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5/12 c13 Freetimedude77
Update please.

I need more for summer vacation reading.
4/5 c9 Guest
Uwaa... I really like the Thanos reference in this chapter, somehow it really suits for Magnus
3/30 c13 s.k.f.f.f
interesting story, but so far i can say **** the devils and i hope they get destroyed.
3/17 c3 dukkeh216
Alright.. so you just expect your readers to remember 20 OC characters that you pulled out of nowhere at the same time?
3/9 c13 Sectrooper
Have you considered doing a Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Altered I would like to see that
3/8 c1 Crainium9
That expose sucked
3/4 c4 2GoMagikarp
I'm... confused. Before (not sure if it was last chapter or not) Magnus said he wanted to be low key about his dealings with the various factions. Now, suddenly, for no apparent reason, he not only wants to be as showy as possible and make a grand entrance, again I have no idea why, but he's bringing all his wardens with him despite doing nothing of the sort for more than a thousand years.
3/4 c5 Dayside
He's been in this world for so long but hasn't tried to find a way to go to other worlds to sate his lust for exploration?
3/4 c3 Dayside
You really missed an opportunity with the timeskip. All the interesting stuff happens before canon
3/4 c1 Dayside
Level 500 is such bull shit. You'd be absolutely fucking invincible.
3/3 c3 Heero05
Way too many characters to introduce in a single chapter. Never introduced more a few characters at a time. Other than that, the story is going well so far.
3/1 c4 RunOnSentences
Wayyyyy too strong smh.
2/28 c13 johnfanon05
It's great and all but when are we going to see the Continuation of the Transformers/Avengers crossover Till All Are One?
2/27 c13 3rick12
Well, that was nice.

Magnus gave Kuroka the details of the deal he wants to make with her that will benefit both of them. He tells her that the Khaos Brigade don't care if she lives or dies. She needs time to think about it, so Magnus leaves her to give her time.

Magnus thinking that another player is here in this world, due to those summoned beings. The Devils trying to make sure that they don't fuck up with trying to show that they've changed for the better. They better pray that Rias and her peerage doesn't fuck up.

Magnus meeting with one of his Wardens to think about what to do next.

Good chapter, man. Hope to see more~.
2/26 c13 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and what will happen to issei when he screws up
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