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8/13 c48 Rezhan Shadow
Well now, it’s been quite awhile, quite a long while indeed, since last I left a review, hopefully I have not lost whatever touch I have as far as I am able to tell you are still on quite the roll on your end good sir. That being said, as much as I’d like to get more in depth and deal with all that I’ve missed with a close up look, I unfortunately cannot do so, thus will have to settle with a more general overview.

First off a lot has happened, quite a lot has happened from where we first started this journey. Avery has come far compared to the individual he once was when all of this had started, still it is undeniably still him. It’s still Avery we have come to know and somewhat love. As pathetic as running away may be from his troubles, let us not forget that he is not some valiant protagonist with a heart of gold with a will of unwavering fire burning within, he is a teenage boy, or rather a young adult who has lived a relatively simple and somewhat depressing life thus far. For him to be shouldered with the amount of responsibility which was shoved unto him in line with the recent course of events is harsh and cruel. Avery is just your average guy… on that note, a bit of a side track, but I wonder now if that be a sort of pun? Avery being “Avery-age”, quite witty if so but let us return to the topic on hand. Back on track, Avery is not a hero, he is a normal guy who was not prepared to be dealing with such supernatural problems like Darkrai and evil organizations like Team Salvation. Him cracking from all that pressure and running away is understandable, cowardly yes but far more realistic for his sort of character rather than someone who would brave unknown and deathly peril for a girl who, while may be his “girlfriend” had been a sort of bully in the past and his former(?) best friend who had groomed his sister. So again, his actions are indeed cowardly, yes, but with all that has happened, it is something that is far more easy for me to digest and believe rather than him suddenly be some sort of hero. Something needs to happen to light that fire of righteousness for it to roar in the first place, there needs to be a sufficient enough reason for him to save them, as, again, he is not a hero but instead your average guy who was simply unfortunate enough to end up in such a situation… though even that statement has me uncertain with the brief mention of importance with regards to him being his father’s son. Something to look forward to and speculate on. But anyways I’m gonna end this particular discussion with my approval of the author’s decision on having our dear protagonist run away from his troubles, he already dealt with a rather crappy life before all of this mess so he is deserving of a break as well as time to himself and his beloved Pokemon.

Moving on I suppose I’ll tackle a bit on the relationship between Avery and Zoey, and to put it short my heart is very much warm and happy to be seeing them in much better terms with one another than how things have been for the past. And while I very much wanted to see some more sibling bonding, it is also understandable why there is a lack of such. One does not simply become all happy and easy to be spending time with an individual, family or not, who you were on a rocky relationship previously. That bridge isn’t gonna be repaired instantly, and at times the steps that need to be taken for reparations are first to address and acknowledge the need, the desire, to patch things up and then respect each other’s space and let time heal the wounds inflicted by the past. I hope I’m making sense but basically what I’m getting at is while I very much, again, want to see the siblings hang out and happily spend time with one another, them not doing so and instead parting ways as they go their separate journeys is understandable given how things were for the both of them in the past. Still, I do hope we get to see the two of them message and catch up with one another quite soon. It would do quite well for their bonds to be strengthened as they share how their days are going and what new experiences they are getting from their individual adventures. It would also serve as quite the nice bonus chapters to act as fillers for us to see how things are going on Zoey’s end after the whole incident, I for one am curious to learn more about our protagonist’s sister and how well she is faring after everything that has happened, and outsider perspective, or at least a much of an outsider she is in the matter, would be helpful and enjoyable to read through in my opinion as we can see how she is taking to the recent course of events in the life of her dear brother, if anything I am certain that such a point of view would be quite entertaining.

I’m happy to see that Avery is continuing to deepen the bond he has with his Pokemon, and I hope to see more of it throughout his journey. More than just carnal moments I want to see tender and heart warming situations as well that they can look back upon with great fondness, to create memories to treasure for all eternity that will strengthen them to face the challenges which life continues to throw at them. To go on adventure and grow in to their best selves together.

I’ve certainly gotten rusty, as much as I would to get into more detail that is all I have to say for now as I find myself failing to bring out the words at the moment and my self impose time to do so lacking as well. Just know that I will forever be a fan of your work, am greatly looking forward to see just what happens next and hopefully, for the next update, I can deliver your work the justice it so greatly deserves. Another job well done on your part my friend, until next time!
8/9 c48 Silber D. Wolf
7/16 c47 Guest
Higgs is such a Jerry be a man or pee sitting down smh
7/18 c47 1pokemonkisser
The moment shared between Avery and Eva at the end of chapter 47 absolutely made my heart race; They're super cute together, especially that spoonfeeding bit. The scene with Lady killing the grunts with glass was cool as heck and the second highlight of the chapter. Word choices as a whole felt very natural. Excited to see where this goes.
7/15 c47 Silber D. Wolf
7/15 c47 2Ferno16
I very much like it. Although I have to agree with Lady, she deserves a turn. And as cold as this will sound, I really don't care about juliet. She feels like more trouble than she's worth.
7/14 c48 1Flame-LoneWolf
Yo, that was fast. Really spoiling us, man. How quickly this came out couldn't have anything to do with the sex scene, no way. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Been a surprisingly long while since we got a full-on sex scene, and I'm happy it was finally with Umbreon Eva. Can't say I'm even remotely surprised that Eva is such a massive sub under her bratty personality, and the aftercare between the two was really cute. Just another reminder of why she's best girl.

And goddamn, Lady, you scary... Hot, but still scary. She's gonna explode on someone (and I'm sure it won't be on Avery's face next time) if she doesn't get the attention she craves at this rate.

Thanks again for the update, take all the time you need for the next chapter.
7/14 c46 Hazard1122
Love this wild story! Really hope our protagonist doesn’t leave his mildly crazy girlfriend on that boat. Their mom is the worst, she also sounded like she was about to sleep with Avery to “help him” not be mad at her and he was disgusted that the slight thought turned him on. Can’t wait to read what happens next!
7/14 c46 Flame-LoneWolf
Boy, this chapter really put in work trying to cement that incest tag. Suppose now is not yet the time though... not yet. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

And boy, journeying from one perverted hellscape right into another one, I can't help but feel for Avery in how fucked and trapped he must feel in all of this, especially when all he wanted to do in the first place was get Avery back. Can't help but wonder if Lucia had dishonest intentions when she comforted him, she wouldn't be out of place in that regard with just about every other character. Christ though, Avery really needs to screw his mom's head back on tight (with his dick), parent of the fucking year when it comes to child negligence...

Great chapter, looking forward to the next update. Though if manga has taught me anything about boat arcs, it's that a hiatus is soon to follow, so I hope my instincts are wrong lmao
7/13 c46 2Ferno16
I don't blame him for making this choice. Frankly I would be doing the same. Fuck them, I'm going my own way.
6/26 c4 Guest
My mind NO NO NO

6/27 c44 Hazard1122
Been binge reading this fix and while extremely dark I love it, I can’t wait to read more
6/22 c44 GodudamaMaker
Love the conclusion of the arc! Wonder how darkrai will pan out with team salvation
6/20 c19 dkainallen
this is getting boring and stupid like really what's with all this worthless drama
6/18 c44 Silber D. Wolf
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