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for Word Girl and the return to Lexicon

11/29/2020 c20 2adrienna73
Excited for more
5/26/2020 c18 2Uniatra De La Torre 24
Awesome, keep it up
5/24/2020 c18 2adrienna73
3/11/2020 c16 2Uniatra De La Torre 24
Great story so far. How about if you make the next chapter centered on Mephristo trying to woo Jackie, Becky and Tobey catching up, and the rest of the characters that are on Lexicon (Scoops, Violet, T.J and Kid Math) trying to figure out about Mephristo
3/10/2020 c16 2adrienna73
Loved it like always
2/5/2020 c15 adrienna73
This is great
9/25/2019 c11 adrienna73
7/16/2019 c9 adrienna73
This was a cool I didn’t really think you’ll like some of my ideas but I’m glad I could help you! I think it’s really clever the evil plot. I totally didn’t suspect or think that he was her twin. This gets me a totally different color for the story. I feel bad for Becky since she misses her ex bf. He was so sweet and loving towards her. I hope she realizes about everything that Tobey is doing back home in chapter 7. He is hard at work to save her because he suspects evil towards Becky. A small detail I can’t not comment about is the Spongbob Narrator ‘5 hours later’ I love Tom Kenny (Dr. Two Brains, TJ, Warden, Chuck’s brother) his voices are always the best in my opinion so by doing that little sentence, it made my day. I wonder what happened to Becky’s parents. They are alive but ‘won’t be bothering them’ I wonder what this means. It’s probably that they are jailed or something between those lines. I love Huggy’s bravery towards everything. I’m surprised that David and Nadine are robots but I should not be too surprised. The Lexicon world your creating is full of technology and robots so I guess it’s normal? If that makes sense. I like the part where Huggy wants to kill Tobey for getting her pregnant and also want to choke Becky’s twin for talking bad about her and that she wasn’t holy anymore. You can totally feel the difference in hate he has for both teenagers.

I truly loved this story regardless if I gave you some ideas or not. It’s amazingly well written like always. And it’s just gold unlike many others. You’ve the one who is always consistent in writing that you keep writing to this day. I don’t know how you got so good at writing though. Hope to read the next chapters.
6/26/2019 c6 adrienna73
I love this story but I haven’t understood it sometime. How is Tobey in the Spaceship when Jackie talks to him about showering and then the have the encounter in their dreams when he is still on earth. Do you mind explaining this for me?
6/5/2019 c8 adrienna73
I was excited to read the newest chapter and I liked it. It discovers a little more about how Becky and her friends/brother are getting ready to stay in Lexicon for a long period of time. It was pretty nice and looking forward for an update as soon as possible

Ps: I’m going to be PMing you to my recommendations of how to take this fanfic farther since you asked for reviewing of the chapters.
5/16/2019 c7 Fernanda Diego
NOOOOOO chapters at over?! NOOOOOOO i NEED MORE!
5/16/2019 c6 Fernanda Diego
The cowboy wow so funny
5/16/2019 c5 Fernanda Diego
Wow a replacement from a robot!
5/16/2019 c4 Fernanda Diego
Wow Divid did something wrong with someone else!
5/16/2019 c3 Fernanda Diego
So he missed it wow! That’s sad.
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