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for There's Got to be a Morning After

3/3 c4 18WolfishMoon
Lily's Wizard [insert infamous pseudo communist here]s are going to be the death of me I s2g.

Fun read, as always!
1/22 c4 Guest
My fav side fic. I want more chapters. I love this so much.
1/22 c4 CaptainDistraction
My adoration for your work cannot be overstated. This is no exception. Though I dread the inevitable delays another story may cause your larger schedule I cannot help but desire more of this one. I was cackling so much this chapter that I terrified my cats!
1/16 c4 ROTH963
Congratulations Lily!
1/14 c4 GreatT'Phon1of4
Fudging hilarious. Haha. "Hey, ur gonna get hitched in a few months lol" "thx 4 ur noble sacrifice, isn't it great!"
...nothing bad could EVER come of this. Nice knowing you Fudge. (/-)/*:︎ (x_x)
1/14 c4 AntaresBlackFerz
LMAO I loved it
New spin on the « marriage pact » trope, it’s hilarious and I hope this gets at least another chapter someday !
Thanks for writing !
1/14 c4 Mernom
A bit off topic, but I kinda want a story when Lily gets angry enough to decide to stop just taking shit from people.
I get that it stands contrary to years of being conditioned to being a servant by the adaptive family (I never really remembered the spelling of their name), but even that can break eventually.
1/14 c4 gbi123
lol lily should just become the next dark lord/lady it will be so funny omg. i can not update
1/13 c4 ELinkA
Great chapter, thank you!
1/13 c4 2Andante825
Oh my god, this made my whole day (and it was already a great day!). I love this rollercoaster of an AU so much and hadn’t expected another installment. Brava, and I hope we get a gorgeously saccharine wedding scene!
1/13 c4 Chryseum
This proves Harry Potter is a dystopia world, Muggleborns have no rights, children even less so if they don't have pureblood parents backing them, Purebloods rule the ministry that Slytherin purebloods can get away with doing whatever they want and the only major newspaper is bribed by the rich to make lies and ruin peoples lives or the journalists are just cruel and malicious anyway.
1/13 c4 1The Hidden Library
This is perfection and I need more. I also wanna smash Fudge's face with an icicle. God, I hate him.

Also, Wizard Trotsky is hilarious and resourceful. He also just never knows when to give up.

I need more of this if you please.
1/13 c4 Crobhdearg
I have died of laughter. This is me. Dead. Thank you.
12/3/2020 c3 The Hidden Library
I'm exploding from laughter and disbelief and general craziness.

Lenin wants to use his relationship with Lily to wreck Dumbledore. GENIUS!

Also, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE write ONE MORE CHAPTER with reactions of her friends and Dumbledore and all of them! And maybe another with her date with Trotsky. That's all I ask!
12/3/2020 c2 The Hidden Library
My favorite part of this is Trotsky. I could literally SEE him, all messy-like, talking to her like she's some celebrity he's obsessed with, asking for a date, then teleporting her to Lenin and leaning against whatever he's leaning against and saying that he'll be waiting for that date.
I just love Trotsky now.
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