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for Hellblazer and the Philosopher's Stone

1/31 c10 Guest
Great story.
10/6/2020 c2 11Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I wonder how long it will take before Constantine exorcises Binns and Myrtle. *Snickers*
8/18/2019 c10 Guest
omg yas i love this i am a big fan of dc legends of tommorow and recenly foud out about the books or comic books so this i amazing love how much work you put into this
9/22/2018 c10 Guest
IncreĆ­ble! e buscado fabfics de este estilo por mucho tiempo! Gracias
9/22/2018 c10 Greer123
I liked the way that you ended this storyline. I hope that John can stay with the Weasley's for some of the chapter.
9/22/2018 c9 Greer123
So John's sister was the one in the shadows. Interesting twist and shows how dangerous she is.
9/20/2018 c8 Greer123
Thank you for the new chapter. Hope you are doing well.
9/20/2018 c7 Greer123
John is starting to get hardcore if he is going for torture.
9/19/2018 c6 Greer123
Great way for John to be connected to the stone.
9/19/2018 c5 Greer123
I am glad to see that John is giving Harry good advice.
9/19/2018 c4 Greer123
I hope that John can stick it to Tom in your story.
9/19/2018 c3 Greer123
John seems to really care for people and still be a dick in your story. I really like that about your story.
9/19/2018 c2 Greer123
John is making waves.
9/19/2018 c1 Greer123
Great start for this story.

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