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12/29/2019 c1 lucasLmac
could you like stop being such stalker and annoying person for authors and their stories? bcx if you have something to say about fic and is longer than 5 sentences, you are just asshole taht think too high about yoursef. did they ask for it? nah. could you write it in pm? yes u cold but as horrid person as you are, you just create headache for people. when i saw your "help" in my fav author, i felt like throwing up, bcx np sane person would call THAT "trying to help ehehe" b!tch. so please do something sane for once and get back to hole you crawled from
12/4/2018 c1 Kat
I am about 85% sure Ive also read this! I can't remember the title but if i come across it again ill post the link!
11/12/2018 c1 Lavender1287
i think you are looking for, Ghost Hunter, lies and money
9/22/2018 c1 valentinahearts
hola reconocozco la historia de la que estas hablando aunque esta en tracurso se paso la pagina en donde la lei

esta en ingles pero si usa el traductor de internet podras leerlo con tu idioma.
en caso de que este en fanfition lo buscare y te lo pasare
9/21/2018 c2 Guest
I've never read it ... but now I have to :D
9/21/2018 c1 clairxd
Ghost hunters, lie and money is the story you're looking for I believe
9/20/2018 c1 Guest
It's called Ghost Hunters, lies & money
9/18/2018 c1 Celline The Sleeping Beauty
Ohhh, i think i know this one. That's story is "Ghost hunters, Lies & Money by SheSailsShips"
Althougt I has not done with that story. Hope you can enjoy that,
9/17/2018 c1 usagiisama
Oh I know which story you are talking about. It One of my favorites and is still being written on to this day.
Ghost Hunters, Lies, & Money by SheSailsShips is the story. Hope this solves the mystery for you.
9/17/2018 c1 Gally619
I’m going to look. If it’s the story I’m thinking of it’s still going
9/17/2018 c1 Guest
Maybe it's "Ghost hunters, Lies & Money"?
9/17/2018 c1 Izumi.Takahashi-279
Ghost Hunters, Lies & Money - good story, though I still haven't finished reading it. I glad I followed the story though so it's still in my email.
9/17/2018 c1 Guest
Boo I got you, it’s called “Ghost Hunters, Lies & Money”

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