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5/8 c9 Han-Daewi
Oh noice reference... As all things should be x)
4/27 c13 Guest
Tbh, it's very unfortunate if this fanfic don't get any update
4/23 c13 Guest
I hope this still gets updated
4/8 c7 mlgdethpool
IF your gonna Do Flash Backs then make it A separate from this so you dont have to constantly stop midway through the story unless the flashback is important just make a separate spin off series of what he did in those 1k years before cannon
4/8 c5 mlgdethpool
I see what your doing there your making demon bois Aspect of the devil similar to prototypes mass Forms for ex. tendril hand and b
hammer fist
4/2 c2 BigRig2.0
What a pathetic MC
3/28 c13 RD1504
This is best crossover and detailed story i ever read, The overpowered mc, and has different POV from other characters make it perfect.
So i hope you can consider continuing to write this story
3/22 c13 Ghost Dragon Master
This is a good story. Very few Overlord crossovers that don't have Momonga as the main character that is even a quarter as good as this fanfic
2/18 c13 Wolf1806
I love the story man cant wait for the next chapter ,Also I want to ask is gabriel,serafall,and the fallen angel in the harem
2/6 c13 Re Lovely Lover
Well crap. I thought this notice was the last chapter. Well I hope this story continues.
2/4 c12 NedStark
I confess I really don't like the idea of Magnus and Babylon becoming allies with biblical factions, perhaps at most a neutrality agreement. I much prefer him to make an alliance with divine pantheons like Hindu, Egyptian, Mesopotanic / Assyrian / Babylonian, Taoist / Buddhist. It would be much better for the gods and other races to form an alliance, as a divine army to fight against the khaos brigade and other beings who want to destroy the world. Good chapter, I hope you update the fanfic soon, it is one of the few good ones left on this website.
2/4 c13 Dannns
I need more chapters of this awasome fanfic!
1/28 c13 Time's Avatar
it's all fine
1/22 c13 ReizoXZ
No worries, but please continue the Akame/Doom crossover! it's so freaking good.
1/21 c12 PasiveNox
oooooh nice attacks from yggdrasil
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