoAni adaptation”
I hope there are animes of L&C that do not strictly follow the light novels. Like the two animes for the Full Metal Alchemist series (watched both in full and can barely remember much of either. FMA just isn’t for me)
“Some were even dressed up in cosplays”
I love Japan.
“just as exciting as the exhibition”
Shogakukan knew when they forced Hachiman to give a speech that he’d hate every second of it. They probably did it to sell tickets and also just to spite the guy. It’s what I’d do.
How much did you laugh while writing Hachiman’s speech, GOF?
“Why does it sometimes feel like I’ve been waiting for you so much longer than five years?”
This line made me both smile and feel sad.
“he replied, sounding bored”
He’s not paid enough to care.
“another girl with long black hair”
Rumi-Rumi! Always great to see her in any Oregairu fanfic.
“a cutesy outfit which didn’t seem to suit her rather doll-like exterior”
Why do I suddenly want to blame Kawasaki Keika?
By the way, GOF, I’ve watched the entirety of Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. Not a big fan of it, but I like the two main characters. I wonder what the Service Club would think of Misaki.
“are you a fan of L and C?”
I love that it is Rumi who speaks to Yukino first.
“so by that logic”
(sigh) That’s our Yukino. She CAN be charismatic, but most of the time she isn’t.
“It helped me to understand something. Something in my life that I hadn’t understood before”
This made me smile so much. And yet the author hates his own series and hates his fans for loving it.
Honestly, when you get down to it, L&C is really about pain.
“my partner works here, at the venue”
Wait, what?
“It’s not a date. It’s too strange for that”
Rumi is not stupid. She’d later learn of Hachiman being seen with a woman and may put two and two together.
“what L and C helped me with”
I hate you, GOF.
“for some reason, we kept on coming up with excuses for why we couldn’t be together”
Still hate you, GOF.
“Someone you don’t want to let slip away”

‘Grab hold of her. Wrap your arms around her. Breathe her in. Feel her strength inside your own. And never, ever, ever let her go.’
- The Boys comic series.

“offered her a small wave”
Goodbye, Rumi. Go forth and be the protagonist of your own story. Not a hero. Protagonist.
“on all of these white walls, in every room”
You can tell that a lot of effort went into preparing this exhibition.
“working together reluctantly”
This made me laugh so hard.
“on their science project”
Why do I get the feeling that Etsuji and Mei were simultaneously highly successful and horribly failing in that project?
“her controlling sister”
Interesting. I am very curious of what Yukino thinks of Midori.
“the artist himself, Ponkan 8, looking smug as anything”
Goddammit, GOF, stop making me smile so much!
Please tell me Ponkan 8 can be just as mean and spiteful as Hachiman. I’d love for them to trade insults back and forth, and for it to end with Hachiman deciding that he likes the guy.
“an overly cutesy pink beret”
Rumi is a strange person.
“I don’t care about the f-king speech outline”
You laughed a lot while writing this chapter, didn’t you GOF?
“waving the paper in Katsomoto’s face”
That blogger Eisuke was right on the money when he said that Hachiman has got to be one heck of a sour egg to create a character like Etsuji.
I re-read Chapter 4, and I love that L&C has been so successful in both Japan and the West. Just imagine all the crossover fanfiction…
…Etsuji in Hogwarts. Oh my God. That guy would absolutely infuriate Severus Snape. He’d respond to Severus’ bullying-of-children by being even more petty, cruel and spiteful than he usually is.
Also, still love that there are over 20,000 fanfics for L&C.
“No, Emperor Naruhito. Of course Yukinoshita-san!”
And now Emperor Naruhito is sad that his copy of L&C Vol 4 is not going to be signed.
“the fantastic Kyoto Animation have been hard at work”
Cut to the animators and voice actors being run ragged, being yelled at and yelling at each other.
“before we hand over to the man of hour himself, Ponkan 8”
I love this story too much.
“Everyone in the crowd…were staring at him”
“the admiration, the adoration”
Honestly, Hachiman’s behavior at the exhibition is only going to make his fans’ behavior EVEN WORSE.
…is Yukino going to be receiving death threats and hate mail?
“a long-term relationship now, tired, breaking down, passionless”
Ooh. That hurt.
“He tapped the microphone”
No wonder it took you so long to write this chapter, GOF. Too many pauses-to-laugh needed. And my God was the wait worth it.
“Thank everyone again and hand over to”
I’m so sorry, Katsomoto…but you KNEW that everyone would have been disappointed if Hachiman had given a boring and generic speech.
“put his head in his hands”
You’re not an idiot, Katsomoto. Be honest; you knew this was going tohappen.
“It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened”
Considering how cynical Hachiman is about love…
“the biggest waste of space I’ve ever known”
Psychiatrists around the world are going to have a field day examining this speech.
“Love and Coffee is s-t!”
Honestly, I really do believe that a LOT of fans would actually be happy to learn that Hachiman dislikes his own series.
“It’s poorly structured, poorly conceived and poorly written”
I’m laughing so hard here. I’ll bet Yukino is already in love.
“a hundred ‘Oohhhhhs’ of understanding spread through the audience”
…oh my God. He’s trying so hard to make them hate him, to turn them against his novel series, when in truth he is doing the opposite. It’s like that scene in Monty Python & The Life of Brian.
GOF, thank you so much for this story.
“He’s me, for god’s sake!”
…Hachiman. This is only going to make t
7/23/2022 c1 5Jiraphie
I can't tell if my watery eyes are from emotion or the fact that it's 4am and I read this entire story in one sitting without my glasses on.

There are many aspects of this story that warrant praise, but my favorite thing is how you repeatedly, masterfully described the way LC affected people and their lives. You perfectly portrayed how Oregairu and some other media shaped who I am now, and why I appreciate said media, even though I can now see their flaws.

I loved adult Hachiman. He was pretty sad, but also funny in a way that's sort of sad. Oh yeah, Komach scenes. Komach scenes are always good.

I also find it funny how "honest" was used a lot. I can think of another word that's pretty similar to that, lol.

I really liked this story. And even though I'm pretty sure I'm too young to fully appreciate it, I was provided quality reality-escaping, obligation-ignoring, procrastination material and I'm sure that a lot of concepts and scenes in this story will live rent-free in my head for a good amount of time.

Thanks for this. I'm looking forward to Pink and Blue's conclusion.
7/23/2022 c11 16Perfectcell69
This might be the end of an era, the same feeling I had when watching the end of Evangelion. This is more like 3D art than literature, hard to say if it makes it better or worse. The characters are wildly inconsistent compared to the canon but in a believable way given their in-story circumstances, far more so than your other works. Thank you for this fiction.
7/22/2022 c11 2PrestineVagueness
Thank you for writing this story. That's all I can say.
7/22/2022 c1 Guest
Somehow i feel the aithor really likes noir stories and is possibly a bif fan of cowboy bebop
7/22/2022 c1 Guest
The hachiman in this story is probably my least favourite version. It takes every little flaw bro has and magnifies it 10 fold. He grew up to be the quite literally the worst version of himself. The way he's always melodramatic in canon becomes full on self inflicted depression. Objectively there is nothing really wrong in his life, yet he forces himself to be pathetic just because he's too narrow minded to think outside his inner pity party. The presence of yukino in canon forcing some character growth into him
7/22/2022 c11 Snafyu
Smooth rumi fic references
7/22/2022 c11 Calo Lee Candame
Thank you, what a wonderful ending.
7/22/2022 c11 ProfitSample
I'm at a loss for words. I honestly don't know what to say about this chapter, other than the fact that this was a loved this fic. Good job GOF. I honestly didn't think you'd finish this, and I think I can safely say that most of us didn't, but you did, so I guess you could say you really showed us all, lmao. Again, good job, and good luck with Pink and Blue.

On a side note, I cannot agree more with the guest below me. Stories are just that, stories. I don't understand why so many insist that the only ones worth contemplating are the ones that capture 'the harshness reality, exactly as it is'. Some of those people honestly give me the impression that they would buy themselves a Lamborghini for the sole purpose of getting themselves a hundred thousand dollars in debt *just* to experience more of that 'harshness', but I digress. In my opinion, stories only strictly *need* to have an illusion of realism.

I don't give a shit that there's a one in a million chance that this would happen. I don't give a shit that someone like the main protagonist would, in reality, fail miserably. As long as the author can maintain the reader's suspension of belief, it's not a problem at all that a story isn't just a sequence of the most likely, realistic events. As long as it's a fun story, reality can go fuck itself.
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